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Also missing is an index of mss cited.

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Bryn Mawr Classical Review Antonopoulou, Sofia Kotzabassi, Marina Loukaki ed. Byzantinisches Archiv, Bd ISBN Preview [The Table of Contents is listed below.

V Preface XI Table of Contents XIII Abbreviations BMCR Read comments on this review or add a comment on the BMCR blog. Read Latest. BMCR Blog. About BMCR. Review for BMCR. One of the most famous passage's in the Vita concerns the death of Theodora, Basil's servant. Shortly after her death, Gregory asks Basil if Theodora was rewarded in the afterlife and Basil grants Gregory a vision.

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His vision begins in Basil's house, where Theodora is dying. She is surrounded by Ethiopians representative of demons , who bear documents recording all her sins.

As Theodora's soul exits her body, two angels weigh her good deeds against her sins until Basil arrives to provide a scarlet bag full of gold, his supererogatory good works, to outweigh her sins. The demons leave and Theodora and the angels go up through the air. The passage through the air towards heaven is interrupted by 21 toll houses telonia , each manned by demons and dedicated to exposing a specific sin: [10]. Theodora's soul runs out of good deeds to outweigh her sins by the fifth toll house and must rely thereafter on Basil's gold.

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The angels tell her that at baptism each person receives a guardian angel to record her good deeds and a demon to record her sins. If she fails at any toll house, the demons cast her soul into Hades. The angels inform Theodora, who did not practice confession, that only through confession and penance can one erase one's sins while alive.

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The toll house of fornication, they add, is the most dangerous one. Theodora successfully passes through the toll houses, enters heaven and sees God. Of the printed pages of the Moscow version of the Vita , 38 cover the vision of the death of Basil's servant Theodora and cover the visions of the Resurrection and the Last Judgement. The Vita is as much a piece of visionary literature as it is a standard saint's life.

Chronologically, the Vita is divided into three parts separated by long gaps.

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  • Between the first and second parts there is a gap of 17 years and between the second and third one of about 20 years. At the start of the Vita , Basil is living in Asia Minor as a grass-eating hermit or boskos. Arrested on suspicion of espionage, he is brought to Constantinople , where he is interrogated, tortured and thrown before a lion by the parakoimomenos Samonas. Unbroken, he does not even reveal his name and is thrown into the sea, where he is rescued by dolphins, who take him to Hebdomon. From there he returns to Constantinople, where he is sheltered by a poor husband and wife named John and Helena.

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    This episode is said to take place in the tenth year of the joint reign of Leo VI and Alexander , which would be Samonas, however, did not become parakoimomenos until After the death of John and Helena, Basil moves into the house of Constantine Barbaros , Samonas' successor as parakoimomenos , in the Arkadianai quarter. There he spent the rest of his life except for a week he spent in the Great Palace of Constantinople and a short period he spent as a guest in the house of the Paphlagonian brothers Anastasios and Constantine Gongylios near the Harbour of Eleutherios.

    These brothers, relatives of Barbaros and of the tourmarches of Paphlagonia, are said to have been held in high regard by those reigning at the time, which points to the period of the regency of Empress Zoe Karbonopsina in — for Basil's stay. All three of Basil's hosts—Barbaros and the Gongylioi—were eunuchs. Barbaros disappears from the historical record after the failed revolt his relative, Leo Phokas , in During his stay in the Great Palace, Basil rebukes Romanos I for his greediness and lechery, a reproach that the emperor, indulgent towards monks, did not mind.

    Basil also convinces a certain Kosmas, who had ambitions of becoming emperor, to abandon his worldly pursuits and become a hermit near Nicomedeia. This story seems to be based on that of Kosmas the Monk , who had a famous vision in The second part of the Vita recounts in detail the rebellion of Constantine Doukas in , which Basil is said to have predicted.

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