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Description Imagining the Elephant is a biography of Allan MacLeod Cormack, a physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in for his pioneering contributions to the development of the computer-assisted tomography CAT scanner, an honor he shared with Godfrey Hounsfield. A modest genius who was also a dedicated family man, the book is a celebration of Cormack's life and work.

It details his discovery of the problem at Cape Town in , traces his scientific footsteps all the way to Stockholm in December , and then extends the odyssey to his pursuits beyond the Nobel Prize. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Many at Vaughan's talk did know Cormack well, and were eager to share their recollections-and to thank Vaughan for allowing them a glimpse into Cormack's early life.

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Todd Quinto, a professor of mathematics who was mentored by Cormack during his early career at Tufts and also co-authored three articles with him. Quinto recalled a line from the book in which Cormack said, "I always enjoy solving problems wherever I find them. Quinto said of his colleague, "I saw from his actions how to be a scientist by watching his curiosity, his lack of fear about asking important questions and his strong desire to understand.

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Allan was the best sort of scholar. He did research because he was incredibly curious and wanted to understand.

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His friends, colleagues and students remember Cormack as a modest man, with a self-deprecating sense of humor, an intense sense of focus and a love of baseball. Robert Schneider, G68, who studied with Cormack as a graduate student, remembers attending a seminar Cormack gave on November 22, , shortly after the campus learned that John F.

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Kennedy had been shot. Former provost and physics professor Kathryn McCarthy, J44, G46, shared a favorite story about Cormack going for a medical test at Massachusetts General Hospital with his wife, Barbara.

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A young doctor was asked to show them to the CAT scan room, and not much was said until they reached the room housing the scanner. On the wall was a plaque, with the image of Cormack and an explanation of how he had won the Nobel Prize for developing the scanner. The doctor glanced from Cormack to the plaque, and back.