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Your chances of getting accepted in other dream schools will increase for sure!!! Choosing schools, forming a storyline, deciding what you want to do post MBA and in the long term is a very daunting task and MBA MAP is very useful not only in offering you a comprehensive list of schools to choose from, but also in clarifying lots of things that one may not really think about. The call with Sameer went beyond the official scope of the MAP to address all my queries, helped me understand where I stood, offered me advice about what I could do and what I should do.

This helped me Bridge gaps between my earlier ideas and helped me get a realistic perspective about where I stood and what chances I had. It also helped me shortlist schools that would be practical for me. Read the details on the reviews page. You will come to know your strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas with this service. This helps the applicant prepare effectively before writing the first word of your essay.

I truly recommend this service to every serious applicant!

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Trivia: Ajay signed up for a multi-school package after completing the MBA MAP and got into ALL schools he applied to, with scholarships ranging from partial to full scholarship valued at approx Rs 40 lakhs. Read his testimonial on the reviews page. What I found extremely useful during the whole process were the discussions I had with Sameer regarding my choice of schools, goals and weaknesses in my overall profile.

Also the brainstorming session was very useful and answered all my doubts. Now I am more clear about how to go about the whole process. Trivia: After the MAP, Vartika worked with us for interview prep and got an admit from Emory Goizueta with a scholarship of 10, per semester adding up to about Rs 20 lakhs for the full program. It helped me answer a lot of questions and made me think on things such as why do I want to do an MBA and how B schools take a more holistic approach.

Also a big list of schools and where does my profile stands among them is of tremendous help.

Thanks a Million!

Thanks Sameer, am starting off with my essays now, hoping everything goes well. Sameer does a real a good job of clearing up your head, giving a direction and pertinent points to improve. Worth it. Rohit Jaggi It has been long since I started my application process. MBA crystal ball is like a guiding angel for the group of confused applicants to which I belong :. It will assess your profile, your goals and your motivation to do an MBA. Then it will identify the shortcomings, strengths and give you clarity for the application journey.

The best thing about the program is that it is not just looking to get you an admission. In fact, it makes one question themselves whether MBA is a right career choice. And if it is, where you will be 5 years post MBA. He chose NUS. Preparing for my MBA applications, I spent a lot of time researching on the internet on what information I needed to prepare about myself to write in the essays, but I never picked up a paper and pen to actually write down those things.

The MAP helped me do that. It was a process of introspection and critical self-analysis, along with being a very useful trial round of the application process before the real deal comes. Sameer Kamat is a good coach and he helps you to get your basics right. If you are like me, you will take some beating from crude tech savvy like person to a better MBA gem like person. Submission of initial MAP questions allows you to self asses many aspects, pre MAP interview and its analysis helps you to sort out the missing pieces of puzzle, the report which I am going to carry for a long time is going to help you sort colleges and check for to-dos constantly, post MAP and FAQs helps you re-check your goals and frees you from any doubts.

Overall its a great idea and worth every penny. The most exciting part was the Interview.

Why a Blog Gets You Further than an MBA

Post interview analysis was as again a high point of MAP. I received a exhaustive list of colleges that I can apply to and what could be my story line. I would recommend MAP for all those who are still undecided about colleges and wants to do a reality check on themselves. The profile evaluation, mock interview and subsequent feedback session enabled me to answer three key questions: 1.

Why did I want to do an MBA? Is an MBA right for me? Answering these questions and getting personal feedback from Sameer prepared me not only to write to my application essays but also for my interviews. Whilst essay editing services are all well and good, the Mock MAP process is for people who want to get the foundations right. Once the foundation for my MBA story was strong, I could write my essays and attend interviews with confidence without any guide from any admission consultants.

Even with weeks of research you still wont be able to achieve what MBA MAP does in terms of which schools to target and what are your chances. The insights that Sameer has into every aspect of MBA admissions is very valuable. He helped me clearly outline my goals, acquainted me with my weakness and helped me recognize my strengths which I overlooked earlier. In the information age where numerous sites and blog give you too much information about B schools, its essential to determine which source to rely upon and listen too.

I choose Sameer because he has gone through the grind himself and understands the situation prospective students are in. I found the whole activity of filling up the questionnaire, giving the interviewing and the final discussion enlightening. I recommend it to any B school applicant whose looking for guidance and support from the right source. Leonard Mbah Acha I have been thinking about getting my MBA degree now for a while and thus have combed the internet, checking up on websites of Top Business Schools, looking at other websites offering advice on how to apply and get admitted at these top schools.

Information that only an experienced and knowledgeable consultant like Sameer can have. Thanks Sameer. Mayur Agarwal Can I get into Wharton? Which colleges should I apply to? Many questions like these were answered in the call with Sameer. The great part of the call was he made me think about and answered questions that I did not even had in my mind.

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Question like what admission committee seeks in a candidate, thinking about colleges from more than the ranking perspective, thinking about post MBA job possibility? He played a huge role in clearing my thoughts. The mock interview with Sameer was helpful and an eye opener too. Sameer was always there to clarify my tons of doubts, I do feel more confident and more ready for my next steps.. Thanks a lot. The mock interview was also a good practice. Thank you so much!! It brings out specific areas of improvement, and in the wrap-up call Sameer talks about specific solutions for improvement.

I had made school selection, and MAP helped me to solidfy my application. I feel more confident now in reaching the top-notch schools I aim for. Naveen H. I was just beginning my MBA journey and did not know where to begin. I also did not know where i stood as an applicant. What the MAP did was take me through the entire journey and also showed me where i was in the applicant pool. The mock interview pushed me to think and then rethink my Why-MBA story. Finally, the wrap up call clarified most of my doubts.

I can now focus on my MBA story with a little more conviction and aim for schools which are perfect fit for my profile. Neelabh Thakur Everyone who is finished with the GMAT will tell you that it is the easiest at least the most straight forward step in the B school application journey. After that, starts school research and judging which schools to apply to. After my GMAT, I was in dire need of some real time assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of my profile and wanted help on my overall application approach. This is where the MAP process of MBA crystal ball has given me a very good idea of my candidacy and has streamlined my application strategy.

Overall, a good headstart in the application marathon. Thank You, Sameer. It gave me a fair idea of the odds of getting into almost a B schools, thereby making life easy in terms of University shortlisting. There were also some real life personalized examples which added a lot more credibility and perspective to the brainstorming process. Over time, I learned tons of ways to earn money and how to implement them myself.

Grow my reach. I learned to expand my reach by creating movements people could get excited about, then getting other bloggers on board. Make my website presentable, and thus more profitable. In a lot of ways, blogging is like an art form; it takes the right combination of ingredients to make everything work well together.

Of course.

But, by not getting an MBA and building a business instead, I learned nearly everything I needed to know about business by doing. And now I have a blog that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars each year instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars of MBA debt. Take Jill Stanton from Screw the 9 to 5 , for example. She and her husband Josh started a niche website in , then turned blogging into their full-time careers. Now, the couple teaches others to do the same. But Stanton claims they learned the bulk of their skills through trial and error, not homework.

On the flip side, starting a blog forces you to cultivate an opinion on your subject matter and back it up with research and experience. Running your business idea through some pretend scenarios in your MBA program is one thing, but your blog is much more than an experiment. Of course, bloggers think blogging is amazing, and you already know I do.

But to get to the core of this issue, I decided to talk to people who blog for a living but also have an MBA. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is one blogger who fits the bill; she earned an MBA in finance before finding work as a financial analyst.

EssaySnark — The no-BS MBA admissions consultant

With those profits, she no longer works as a financial analyst, and just blogs instead. Is this a feasible path for everyone? Also important to note is that most MBA programs teach the background of business, along with business theory.

Do you get tuition reimbursement from your employer? Are you going to have to take out student loans? Luke Landes, one of the bloggers behind Adulting. Is an MBA worth pursuing? Landes said it depends on who is paying. As Landes and others noted, the idea that blogging is some huge money-maker is popular these days. But it's not realistic. MBAs pose a similar challenge; you can learn a lot for sure, but the investment might not pay off. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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