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There are geographic factors to consider as well e. All these are factors that will affect not only the start-up costs but also the end price that you are able to charge for your services once your business is in operation. In simpler terms if you over build your facility, forcing you to charge more to cover expenses in an area that is not economically suited to handle it, you are paving a road toward disaster.

You only get one chance to start your first Dog Daycare Business.

How to Write a Dog Boarding Business Plan – Top Dog Tips

Below is what we have found through our industry experience to be a very realistic expectation of the costs to open a Dog Daycare Facility. Don't let the numbers scare you, it is possible for your facility to be at a break even point in as little as 2 months and turning a profit in as little as 3, with the right design, management and marketing in place.

This doesn't even include all of the additional services you can offer your clients to generate more income such as grooming, boarding, training, and retail. Dog Daycare is one business that gives you the opportunity to create a new sense of financial freedom while doing something you love. At PAWS we understand that the majority of individuals wishing to enter this industry will have no prior experience running a business of this complexity and only have once chance to get it right or they risk financial ruin.

The goal is to get your business up, running, turning a profit and paying back debt as soon as possible. You should also have a good knowledge of animal behavior, animal health, and facility maintenance or hire qualified individuals who have these skills.

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Prior study in an animal-related field or experience as a veterinary technician , pet sitter, dog walker , or animal shelter volunteer is desirable. There are also membership groups for kennel owners such as the International Boarding and Pet Services Association that offer industry-specific training and education programs. The first step is to speak with your attorney or accountant about the advantages and disadvantages of forming your business as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company LLC , or other entity. You should also contact your local government to check on zoning regulations and inquire about any permits or licenses that could be necessary to operate the business legally.

Be sure to take out a liability insurance policy, draft official boarding contracts for clients to sign.

Tips For Opening A Dog Daycare Business

And make sure to establish a protocol for emergency veterinary care if an animal suffers a medical emergency. It may be necessary to build a facility from scratch if an existing kennel or similar business is not available for purchase. Location can be a key factor, like proximity to an airport or densely populated area will bring a greater volume of business. Kennel facilities generally include a mix of cages, runs, and large play areas where the dogs may interact and exercise.

Splash pools and agility courses are becoming popular features. Kennel facilities are expected to be heated and air-conditioned to maintain a comfortable temperature, and enclosures must be continually cleaned.

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Records will be required upon check-in. Welcome to Denegar Kennels. We offer climate controlled kennels, spacious cat cages, an indoor cat play room, as well as an outdoor fenced play yard for dogs. Most caged pets, or animals in a aquarium are also accepted. We are all too happy to give any oral medications, at no additional cost, while your pet is staying with us. Our kennel plays relaxing, soft music to reduce stress and we give "every" pet the love that they deserve! We do not discriminate! All pets are loved and appreciated!

Kenneling Options Option available for cats! We provide spacious cages for cats.

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This is a very large cage for a cat. Each cat will get to play in our indoor play yard each day, three times a day, for 30 minutes each time. All cats are boarded separately to prevent injury, and stress related anxiety, unless you own more than one, and would like them to be boarded and to play together. No other animals like dogs , will be housed within the same area as your cat. It is a controlled, indoor area that your cat will be housed in.

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  4. Our play yard is also designed to give your cat lots of stimulation, and places to check out, without giving up the safety of indoors, or contributing to your cat wanting to go outside, once it is home. Those who have indoor cats, want to keep them indoors! Each cat will be fed three times a day, unless otherwise instructed. Your input and needs are important to us. We will be glad to feed a special diet, provided by you, or give any oral medications that your pet may need.

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    Simply lets us know upon checking in. There will be no additional fee for medication administration. I am sorry but there is no long term boarding rate. Our prices are already rock bottom! Option available for dogs! We offer spacious 4'' X 5 ' indoor kennels for medium to large dogs.