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You can tweak them by adding mods or raising tiers of rolls check poeaffix. The prices are from the second month of bestiary league. You might have to change Standard league to the current league if it is a later league.

The Complete Guide to Installing the 44 Split Defense by Joe Roman | eBay

Some of my items have corruptions or enchants that are not necessary and cost several exalts. Just look at the poe. These are just examples, in the end you have to balance your resistances by yourself. Use the following items: for things like Dying Sun or Crit Flasks. Replace Herald of Ice. You only need max cold resists which shouldnt be too hard without your normal boots and with Purity of Ice. For our jewels we aim for life and damage on Searching Eye Jewels. Depending on your budget just go down a tier or two with damage mods.

Even a blue jewel is better than nothing.

If you want some examples look at the jewel slots in my gear above or my PoB link i cant rly link them here Easiest Leveling will be with Scourge Arrow lvl Until then u can use split arrow. With 3.

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You dont really need the curse setup or Vaal Haste for leveling, just use what you get and try it. If you feel too weak buy some items from poe. There are some really cheap uniques and rare items you can use until the end of the story:. I will play the 3. Im not sure what ill change but Blast Rain might be a goto. In addition to that ill follow the hint from Riggadaddy and try a cwtd setup most likely just 2 gems with Soul of Arakaali.

After a few hours of leveling Rain of Arrows feels really good. If i keep Blast Rain i wont need a Signal Fire. Ill keep the Belly until i get better jewels. The tree also got some small changes for leveling and my start into the endgame. I currently got 3 extra Frenzy charges and some physical damage in the Deadly Draw cluster instead. Last but not least im trying Soul of Arakaali. I dont really miss the Stun Immunity but im not sure about the actual impact from the extra life recovery.

This will be tested later. The Incursions are fun, but killed me a bit too much until now red tier atleast. Ill try Phase Acrobatics to compensate. Feels good until now. Basic Variant , killed shaper with this in the video above: Spoiler. I will play 3. As far as i can see my build wont change that much. To start into the league i might use Scourge Arrow first.

To show my progress i'll try to upload a few videos of my char entering endgame content, such as Shaper or Red Elder. It made me come back to LA this league and try it. To get more HP i leveled a Scion to see the power of the double Meeks. The rest is kinda the same except the uber elder ring for more dmg, which is usable resistance wise, because Scion. Dropped the 2 socket tomb fist by myself. Currently at 6. Update : Linked the bow and got basically all i wanted. Scion feels alot better at the moment, because of the hp pool and the possibility to use unnatural instinct. In addition to that you can still benefit from the most important Slayer perks and also gain some accuracy and damage from Deadeye.

Be aware, that Scion might need more currency to get going but is a better scaling variant of my build at the moment. T16 Hydra - 3. Posted by trudikampfschaf on Apr 7, , AM.

The Complete Guide to Installing the 44 Split Defense

Quote this Post. One of the most fun builds ive played so far. The fun of a bow character combined with the safety of slayer. IF you dont need super highspeed movement you will enjoy this. Posted by fr0sty on Apr 7, , PM. Posted by uriahby on Apr 20, , AM.

Posted by trudikampfschaf on Apr 21, , AM. Posted by uriahby on Apr 23, , PM. Really well written and good organization. Small consideration, I'm a big fan of Alchemist Quicksilver of Adrenaline so I felt it was justified to drop Atziri Flask as damage is already quite good for Amethyst of Warding and move my Flask affixes around. I did a push on Scion recently, basically another class that do not have access to free Ailment Immunity, and this felt like the most comfortable option.

Posted by trudikampfschaf on Apr 29, , PM.

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Is it possible to play it as a Scion, for the overleech of slayer and the speed of raider? Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Follow Us. Thanks alot to LiftingNerdBro for featuring me in his Flashback suggestions! Because of that alot of ppl ask me for help with their bow chars. To answer those questions i wanted to create my own small section here in the build section. Maybe i can help a few others with my playstyle and opinion too.

I'll try to make this as beginner friendly as a bow build can be and try to answer alot of questions. I have a Deadeye and a Slayer, both lvl 92 at the moment Bestiary league , but i prefer the Slayer for its survivability. Another motivation for this was, that there is no slayer with my loved LA in the poe. Feel free to ask or post your feedback! Assassins Mark Only use the Curse on Hit setup, if you dont have a ring with it. Remove Enlighten and precision instead. This is really important if the league is fresh and quality gems are expensive.

The magic flasks are all easy to craft. Join a guild and battle millions of players in an open world on a mobile platform!

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