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I snapped this while Ladd and I were driving home from town Saturday night. Yes, our […]. Alex is graduating next week! In my dreams…she actually has a job and is moving to […]. Because winter was especially long, spring burning happened a little late this year…but boy, did it happen! A consolation for not being able to start burning until April, however, is that the wind has been so favorable to burning. With the exception of a couple of days they had to abstain due to the wind […].

I have been at the Merc quite a bit over the past week, and I had the honor of meeting Glendene, who is turning this week! Glendene came with the important women in her family to the Merc to celebrate, and I was so excited that I happened to be there so […]. Hi, friends!

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HUGE news. I mean, monumentally globally relevant news. Okay, not really globally relevant news. Okay, not really monumental news. Okay, not really news. Not anything, actually. Here goes: I started swooping my bangs over to one side. Instead, Jeff Pope has written something so much more shaded and satisfying and that honours the experiences of those who lived it better than a lesser piece, however well-intentioned, would have. By the end of the opening episode, we do not know that there has been a murder at all.

But we know everything about the ratcheting up of fear and dread in a family when a loved one goes missing.

The Confessions

And we see the gradual, remorseless closing down of avenues of possibility and hope. No news from the friends. No news from the hospital. A torn pair of knickers in the forest and her figure walking past a car on CCTV and into oblivion. And we know about Becky Godden and her family, too, who live with a different order of uncertainty and fear. He made a full confession to the police.

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Have you been to confession recently? The priest heard his confession. After being questioned by the police for two days , Johnson signed a confession. The two men allege that the police forced them to make false confessions.

10 Biggest Confessions Of Hotel Maids

One day he just walked into his local police station and made a full confession. It was such an extraordinary confession that I couldn't think what to say in reply. Her confession was no surprise to him, as he had long suspected that she had a secret lover.

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  • You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Religious concepts: forgiveness in religion. Religious practices. Confession is the activity of telling God or a priest what you have done wrong so God will forgive you.


    Examples of confession. After that, both accusations and confessions proliferated at a rapid rate. From Cambridge English Corpus. Table 3 lists the fifty individuals whose confessions have been recorded. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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    Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Revivalists' public confessions of sin looked like cleansing ceremonies. First, in order for the priests to have assigned penances, the soldiers must have made individual confessions. There was neither a shortage of ' supergrasses ', nor of confessions of various kinds. She casts her lyrical confessions against the crudeness of her world, and against the parody embodied by the other characters.

    Critics from both confessions condemned the attempt to divine a certain future and attempted to draw a clear distinction between natural, diabolical and divine signs. At the time the court began building its docket only five confessions had been offered. The only available textual evidence is confessions taken during the hearing.