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Devi C. Verma , Donald K. Asexual multiplication of Leptosporangiate ferns through tissue culture. Mass propagation offerns through tissue culture.

A new arrangement for the pteridophyte herbarium. Crabbe , A. Jermy , J. Mass propagation of the Boston fern through tissue culture.

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Embryo rescue in plants—a review. Euphytica, ; 89 3 : Carman JG. Embryogenic cells in plant tissue cultures: occurrence and behavior.

Tissue Culture Techniques for Horticultural Crops

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Four Seasons Gardening Series- At Home Micropropagation: In Vitro Plants

Plant Breeding. Monnier M.

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Journal of Experimental Botany, ; 53 : Growth analyses and nutrient composition 1. Journal of Plant Nutrition, ; 15 11 : Population dynamics of insect pests, parasitoids and predators in cabbage and cauliflower agro-ecosystems. Journal of Entomological Research, ; 37 2 : Sharing options: Email Print. Life Sci. Subscribe to Journal via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Advertisement advertisement area. In vegetative propagation and propagation by seeds, in vitro culture can also be a tool to: obtain disease-free plants; transport disease-free plant material; increase the genetic variation by somaclonal variation and genetic manipulation ; induce haploids; separate chimeras; obtain tetraploids; store plant material in gene banks where it can be kept disease-free under conditions which limit growth and development.

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