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As they are brought into a new royal court, the secrets Gwendolyn learns about her ancestors and her own people will change her destiny forever. Erec and Alistair, still captive at sea, struggle to break free from the grips of the Empire fleet in a bold and daring nighttime escape.

A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

When odds seem at their worst, they receive an unexpected surprise that might just give them a second chance for victory—and another chance to continue their attack on the heart of the Empire. Godfrey and his crew, imprisoned once again, set to be executed, have one last chance to try to escape.

After being betrayed, they want more than escape this time—they want vengeance. Once again, the fate of the Empire hangs in the balance.

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Gwendolyn is determined to find her baby, lost at sea, and to lead her nation-in-exile to a new home. She travels across foreign and exotic seas, encountering unthinkable dangers, rebellion, and starvation as they sail for dream of a safe harbor. Thorgrin finally meets his mother in the Land of the Druids, and their meeting will change his life forever, make him stronger than he has ever been.

With a new quest, he embarks, determined to rescue Gwendolyn, to find his baby, and to fulfill his destiny. Thor, determined to rescue Guwayne, continues with his Legion brothers on his quest far across the sea, to the massive caves that herald the Land of the Spirits, encountering unthinkable monsters and exotic landscapes.

In the Southern Isles, Alistair sacrifices herself for Erec - and yet an unexpected twist might just save them both. Thorgrin and his brothers emerge from the land of the dead, more driven than ever to find Guwayne, and set sail across a hostile sea, leading them to places beyond their wildest dreams. As they come ever-closer to finding Guwayne, they also encounter obstacles unlike ever before, obstacles which will test them to their very limits, which will call on all their training and force them to stand together as one, as brothers. Darius stands up to the Empire, boldly waging a guerilla war, amassing an army, as one freed slave village after the next rallies to his cause.

In A Dream of Mortals , Thorgrin and his brothers struggle to break free from the grips of the pirates, and to continue their search for Guwayne at sea. As they encounter unexpected friends and foes, magic and weaponry, dragons and men, it will change the very course of their destiny. Will they finally find Guwayne? Thorgrin and his brothers follow Guwayne's trail at sea, pursuing him to the Isle of Light.

But as they reach the ravaged isle and the dying Ragon, all may be just too late. Darius finds himself brought to the Empire capital, and to the greatest arena of them all. He is trained by a mysterious man who is determined to forge him into a warrior, and to help him survive the impossible. But the capital arena is unlike anything Darius has seen, and its formidable foes may be too intense for even him to conquer.

A Dream of Mortals

In The Gift of Battle , Thor meets his greatest and final challenge as he quests deeper into the Land of Blood to attempt to rescue Guwayne. Encountering foes more powerful than he ever imagined, Thor soon realizes he is up against an army of darkness, one for which his powers are no match. When he learns a sacred object may give him the powers he needs - an object which has been kept secret for ages - he must embark on a final quest to retrieve it before it is too late, with the fate of the Ring hanging in the balance.

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