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For instance, a healthy human liver contains international units IU of vitamin A per gram while a polar bear's liver contains between 24, and 35, IU per gram [source: Eliasen ].

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Compare that to the tolerable upper level of vitamin A intake for a healthy adult human: 10, IU [source: Higdon ]. Like many animals, polar bears benefit from keeping a certain amount of vitamin A in their system, but there's nothing to indicate they actually require such large quantities.

In fact, their physiology evolved to tolerate so much vitamin A for only one reason: to eat seals.

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In the wild, polar bears feed almost exclusively on bearded seals and ringed seals, both of which store high levels of vitamin A in their livers and blubber. If you ate a bearded seal's liver, you'd suffer from hypervitaminosis A, but the polar bear can tolerate and enjoy the feast.

The polar bear in the room: diseases of poverty in the Arctic

The seals store high levels of vitamin A in order to swiftly grow and nourish their young in a harsh, chilly environment. Remember, vitamin A plays a key role in growth and natal development. The seals rely on this vitamin to quickly advance them through their vulnerable pup stages.

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Explore the links below to learn more about vitamin A and polar bear liver. One polar bear liver typically contains as much vitamin A as 79 to chicken eggs. That award-winning meal comes in at nearly twice the tolerable upper limits of human vitamin A consumption. American Beaver. European Rabbit.

The Polar Bear system 1: Dangerous & strong!

Will I die if I eat polar bear liver? Vitamin A in Polar Bear Liver. Prev NEXT. Seals are the primary source of food for polar bears and the major reason for their high levels of vitamin A. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at leadingfolks gmail. We will do our best to help you.

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