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Its prerequisites are both the knowledge of the single variable calculus and the foundations of linear algebra including operations on matrices and the general theory of systems of simultaneous equations. Some knowledge of vector spaces would be beneficial for a student. The course covers several variable calculus, both constrained and unconstrained optimization. The course is aimed at teaching students to master comparative statics problems, optimization problems using the acquired mathematical tools.

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Home assignments will be provided on a weekly basis. Students learn how to use and apply mathematics by working with concrete examples and exercises.

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Moreover this course is aimed at showing what constitutes a solid proof. The ability to present proofs can be trained and improved and in that respect the course is helpful. On the contrary the deep knowledge of math concepts helps to understand real life situations. Do you have technical problems? Write to us: coursera hse. Week 1 of the Course is devoted to the main concepts of the set theory, operation on sets and functions in Rn.

B1.2 Set Theory (2017-2018)

Of special attention will be level curves. Also in this week introduced definitions of sequences, bounded and compact sets, domain and limit of the function. If your students' abilities are indeed not too strong, there might be a lot to be said for basing the course closely on a couple of the really good and accessible textbooks out there -- with the course books giving weaker students a lot of helpful back-up to class work.

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    What are the most important and interesting core-concepts that these students should learn? What are good paid but preferably free resources? If you can, Azriel Levy has free notes from the course on naive set theory.

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    Additional topics like Lowenheim-Skolem, Ultraproducts, ordinal arithmetic, cumulative hierarchy, are all par for the course. Keep in mind though, my students are not MIT calibre! Enroll for Free. From the lesson. The basics of the set theory. Functions in Rn. Promo Definitions and examples of sets Operations on sets Open balls in Rn Sequences in Rn.

    Closed sets. Bounded and compact sets Functions and level curves in Rn Domain and limit of a function. Continuous functions.