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Shoe 16 planes fly over; soldiers salute on field. Jiggly pan over group. Wreath at foot of flag pole, slow tilt up to US flag. Men fire rifles for salute. US flag at half-mast. Refugees inside boat - women with babies, eating rice; woman with newborn baby which is put in cardboard box for a cot. Children wash up on deck. Disembarking in Korea carrying huge bundles, suitcases and parcels. Japanese being prepared for journey home - civilians being sprayed with DDT by soldier. Crowds gathered at Pusan port for repatriation. US troops checking papers and baggage. Men, women and children heavily laden with belongings up gangplank of ship.

Various shots children on boat. Top shot crowded deck Scratch down right hand side. Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps. Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking. Berlin airlift - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching. Scots guards. Day, Korean refugees. United Nations Security Council. Battle scenes Korean war. Injured soldier carried on stretcher. Blood transfusion given in the field.

Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign. Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine. Still pix missile bases on Cuba. Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. B bombers taking off. Russian delegate refuses to answer. Press - photocall with President. Soviet of Today 31 - [NB Bad scratches in parts. Korean narration. Man speaking to workers group beneath Stalin banner. People consulting textbooks in library - lecture on biology? Women and oriental speakers.

Civil Rights. Soviet Cinema. Sign Russian zone Berlin street. Gale Halverson interview, SOF. Loading supplies into plane; planes takeoff. Walter Cronkite SOF about airlift. Landing at Templehoff. Distributing food. Korea Reds Declare War. Migs, air combat dogfighting. Plane explosion. Jets takeoff and in flight. F, F and F General Bernie Schreiber lecturing.

V2 Rocket. Dropping bombs, rockets. Ground combat. Napalm explosions on ground. Firing machine-gun from helicopter. Machine-gun bullets. Rescued pilot lands at base. Aldova Ford, wife of pilot Captain David E. Ford captured in , interviewed with kids. Rocket launch. Space satellite. Space and stars. Military Promotional Propaganda;. Edward C. Montage: Fighter jets, all eras. Closing down electricity.

Planes takeoff, land at Templehoff, distributing food. Operation Vittles. Children eating. Plane over. Frank Everest flies Bell X-2 three times speed of sound. X in flight Maj. Robert White reaches altitude of 50 miles, landing. Shot of astronauts. Ed White Gemini-4 walks in space. Various views of air force combat in Vietnam. Helicopter rescue. B bombing. Plane maintenance. Helicopter rescue operations. Helicopter machine gun firing. Various views of helicopter fighting and rescues. Patriotism; Military Americana;. General Inspection of Motor Pool General inspecting military trucks - look at engines.

Korean mechanic? General talking to soldiers. Buckets of soup?. Washing up in buckets. Crowds on deck. Being served rice. Korean families with their belongings old and young, lots of children. Carts heavily loaded - man with many baskets on back. Japanese leave Korea Japanese families having luggage searched before leaving; boarding ship.

Nissen huts - buildings - crying baby - Japanese loading goods onto trucks and small boats. Off larger ship to small boat. Microphones in CU. North Korea - Peace Talks? Woman soldier; buildings being guarded. Soldiers sitting about. North Korean delegation arriving or leaving.

When I was a Child

Chinese photographers photographing US military negotiators. Little girl across bridge, gets candy from US soldier, then comes on and gets some more candy bars. Your Eighty Dollars Pt. Korean war meant postponing much of growth. Narrator describes increase in numbers. Small British navy pocket submarine demonstrated. Jet planes taking off Buron continues speaking from desk. Jet taxiing, armored fighting vehicle.

Miner, farmers, welders, military training. Sailors smoking. Man looking at oats crop. Montage as at beginnign of film. Track continues after picture ends. Floyd O Neil is interviewed after his F was shot down 04Mar Frankly I think I was the most nervous I have ever been I tried as much as I could not to think about it.

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Talks about observing the other three pilots who attended the second lecture I felt I was well on the way to somebody elses funeral Talks about his confession to one mission, though the Communists had three missions they wanted him to confess to. Communists wanted precise details Physical was standing at attention, slapped, being denied sanitation, fed unclean water, poor food O Neil decided to give false confession. Most certainly not: improper sanitation facilities, denial of medical treatment, polluted water, I was intimidated quite frequently, I was threatened Talks about facing accusations that United Nations command was using Germ Warfare.

Prisoner of War; Denial; Military Retraction;. John S. I never have considered what I did up there as a confession; because I don t see how a person can confess something he has never done. They put three people to getting my confession. They gave most of my statements to me Asked to describe threats, brides, etc. Asked if he was treated according to Geneva Convention. Did you participate in any bomb raids that could be considered Germ warfare?

Korea: The War before Vietnam

Absolutely not I know they took out many things I had said which would show it wasn t a true confession. Goes on to say only thing he wants to do is to make people aware that he did not actually confess. Enoch Interviewed] Givs age, address to Commission. Tells of lecture 25Aug51 in Japan given by Mr. Locations given. Tells of debriefing by intelligence. O Neil speaking. Enoch speaking. Niss sp? I was given the opportunity of death if I didn t make High angle, Seoul. Elections in South Korea under UN supervision. South Korean flag on pole, large crowd, Syngman Rhee at microphone.

Street scenes. Fighting at night, day. Buildings burning, refugees, kids. Large artillery firing; mortars firing. Austin speaks SOF : Who s troops are attacking deep in somebody else s territory? There were We found the leaders of Israel Korean armistice View alongside two F jets taxiing; alongside in flight.

Aerials from different angles, planes peel off into dive. Korean War; s Cold War;. War or Peace? Nationalist Chinese delegate arrives. Jacob Malik walks out. United Nations. Atom Bomb President Truman at press conference. Atomic explosion seen, night. Narration re potential use in Korea. Saint Peter's Cathedral - pilgrims in Rome praying. United Nations building as symbol. Nuclear Warfare. Korea Invaded Truck through fog; troops run through trenches fighting in Korea. Gen MacArthur off plane, CU.

Tanks fighting, riflemen fighting; artillery fired. Wounded being treated CU. Burial services. Canadians boarding trains - wife in tears. Inchon landing; aerial of ships to beach; unloading supplies. Oil dump burning. Village burning. Troops along road, tank burning. Explosion near camera. Aerial of snow cover. Wounded UN troops helped to planes. Trucks off road. Chinese POWs with feet encased in ice. Supplies at port being defended.

Later Elementary School Years (1945-48)

Wounded carried onto ships. Troops board landing craft to embark onto ships; climb ladder. Ceremony at cemetery at port. Evacuation by Ship from Korea American military on dock - ship docks, US military go on board and take off stretcher - luggage - women and children taken off ship and into processing centre. Evacuees down gang plank - mostly American women and children. People looking at notice board at pictures of evacuees arriving outside building - sign Asahi Press. Ship coming into harbour and evacuees off.

Stretchers into ambulances. Women, babies and young children helped off ship. Evacuees leave processing centre an onto buses arriving camp Kokura. More buses arriving with women and children. Evacuees taken to living accommodation - Nissen huts. Women boarding bus - Camp Hakata on side of bus. More ship arriving with evacuees. Congress in progress - delegates gather in hall. Delegate takes stand and makes speech in French most of which has German voiceover. Delegates applaud. Leopold Infield makes speech re science s role in maintaining peace.

Dmitri Shostakovich addresses congress. British delegate takes stand and says she has just arrived from Sheffield after winding up conference which was banned by the Britihs Government. French African delegate speaking in French to congress. Indian delegate Dr. Atal speaking. Indonesian delegate speaking.

Black American delegate speaking. Polish Cleric speaking. Johannes Becher from GDR speaking. Other speakers mentioned on card are Nazem el Kodsi and Ilya Ehrenburg. First Films from North Korea since Scenic shots mountains. Korean students in Russian medical school. Students in laboratory. North Korean culural leaders visiting Moscow. Kremlin under snow. Lan reform - collective farming.

Electricity pylons. Interior power station. Heavy industry - steelworks. University science students. Korean girls doing traditional dance. Korean artist working on communist poster. Korean society for cultural relations with Russia - translating Russian literature including biography of Stalin. Ends abruptly.

The Battle of Kapyong, Korean War

Battlefield Holy Communion service - religion - soldiers walk past? POW speaking, translator?. Troops looking at map with POW. Wrecked military equipment on road. US tanks. Locals wave, not very enthusiastically. Medic attending POW. Dead body. Locals watch as US troops inspect downed American plane Troops and military equipment crossing river. Various speakers mos US General Smith? Locals cheer with raised arms. Smith and Puller with troops, Officers talking to each other. Pan round area, smoke rising. LS tank on road and soldiers running across road to take cover. Road sign Akia Hill - troops posing with sign.

Burnt out tanks. Troops along road. American T tanks advance. Marines and military equipment inc. LVTs crossing river. B Raids on Korea st Aug. Good aerial shots bombs explode on coastal city area. AV through bomb doors, Bombs exploding on bridge, good bombs away and explosion. Bs formation flight Bomb away, jerky shots explosions on ground.

Man holding up sheet with flags of various nations. Various shots crews taking notes. Nose of P on ground, nose guns fired. Ground crew work on front wheel of plane.

Jeep over pontoon bridge. Sign re bridge built by 8th Engineer Bn. South Koreans labour building bridge. Crane and construction equipment.

See a Problem?

Koreans waving flags and British officer receives flowers from Koreans. Stacks of leaflets on board Safe Conduct Pass ; leaflets dropped over villages. Explosions on roadside and attack on Hill begins. Battle in hilly area - Marines firing guns. Funny message on bomb - Listen to this - it will kill you!! Planes take off.

Aerial footage of strafing and bombing Korean targets. Loading machine-guns and large bombs on planes. Fuelling Bs. Pilots driven to planes after briefing and boarding B - Douglas Invaders. B takeoffs and in flight. Aerials from B - bombs drop over Seoul area. Dawn - MacArthur watches from ship through binoculars. Day - Troops Landing on beach and advance on land. Bulldozer destroys dugouts. Land fight begins. Dying Korean soldier - North Korean captive arrested and stripped.

Sign on vehicle Enjoy yourself, it s later than you think. Men untying ropes from vehicles. High speed tractor pushing a trailer off flatcar [men from 1st FA Observation Btn. Waegwan - Tanks with infantrymen moving forward into Waegwan. Tanks with troops and other military vehicles moving along a tree lined road. Soldiers eating hot chow food on side of road. Man drinking from canteen cup. Soldier helps another to put on portable flame thrower - checking equipment.

Troops, one with flame thrower march down road [men from A Company, 5th Cavalry Rgt. Ist Cav. Rgt, 1st Cav. Div in trucks moving along dusty road. In last shot men wave towards camera. Pontoon bridge across Naktong tributary near Waegwan. Jeep crossing bridge - shot POV driver jeep crossing bridge. Men on top of tank, 50 calibre machine gun is being fired. Tank in stationary position as big gun is fired. Soldiers from patrol return carrying body of dead soldier on stretcher. North Korean being questioned by Captain? Artillery Observers on hill top looking through binoculars field glasses.

Soldier painting 3. LS Two tanks on dirt roadway. Tank in foreground fires big guns. Troops from D Co. Rgt seated on side of road cleaning weapons, some eating. Puppy dog. Medic treats slightly wounded soldier. Women and children - very old woman bent double is picked up by US soldier and put in jeep.

LS Artillery position. Platoon of south Korean troops with American Squad Leaders moving up to the front. VS replacements on way to front take cover in embankment on side of road - under mortar fire. Tanks are Russian Ts used by North Koreans. Few men point to dead North Korean lying on roadside. Damage to tanks. Two men dig a hole with shovels. Coffee cooking on fire, exhausted soldier lying on his back. Cartoon in communist paper MacArthur tied to gun of Russian tank.

LS smoke moving up hill. Enemy target on mountain top. Several shots M tank firing - machine gunner on tank firing. Smoke on mountain top. Various shots soldiers, mechanics working on truck motors. Soldier removes spare part and takes to mechanic working on another vehicle for recycling. Knocked out salvage vehicle. Soldier welding wire cutter on vehicle. Man working under vehicle. Mechanic with many weapons which have been disassembled for cleaning. Two men checking chart, talking etc. General Kean entering jeep, leaving. Gen Kean followed by officers walking on top of hill - pointing out area.

Smoke from explosion. LS natives into hut. Soldiers using rangefinder? Explosion on ridge. Planes diving and bombing on hills. Wounded men on stretchers. US Tank. Aircraft strafe and dive bomb ridge. Marines firing grenades. Burnt out tank. Pilot greeted by officers and men. Front grill Buick Eight. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Division raise first American flag on observatory in Inchon. RV Soldiers stand by flag with guns raised.

Civilian prisoners of war. Soldiers removing barricade of sandbags from entrance. Young Korean woman washing hand of old injured Korean civilian. Troops surround house - Korean man comes to door and is questioned. Locals hiding in undergrowth. Troops walking across farm fields. First aircraft to land on airfield is helicopter. Officers talking - pointing to markings on chopper - chopper takes off and lands. Soldiers with POWs. POWs stripped to waist are marched along with hands on heads. Wide shots airfield with helicoptors some overexposed. Troops through scrub - soldiers firing rifles from cover.

Radio operator. Troops move forward slowly on top of ridge. Destroyed artillery. RV soldier firing machine gun. Men taking showers in open air. Ist Marine Prov. Brigade Arriving at the Docks in Pusan Various shots troops by transport ship. Troops arriving in military truck to Pusan dock area. Various dockside activity, cleaning weapons. Military trucks and equipment arrive. Soldier on truck carrying parasol. Troops cleaning kit, soldier cleaning medicine bottle. Bombed palace? Troops by helicopters. Dead bodies in street - bomb damaged building.

Soldiers and equipment over side into landing craft. Burning tank. Troops walk down hill towards town - tank along road. Troops running forward - North Korean soldier surrenders in orchard. Tanks past waving Koreans. Dead carried on stretcher from field hospital. Long column of soldiers moving up, GI carrying machine gun; eating by roadside.

Trucks across bridge. Walton Walker; troops. Columns forward. Seoul Swish pan to new bazooka displayed. Firing M20 rocket launcher at test tank. Hole in armor shown. Cardinal Stritch. Bombs dropping, explosions. Korean War; Air Force Bombing;. Wounded on ground on stretchers. MP directing traffic of trucks thru town. GIs searching refugees belongings. Swish pan to large USA? Sign: Danger, Explosives. Small boats move into LCTS? VS fleet ships of different countries: Canada, Greece loaded at dock.

POV from nose of othe planes in flight. Bombs dropping seen thru bomb bay doors. POV strafing. Doll hanging. CU of dog held by GI. Tank by roadside; burning truck on road.

Class Notes Archives — Alumni — Carthage College

Howitzers fired. Swish pan. Lawless aggression will be met by fatal force We know that the cost of freedom is high, but we are determined to preserve our freedom no matter what the cost. Officer at map on bridge. Fleet at sea, planes over. Troops along street thru town, people waving. Sherman tank flame thrower tested.

The Graybeards

Smoking village. BV into village, burning, destruction. Pausan early perimeter battles. Korean War; Fighting;. Prisoners marched towards camera. More prisoners searched. Lake Success UN. Walter Austin speaks MOS. Preparedness And National Security Pt. United Nations General Assembly. Japanese bowing to military officers in formal dress. Armistice Day celebrations. Blowing up battle ship. Good WWI explosion, sinking ship hull. NAVY over map. War montage: artillery firing. Firing enormous guns. Parachuting from German planes.

Naziis into Paris. Romania signing surrender, German planes over Bulgaria; Athens, Greece. Bombs out of plane. Signing surrender in Germany, on Battleship Missouri. Bodies floating in surf at beach. Bataan death march. Corrigador inside concrete bunker. England burning. Ships at sea. Military advisory committee at table meeting.

Montage: Factory interiors. Hospital operating theater, large equipment; people on street in city; factory chimneys; grain harvest. UN buildnig from across East River. Formation of many B bombers. Title: U. Muccio, US Ambassador to Korea. LS looking up valley. Dulles at mic MOS speaking. Koreans raise arms in cheer. Excalibur low in water. MCU of large gash in front of Excalibur? CU of twisted metal.

View up at docked ship President Jackson. Crowd on dock; MCU of Senator?? Papers being checked; young people taking pictures. Ballou AP docked. Jackson may have been built in but launched in ? We are not asking for American troops to shed their blood for us. If South Korea fails to hold it will be evidence of outside assistance.

Although we have given military aid to South Korea for a comparatively short time, those in a position to know feels it has been quite effective and that they have made substantial progress in providing for a proper defense. I want our friends in the United States to know that we are engaged in the midst of a war, a real war.

You people in America call it a Cold War, but our war is a little too hot for us to call it a Cold War Sometimes we are fighting for the very life of our nation. Men carry crates of ammunition. Man laying on stretcher eating Hershey chocolate bar; talking to soldiers. Two Korean soldiers carrying birds on wire. Planes on deck. Light boats raised.

Swish pan Korean War Beginning; July ;. Women watching; others watching. Everyone in crowd looks grim. All banners in Korean. Thru heavy smoke. Firing rifle. Soldiers in sandbagged trench looking across valley. CU of Korean sailors navigating, manning guns, signalling. Korean War; ;. Speaking at National Press Club: Our forces are fighting along side yours Wu to the United Nations. Wu speaking before Security Council. Malik at airport. In cars in uniform thru crowds after WWII.

Korean War; Defenses; Anti-Communist; ;. GIs eating, reading newspapers around fire. CU awarded medal. Black shakes officer s hand, smiles. Korean War; ; Nov50; Casualties;. Map of USSR expansion. Berlin sectors. NATO formation. Globe turning. Montage of fighting, prisoners, refugees. Navy ships unloading US troops. Captured small arms examined. Map of Pusan ca 01Sep Following tanks.

Troops in winter snow. Peace Truce signed. Returning troops, kisses, hugs. Aircraft carrier, submarine. Woman hanging clothes in suburban yard. Lincoln White receives call in Washington office; State Department building lit up at night. US forces defending Pusan perimeter - heavy shelling - wounded GIs. It is a lie. It is a big lie. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Accordion War by Charles Hughes. Accordion War: Korea - Life and Death in a Marine Rifle Company is a detailed personal account of combat in the Korean War during its most violent "blitzkrieg" phase, the first third of the three-year war.

While the descriptions of battles are up close and graphic, the conflict is also viewed from the perspective of the 21st century, from a keen awareness of the wars Accordion War: Korea - Life and Death in a Marine Rifle Company is a detailed personal account of combat in the Korean War during its most violent "blitzkrieg" phase, the first third of the three-year war.

While the descriptions of battles are up close and graphic, the conflict is also viewed from the perspective of the 21st century, from a keen awareness of the wars since -Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terror. Interwoven into the narrative is a meditation on life, death and war -on the question of why men spend so much treasure and blood fighting one another. The setting is the Republic of Korea, a beautiful country whose citizens fought for their freedom alongside United Nations forces, a people who have, since the war, emerged from the shadows of history to become cultural and technological leaders in the modern world.

But Accordion War is first of all the story of a band of brothers and the battles they fought half way round the world in the rugged mountains of the country known as "the Land of the Morning Calm. There is a connection between those two days exactly a half-century apart. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Accordion War , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 26, Robert Lynch rated it it was amazing. First-hand account of a war that far too many people know little about, peppered with some of the author's philosophies on war and life itself. Robert M. Jun 02, Tommy rated it really liked it.