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The control of complex systems is one of the most important aspects in dealing with systems exhibiting nonlinear behaviour or similar features that defy traditional control techniques. This specific subject is gradually becoming known as cybernetical physics, borrowing methods from both theoretical physics and control engineering.

This book is, perhaps, the first attempt to present a unified exposition of the subject and methodology of cybernetical physics as well as solutions to some of its problems. Emphasis of the book is on the examination of fundamental limits on energy transformation by means of control procedures in both conservative and dissipative systems.

A survey of application in physics includes the control of chaos, synchronisation of coupled oscillators, pendulum chains, reactions in physical chemistry and of quantum systems such as the dissociation of diatomic molecules. This book has been written having researchers from various backgrounds in physics, mathematics and engineering in mind and is thus also suitable as introduction to graduate students working on the understanding of a broad range of complex systems in the natural sciences.

The contents of this book is really wide. This book is a part of Springer complexity program and may be very useful for researchers from different backgrounds in physics, mathematics, engineering and postgraduate students working for a deeper understanding of structure and behavior of complex systems.

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Control Applications in Physics: From Control of Chaos to Quantum Control

KG, Germany, Language: English. Brand new Book. Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. Seller Inventory AAV You can see the route here. Average trip cost from Kazan — rub, from Airport — rub using Yandex, Uber or Gett taxi services. Shuttle buses. There are two bus routes from Kazan to Innopolis: 1. Here you can see their timetable and route. Ticket price is rub by card. For visa support please do not hesitate to contact local organizing committee of PhysCon and conference secretary via email physcon innopolis.

We strongly recommend to apply for visa in advance since this process can take you a long time - up to several months. If necessary, early decision about the paper acceptance can be made on individual request. You may also stay on Sviyaga Hills resort which is in 5 minutes from Innopolis by car or in Innopolis University Campus which is 3 minutes walk from the Venue. Price for a double room in university campus with single occupancy is roubles, with double occupancy is for a person. The photos of University Campus can be found here. A limited number of rooms at Innopolis University Campus with reduced fee is reserved as a special offer for participating students.

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Temple of All Religions. Raifa Monastery. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. The city is located on the left bank of the Volga at the confluence of the Volga River into the Kazanka River. Kazan is one of the educational, cultural and economic centers of the country. Also, the city is a major river port.

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The population of Kazan is one million two hundred thousand people. The city was founded by the Volga Bulgars. Kazan is a city that combines a kind of cultural flavor of the east and west. Kazan can be divided into two parts: the historic center of the city, located in the south of the river Kazanka, and a modern city with high-rise buildings, modern buildings, shopping and entertainment centers.

Kazan is an ancient city standing on seven hills. Archaeological research suggests that the capital of modern Tatarstan began to take shape back in the tenth century. Initially, the Kremlin hill and its environs were inhabited by the ancient Bulgars. The walls of the building were erected to strengthen the commercial settlement.

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Scientists still disagree about the dating of the construction of the citadel. The modern architectural complex of the Kremlin was formed by the end of the XIX century and includes the Syuyumbike tower, the governor's palace and the Palace Church. In , the construction of the Kul Sharif mosque, the most famous in Russia and Europe, was completed. It unites 16 elements of different religions, both modern - for example, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc.

It's simply impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of appreciating the art of so many religions! The city was founded by the Bulgars - the Turkic-speaking tribes living in the territory of the Volga region. At first it was a small fortification, later it grew to the size of a city. The high bank at the confluence of the Kama and the Volga created excellent conditions for viewing the surrounding area and river navigation. In a short time he became the largest center of trade in his region. Soon after the founding, Islam became the main Bulgar religion.

During its heyday, the town was considered one of the centers of handicraft. It was home to many skilled craftsmen, jewelers, blacksmiths and tailors. Many believe that he is the prototype of the fantastic island of Buyan, described by Pushkin in The Tale of Tsar Saltan. Tourists from all over Russia and other countries of the world travel to this place at any time of the year. Ivan the Terrible himself decided to build a fortress city after a series of failed operations to capture Kazan. It was necessary to create a strong point to support the army.

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The island was washed from three sides by the waters of the Pike, Sviyagi and Volga rivers, from the elevated terrain - the Round Mountain - the distant approaches were visible, and most importantly - the island was located at a distance of 24 hours from the capital of the Kazan Khanate. In our time, the island Sviyazhsk turned into one of the key attractions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Travelers are met by white-stone monasteries and golden domes of temples. Wonder Island hospitably welcomes tourists. In , a hermit monk named Filaret settled on the shores of Lake Sumy Raifa surrounded by forests. So, other monks began to settle near Filaret, and a new monastic settlement appeared. About 60 novices live in the monastery now. It attracts both pilgrims and tourists from all over the country and even abroad.

Many come to Raifa for the sake of the holy source, others - to receive peace of mind. Those who wish to plunge into the ice-hole come to the Baptism in the monastery. In addition to an extensive excursion program, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the incredible and amazing cuisine of Kazan and Tatarstan. Culinary traditions of the Tatar cuisine evolved over one century. Keeping their originality, a lot in the kitchen changed: it was improved, enriched with new knowledge and products, which the Tatars learned from their neighbors.