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Book Miscellanea. Clement of Alexandria -- The Exhortation to the Greeks. The Rich Man's Salvation. To the Newly Baptized fragment. Original Title: The Exhortation to the Greeks. Plutarch -- Lives X: Agis and Cleomenes. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. Philopoemen and Flamininus. Sallust -- War with Catiline. War with Jugurtha. Selections from the Histories. Doubtful Works. Original Title: War with Catiline. The Double Indictment or Trials by Jury. On Sacrifices. The Ignorant Book Collector. The Dream or Lucian's Career. The Parasite.

The Lover of Lies. The Judgement of the Goddesses…. Original Title: Principal Fragments: Arbitrants. Girl from Samos. Unidentified Comedy. Original Title: Lives of the Sophists. Eunapius: Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists. Against Rufinus 1 and 2. War Against Gildo. Against Eutropius 1 and 2. Fescennine Verses on the Marriage of Honorius. Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria…. Original Title: Panegyric on Probinus and Olybrius.

Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria. Panegyrics on the Third and Fourth Consulships of Honorius. Panegyric on the Sixth Consulship of Honorius. The Gothic War. Shorter Poems. Rape of Proserpina. Original Title: On Stilicho's Consulship Antoninus Pius. Marcus Aurelius.

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Avidius Cassius. Didius Julianus. Septimius Severus. Pescennius Niger. Clodius Albinus. - Downloebables

Opellius Macrinus. Severus Alexander. The Two Maximini. The Three Gordians. Maximus and Balbinus. The Anonymous Fragments. The Folk Songs. An Account of Greek Lyric Poetry.

Hippocrates -- Volume I: Ancient Medicine. Airs, Waters, Places. The Oath. Hippocrates -- Volume II: Prognostic. Regimen in Acute Diseases. The Sacred Disease. The Art. Physician Ch. In the Surgery. On Fractures. On Joints. Regimen in Health. Regimen Heracleitus: On the Universe. Post Reditum in Senatu. Post Reditum ad Quirites. De Domo Sua. De Haruspicum Responsis. Pro Cn. Menippus or The Descent into Hades. On Funerals. A Professor of Public Speaking. Alexander the False Prophet. Essays in Portraiture. Essays in Portraiture Defended. The Goddesse of Surrye.

The Braggart Warrior. The Haunted House. The Persian. Constitution of the Lacedaemonians. Ways and Means. Cavalry Commander. Art of Horsemanship. On Hunting. Constitution of the Athenians. Original Title: Scripta Minora: Hiero. On Listening to Lectures. How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend. Pro Caecina. Pro Cluentio. Pro Rabirio Perduellionis Reo. The Lovers. Original Title: Charmides. Isocrates -- Volume I: To Demonicus.

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To Nicocles. Nicocles or the Cyprians. To Philip. On Having Many Friends. Virtue and Vice. Letter of Condolence to Apollonius. Advice About Keeping Well. Advice to Bride and Groom. The Dinner of the Seven Wise Men. Theophrastus -- Theophrastus, Characters. Herodas, Mimes. Sophron and Other Mime Fragments. The Sacrifices of Abel and Cain. The Worse Attacks the Better. On the Posterity and Exile of Cain. On the Giants. Against the Sophists. To His Brother Quintus. To Brutus. Remedies for Love. Sea Fishing. Demosthenes -- Volume I: Olynthiacs Philippic 1. On the Peace.

Philippic 2. On Halonnesus. On the Chersonese. Philippics 3 and 4. Answer to Philip's Letter. Philip's Letter. On Organization. On the Navy-boards. For the Liberty of the Rhodians…. Pro Roscio Amerino. Pro Roscio Comoedo.

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Sayings of Romans. Sayings of Spartans. The Ancient Customs of the Spartans. Sayings of Spartan Women. Bravery of Women. On Husbandry. Concerning Noah's Work As a Planter. On Drunkenness. On Sobriet. Lives of the Abbots. Letter to Egbert. In Pisonem. Pro Scauro. Pro Fonteio. Pro Rabirio Postumo. Pro Marcello. Pro Ligario. Pro Rege Deiotaro. De Vita Beata. De Otio. De Tranquillitate Animi. De Brevitate Vitae. De Consolatione ad Polybium. De Consolatione ad Helviam.

Philostratus the Elder -- Philostratus the Elder, Imagines. Philostratus the Younger, Imagines. Callistratus, Descriptions. On the Migration of Abraham. Who Is the Heir of Divine Things? On Mating with the Preliminary Studies. The Two Gallieni. The Thirty Pretenders.

The Deified Claudius.

The Deified Aurelian. Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus and Bonosus. Carus, Carinus and Numerian. Elegies on Maecenas. Calpurnius Siculus. Laus Pisonis. Einsiedeln Eclogues.

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Against Androtion. Against Aristocrates. From Augustine's large output the Loeb Classical Library offers that great autobiography the Confessions in two volumes. Greek Bucolic Poets: Theocritus. Moschus Loeb Classical Library Theocritus was the founder of bucolic or pastoral poetry. Of his so-called Idylls, 'Little forms' or pieces not all are genuine , ten are about pastoral life real or idealised; several are small epics three are hymns ; two are beautiful 'occasional' poems one about a country walk, one to accompany a gift of a distaff for the wife of his friend Nicias ; six are love-poems; several are mimes, striking pictures of common life; and three are specially expressive of his own feelings.

The 24 'Epigrams' were apparently inscribed on works of art. Moschus wrote a lost work on Rhodian dialect. Though he was classed as bucolic, his extant poetry mainly 'Runaway Love' and the story of 'Europa' is not really pastoral, the 'Lament for Bion' not being Moschus's work. Most of Bion's extant poems are not really bucolic, but 'Lament for Adonis' is floridly brilliant. Julian, II, Orations Julian's Misopogon The Beard Hater is a case of the satirist directing his sharp wit at himself: self-mockery employed to undercut the taunts of critics. When the citizens of Antioch jeered at the emperor's "philosophical" beard, he responded with a satire on his own appearance and austere life style.

A work of ironic self-disparagement, Misopogon reflects strikingly on the emperor's personality. Julian's conception of the ideal ruler emerges through the satire of The Caesars. He begins with a reference to the Saturnalia, and his treatment of the gods here is appropriate to that festival. The piece contains some echoes of Lucian's satires--but Julian is nowhere as light-hearted as Lucian. The Lives of the Caesars, I: Julius. Caligula Loeb Classical Library Lawyer and for a time private secretary to the emperor Hadrian, Suetonius was a knowledgeable and diligent collector of facts about his world.

His Lives of the Caesars and Lives of Illustrious Men are invaluable and fascinating sources of information. Seasoned with entertaining anecdotes and bits of scandalous gossip relating to the lives of the first 12 emperors, Suetonius's biographies offer a colorful picture of Roman imperial politics and society. His account of Nero's death is justly famous. Of the eighty books of Dio's great work, Books have come down to us with some gaps.

The facilities for research afforded by Dio's official duties--he held a number of high offices--as well as his own diligence make him a vital source for the history of this period. The poetry of Horace born 65 BCE is richly varied, its focus moving between public and private concerns, urban and rural settings, Stoic and Epicurean thought. Woodward,Harold Mattingly,David M. One of the best known examples of the hagiographic novel, this is the tale of an Indian prince who becomes aware of the world's miseries, is converted to Christianity by the monk Barlaam, founds a Christian kingdom, and spends his later years as a hermit in the desert.

Not until the mid-nineteenth century was it fully recognized that this Greek romance is actually the legend of the Buddha in a Christianized version. Lang's Introduction traces the parallels between the two stories, notes the influences of the Manichaean creed, and discusses the importance of Arabic versions of the legend.

Tacitus, I: Agricola. Dialogue on Oratory Loeb Classical Library Dialogue on Oratory is a lively conversation of three friends--a lawyer, a poet, and a connoisseur of oratory--about declining standards in the art of public speaking a question that also troubled Quintilian. The discussion, relaxed and urbane, is concerned with eloquence in both political and lawcourt speeches. This work by Tacitus has a distinctly Ciceronian air. Plato, I, Euthyphro. Phaedrus Loeb Classical Library Caesar's account of the war between them, from its outbreak to the decisive battle of Pharsalus in in lucid and spare prose--is here well translated by Peskett.

Ovid, I, Heroides. Amores Loeb Classical Library The faithful Penelope, the forgiving Briseis, the reproachful Dido, the impassioned Medea--a procession of legendary women express their emotions and narrate their memories in the fictional letters to absent husbands and lovers that constitute Ovid's Heroides Heroines. The moods and situations of these heroines vary widely, but their soliloquies are all dramatic. Six of the poems form exchanges, including an entertaining correspondence between Paris and Helen, and an exchange between Hero and Leander which immortalized their story.

This volume also contains Ovid's Amores , three books of elegies ostensibly about the poet's love affair with his mistress Corinna recalling the elegies of Propertius that revolve around Cynthia. In the Metamophoses Ovid retells in one poetic whole an enormous range of stories of classical mythology. Connected by the theme of miraculous change hence the title , the narratives pass in review, from the dawn of creation down to the transfiguration of Caesar's soul into a star.

Each important myth is touched upon and ingeniously linked to the next as the poet progresses through his historical account. Ovid's most influential work is here given a fluent prose translation. Arthur Hanson. The Metamorphoses of Apuleius, also known as The Golden Ass , is truly enchanting: a delightful romance combining realism and magic. The hero, Lucius, eager to experience the sensations of a bird, resorts to witchcraft, but an unfortunate pharmaceutical error turns him into an ass.

The bulk of the novel recounts his adventures as an animal. Lucius also retails many stories he overhears, the most charming being that of Cupid and Psyche; some are as ribald as they are witty. Leucippe and Clitophon , written in the 2nd century A. The colorful story Clitophon tells us includes shipwrecks, apparent deaths, attacks by pirates and brigands, abductions, and other frights and obstacles.

Love triumphs in the end. Achilles Tatius' style is notable for descriptive detail and for his engaging digressions. Most popular of Plutarch's writings have always been the 46 Parallel Lives , biographies planned to be ethical examples in pairs in each pair, one Greek figure and one similar Roman. The irresistably humane Lives give not merely a record of careers and illustrious deeds but rounded portraits of statesmen, orators, and military leaders.

For, Plutarch says: "It is not Histories I am writing, but Lives"; the virtues or vices and character of his subjects is what he seeks "and by means of these to portray the life of each. Load more items more in this list. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians; those Church fathers who made particular use of pagan culture--in short, our entire classical heritage is represented here in convenient and well-printed pocket volumes in which an up-to-date text and accurate and literate English translation face each other page by page.

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