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You can, however, calculate valuation metrics yourself in conjunction with historical price data. Due to the larger number of available fields in the financial statements dataset, it is possible to derive valuation metrics that are not provided by the estimates and actuals dataset, such as enterprise multiple. The UpdatedDate field can be used for point-in-time analysis. When there is a lag between AnnounceDate and UpdatedDate , this may represent the lag between the company's earnings announcement call and K filing, or may indicate that Reuters began covering the company at a later date.

AnnounceDate and UpdatedDate apply to actuals only. Estimate dates are not provided; estimates are the latest estimates prior to the announcement of the actuals.

Estimates vs Financials at-a-glance

Restatements, like the original statements, are time-indexed to their release date via the SourceDate field, so you know when the data became available. Restated data are distinguished from as-reported data, making it possible to exclude restated data from analysis and backtests if you choose. When restated data is available for a particular fiscal period and financial statement income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statement , the corresponding as-reported financial statement is not provided by Reuters.

As depicted in the table below, this can create a gap in the data as your research and backtest won't have access to the as-reported financials that would have been available in real time.

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This limitation only applies to financial statements that pre-date your use of QuantRocket. As you continue using QuantRocket to keep your Reuters fundamentals database up-to-date, QuantRocket will preserve the as-reported and restated financials as they appear in real-time, increasing the accuracy of your backtests. To learn more about the available financial statement metrics and how they are calculated, search Google for "Reuters Fundamentals Glossary" to try to locate a copy of Reuters PDF glossary which contains hundreds of pages of information about the dataset.

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Studies in Law 2nd edition is also available to other educational institutions. Table of Contents 1. Historical Development 2.

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Structure of the Legal System 3. Statute Law 5.

Common Law 6. Native Title 7.

  1. Advances in Taxation, Vol. 12.
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  3. BIB Corporate Finance - Shan Zhao, Associate Professor of Finance, Grenoble Ecole de Management.

The Legal Profession 8. The Courts 9. Tort Law Criminal Law Murder Manslaughter Criminal Defences