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Thank you for notifying us. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Italy Unit study lesson plan is a hands on interactive journey to Italy; it is for kids of all ages to enjoy hours of learning fun.

I have been teaching this unit to children ages You will learn about modern day culture, geography, architecture, religion, government, celebration, history and much more. Each unit is internet linked with endless possibilities to what you can learn. Here you will find everything that you need to get you started on your journey, including directions to crafts, activities, interactive printable forms, colorful pictures and discussion questions, material lists and preparation instructions as well as other ideas to take you farther on your journey in the exploration of Italy.

Among these you will explore Pompeii and the sinking city Venice, teaching Roman numerals and much more. This unit can be done individually or with a group of various aged children and each Culture Quest Unit Study can stand alone. LuLu Store Front How can I use this format? Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. By Catherine Gonzalez.

I bought 2 culture quest units, and although they link to some outside resources they are not complete as a tool for my needs, it is more of a list of what you should aquire to study the country books, music.

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I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation. Your notification has been sent Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. We were unable to complete your request. Culture Quest World Tour Also appreciate you following the rules of the dorm and cafe :. Left by Workawayer Aleighsha for host.

We stayed here for four weeks and got to experience some amazing things, try delicious food, and meet great people. The work was very rewarding, as we got to speak to many Koreans about their daily lives, dreams, goals, culture, food, and much more. The workload was fair - in the evening Monday … read more - Friday for about hours, which left the morning and afternoon to explore Chuncheon and the surrounding area. The rules for the house are fair and equal, and we enjoyed spending time with all of the other volunteers we shared the flat with. Sue was a great host, showing us around Chuncheon and taking us to some of her favourite restaurants when she had the time.

There is so much to do and see in Chuncheon, and there are many popular tourist sites in the area, such as Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm, that are all easily accessible by public transit and can be done within one day. There are also many shops, parks, cafes, and restaurants within short walking distance. Chuncheon is about two-three hours by subway to Seoul, and we spent the weekends exploring Seoul. You could spend over four weeks here and not be bored — we certainly weren't! We had an unforgettable experience on this Workaway trip and we hope that we get the opportunity to visit again soon!

It was nice to be together for three weeks. Thank you for always being full of energy and actively talking to the study member. You were enthusiastic during all the classes. Great job following the rule at the cafe and the dorm. Please apply to return … read more as a volunteer when possible. Left by Workawayer Jeannette for host. Talking to the students and exchanging our cultures and ideas was so much fun. Each and every student is very unique, so you get to hear and experience all kinds of stories.

Culture Quest World Tour ~ Vietnam Unit Study

You get to talk to students with different levels of English so you can be creative in the way you teach … read more them, depending on their knowledge and ability. She also took us volunteers out for lunch or dinner, letting us experience a bit more of Chuncheon, which I am really grateful for. In the hours off work you have enough time to go on little trips and experience Chuncheon and the rest of Korea for yourself. There is a lot to do and see, so you'll definitely never get bored. I hope that I can return one day. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

It was so happy to work with you for five weeks. Alex, you were kind to everyone to the study members and us! You always brought positive energy to the cafe, which I really appreciate. Also thank you for following the rules of the dorm and the cafe. Grateful for your help for … read more the beginners. Left by Workawayer Alexandra for host. Another great thing is that people who come to the cafe are really motivated, so it's a pleasure to speak to them. To me, the most important was the opportunity to know the Korean way of life and their mindset: I would never know it unless I could speak Korean.

Speaking about people who manage this all, I just love them : Sue, the owner, is very dedicated, hardworking and friendly, ready to explain everything and spend good time with us. Taewon was our 'official' manager, but they kind of worked together with Haejin, and they were always super kind and helpful. The shared flat was really comfortable, with enough space for everyone given that there were 4 of us at max and appropriate amenities.

Cleanliness really depends on people who live there Chuncheon is a nice place but consider going to Korea in spring or autumn, it should be even better : it's easy to travel around with public transport, too; we went to the East Sea, the Nami Island and to Seoul, multiple times. All in all, I'm really grateful to everyone who helped me explore Korea in the best way possible. I would like to see you again :. It was nice to be able to have you in our language studio. Thank you for getting along with everyone!! I was so impressed that you used games to teach english. And thank you for following the house rules : We will missed hanging out with you, having meals together and playing some game!!

Hope to see you in South Korea or France!!! Left by Workawayer Simon for host. This was not only my first workaway experience but also my first time travelling on my own and so far from home. The job is honestly very easy and it's actually very interesting to exchange with korean people about many different topics. You … read more will find plenty of stuff games, books, boards The volunteers live together in a shared appartment, which is very clean thanks to everyone's participation on the cleaning duty.

Everyone I met here, from the owner Sue to the students, including the others volunteers, the manager etc Chuncheon is a big city with has much to offer, sightseeing, hiking, relaxing near beautiful places There is also other interesting things to do a few subway stations away from Namchuncheon so you would easily fill your days for a few weeks just staying in the city.

So many other things worth mentionning but you'll find out everything by yourself once you get there! Overall I couldn't recommend this place more :.

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Not only were they good team players both at our home and cafe, they're also helpful, thoughtful, independent, proactive, always offering to help anyone be it the management, volunteers or students. They were very good with our students and in return our students had an … read more enjoyable time while getting to know them better.

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  8. We would always welcome you both back with open arms whenever we have availability. Otherwise, let's meet again be it in South Korea, France or Spain! We stayed for a month at the cafe and had such a great time with all the students from children to seniors, that gave us the opportunity to discover korea throught their eyes and make some new friends. Thank you Sue for sharing some time with us and make us become almost true Chuncheon citizens.

    Every places you brought us was so nice and we are … read more really grateful. Best part was the ice skating lesson aha. And thank you Nicole for managing the house perfectly and having some fun with us. We really enjoyed sharing this last month at home with you and the other volunteers and we couldn't hope for a better first experience with workaway. We hope to see you all again it was a reall pleasure to meet you and we wish the best to the cafe for the future.

    Even though it was just a week of stay with us but we were very happy to have met and got to know Asli better. She was very friendly, helpful, kind, good team player both at our cafe and home and able to have great conversation with our students. We will missed hanging out with you, having meals together and would happily receive you again if … read more you decide to come back and volunteer with us in the future whenever we are available.

    Hope to see you in South Korea, Germany or Turkey! Left by Workawayer Asli for host. I am really happy that I had my first workaway experience in this lovely language cafe. Both Sue, the owner and Nicole, the cafe manager, were friendly, kind and warm-hearted. Everything is well organized and you can feel that both are running the cafe with lots of passion. Unfortunately, I had only the chance to stay one week. I would have loved … read more to stay a few weeks more. Anyways, the language cafe was a good opportunity to make new friends, speak to Koreans having different ages, from high school students, businessmen to senior citizens.

    You meet wonderful people with interesting life stories. Thank you Sue and Nicole and also the other volunteers for making my stay pleasent and memorable. It has been a pleasurable 5 weeks having Kim with us both at home and cafe. She has a bubbly personality, enjoys talking to people, a can do attitude with strong sportsmanship, a good team player both at home and cafe; she's also proactive in having open discussion with our management wherever there's a need on top of encouraging students to … read more actively use and improve their English skills.

    All our students, staff and management were more than happy to have spent time to get to know her and she will give her absolute best to the team she's working with. Left by Workawayer Kimberly for host. It was my first experience with workaway and I am grateful that I had such a good start.

    Children Around the World Theme Introduction - WinterPromise

    I learned a lot from my "students" in such an amusing and comfortable way. Of course it was also a great time thanks to my roommates aka covolunteers. The environment is nice and the apartment well managed. Keeping the order at home is teamwork and everyone was doing their part so that we had no uncomfortable situations because one person had to do more than another.

    It has been a pleasurable experience having Cecile with us both at home and cafe for 2 weeks. Thank you for being part of our family and we are happy to welcome you back again if you plan to return to South Korea in the future! I couldn't have asked for a better first workaway experience! Everyone was so nice and fun to spend time with, and it was a pleasure getting to know the Korean cafe members. They are eager to talk about any kind of topic from tea to animal welfare and exchange about their culture and lives, so this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about … read more South Korea.

    Our team was small - I personnally appreciated that as we got quite close - but everything went very smoothly, also because the session system at the cafe works well: you have conversations with member s for usually 1 hour and 10 min and switch to another table with different member s for the next session. Hence you get to meet many different people without having the feeling the conversations are dragging on.

    The cafe and flat are ideally located in a very dynamic area of the city, with many bus stops, cafes, restaurants, markets, and karaoke booths around. I really enjoyed my 2 weeks in Chuncheon and highly recommend this workaway! He is always honest with his thoughts and have open conversation with us, a good team player, independent, has a wide range of conversation topic, always willing to help, happy to cook us a meal, kept us entertained with his card tricks and never … read more hesitate to offer and stayed to help even after completing her own cleaning chores..

    Our management, staves and students had a great time getting to know him and a student who have met him since his 1st night at our cafe had been asking to hangout with him as well. During his stay with us we were out for groceries, ice creams, meals, drinks, hanging out, walks, sight seeing, karaoke or even clubbing the night away. If schedule allows we would definitely love to work together with him again. Your jokes and Disney songs are definitely missed around here and thank you for being a part of our family here in Chuncheon!

    Left by Workawayer Jean-Baptiste for host. It was my first workaway experience, and it was wonderful. The work in itself is really pleasant and enriching. Your task is to help the students in improving their English skills and you are free to choose any method you find appropriate to do so. The students are all curious and … read more enthusiastic, and you will spend a lot of great times with them.

    During most sessions you'll be so busy enjoying playing games or having deep conversations with them, that you won't even see time flying by. It is absolutely rewarding to see the students' progress in learning English from one week to another. Moreover you will also learn a lot from them as well, since they are always eager to share their thoughts and knowledge with you especially about Korean culture and history. My only complaint is the absence of windows in the living room, which can be a bit depressing from time to time.

    But if you plan on spending most of your free time visiting Chuncheon and its surroundings, it shouldn't be much of a problem. I have met a lot of amazing persons during my stay there both Korean people and other workawayers , some of them have even become sincere friends. I would definitely recommend this workaway to anyone and I would love to go back there whenever I get a chance to.

    We had a great time working with Jaide during her 3 weeks with us. She is constantly open with her conversation with us, a good team player, have a bright personality, always smiling, independent, never short on things to talk about, never hesitate to offer and stayed to help even after completing her own cleaning chores. Our management, staves … read more and students had a great time with her and during her stay with us; we were out for groceries, ice creams, meals, drinks, hanging out, walks, sight seeing, karaoke or even clubbing the night away.

    We were also privileged to have been introduced to 2 of her very lovely friends and get to spent some quality time together with them. If schedule allows we would be happy to welcome her back with us. Your fabulous mane are sorely missed and thank you for being a part of our family here in Chuncheon! Left by Workawayer Jaide for host. The students are lovely and very eager to learn.

    The Huacarpay Lagoon

    The conversations are spontaneous and you can use games to make learning English more fun. I appreciate the freedom you get with the students and the sessions you have with them. You get a lot of freedom considering you only work … read more evenings from Monday to Friday. Chuncheon itself is a very charming city, with lots to explore. It is quite a long journey to Seoul, but we always went there on the weekends together. You live with your team and therefore able to spend more time with each other. We did day trips and went out in the evenings.

    All in all, I can really praise this place! Love you guys! We were really happy to have hosted Sinan even though it was just for a week. He was really bright, happy, full of smiles, easy to get along with and our management, staff and students had a great time with him. At home he took initiative to help without being prompted. We would be more than happy to welcome him back again in the future; … read more hopefully to build deeper friendship with him. Left by Workawayer Sinan for host. Sue was totally nice and very welcoming, as well as … read more Nicole, who organizes the classes too and who we had some good times with : She also helped us with recommendations for activities around!

    Chuncheon itsself is very diverse, as you can have all you want in the city. I enjoyed the evenings a lot, going out for dinner, karaoke or just a walk! The work is a lot of fun, as you always change the students and get to know someone new or closer. For me it was great to have the classes in the evening, so that we could spend the day wherever we want.

    You talk about different stuff, get to know the Korean culture and you can share opinions. I met a lot of great people and can only recommend this experience here:. Left by Workawayer Ilka for host. I stayed at Sue's language cafe for 3 weeks in March The apartment that we workawayers shared was conveniently located right next to the cafe. It is comfortable and has all necessities.

    Sue, the cafe owner, told me that she enjoyed my stay and … read more invited me to visit if I can. To me there are no apparent reasons as to why I received a two-star review, other than the managers incomprehensible attitude towards me and the other workawayers. Sue does not speak a lot of English, so she has a previous workawayer -text redcated- who acts as manager for workaway and the cafe.

    She also lives in the apartment with the other workawayers. For me it was often challenging and stressful to interact with her and share the living space.

    Bruce Chatwin

    It felt to me like we were being micromanaged regarding many things in the apartment, and personal decisions were not respected. Miscommunication happened frequently, and there was a lot of tension. The manager told a workawayer to leave on a very short notice although she did a very good job working with the students and got along well with all of us, except for the manager.

    I still recommend to stay at this workaway, as Sue, the cafe owner is nice and talking to her students is very interesting. The manager changes every couple of months, so I bet one can have a great and very different experience here too. Thank you Sue for your effort and big motivation to help the citizens of Chuncheon learn English. I will definitely visit you if I come back to Korea! Please see our feedback policy for more info about why this review is not displayed.

    Left by Workawayer wajdi for host.


    I have been dissopointed to volunteer in this place and missinformed in many different ways ; -the language studio is Not located in Seoul according to the profile map chuncheon is also name of another city in Seoul center. Such information have been updated later and the right adress have been sent two weeks before my arrival which let me with … read more no other option and gave me a bad impression!

    We welcomed her again for the 2nd time in Jan for 2 months after her 1st stay of almost 2 months with us that ended in Nov She would seemed shy or reserved but is in fact a very friendly, kind, warm, respectful, sweet, proactive and thoughtful person. She gets along well with everyone, our members, staff and management really like her … read more and she had been selflessly helping to clean our home or other's mess that was left behind without so much as a word. Ka would be 1 of the best person you would hope to host and we're always looking forward to received you every time you wished to return to Chuncheon.

    We are privileged to have work with her once more, not in the host-volunteer capacity but she's currently with us as 1 of our private lesson teacher. Welcome back! Left by Workawayer Ka for host. I volunteered at the English cafe for about 1. My time there was incredible. My work was quite easy. It was to talk with Korean students, and honestly, it didn't feel like work at all.

    I met many people from all ages and learned a lot from the students. The living condition there was beyond what I expected. The apartment was a pretty … read more big size for the amount of volunteers there. I shared the room with another volunteer at first, but had the room to myself for the rest of month until I left. We were provided with free food, such as rice, ramyun, spaghetti noodles, oil, soy sauce, onions, salt and pepper.

    The managers, Sue and Merve were very welcoming, helpful and kind. Whenever Sue had free time, she took me to various places in Chuncheon, such as hiking at a mountain or checking out a beautiful cafe or eating at the most famous and oldest tteokbokki restaurant in the city. Even when I needed help with buying the ITX tickets on my last day, Sue didn't hesitate to help me at all. I'm very thankful. Chuncheon is a relaxing and peaceful city surrounded by beautiful nature.

    It is a great place to get away from the fast pace city life. I really recommended travelers to give this English cafe and Chuncheon a chance; you will not regret it. Though Isabel stayed only 4 days with us during last summer; she left a great impression both in ours and the students' minds. Please take care meanwhile and hope to see you … read more in the future!

    Left by Workawayer Isabel for host. I was only here for about 4 days!

    I came to help out during SUmmer while I was Workawaying at the other language studio location in Gangnam. Soooo glad that I decided to go! Sue who runs the cafe picked me up from the train station and drove me to the cafe : The working schedule was quite open, which left me with lots of time to explore … read more Chuncheon and the surrounding areas during the day. Since she was also a uni student, we had lots of interesting conversations about studying and living in Korea.

    Overall, I had a very relaxing time teaching and exploring during my unfortunately, very short visit. I would love to go back again for a longer duration, possibly during the winter or springtime : Thank you all! This would be our 3rd time welcoming back Nicole; her 1st was 2 weeks with us, 2nd time for a month and now she has returned to us to be our new cafe manager since Nov She has been a great help in taking care and managing our cafe, home and volunteers well. Because of her and other volunteers' tireless efforts; our cafe and home are in better … read more condition than ever for both volunteers and students.

    Our staff, volunteers and students really enjoyed being with her and there were increased requests from students to have more private sessions with her. We hope that we can continue to work together with Nicole and grow our cafe better to help more students in Chuncheon.