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Switch to new thesaurus. English , side - sports the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist. Informal wear , display , flaunt , boast , exhibit , flourish , show off , vaunt He was fat-faced, heavily-built and sported a red moustache. You want to call it selfishness, arrogance, whatever. It's dog eat dog. There are no prisoners taken; there's none expected" [Ian Botham]. Activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement: disport , diversion , fun , play , recreation.

Actions taken as a joke: fun , game , play. To occupy oneself with amusement or diversion: disport , play , recreate. To make a public and usually ostentatious show of: brandish , display , disport , exhibit , expose , flash , flaunt , parade , show off. She's very keen on sport of all kinds. Hunting, shooting and fishing are not sports I enjoy.

He's a good sport to agree to do that for us! I only did it for sport. He was sporting a pink tie. American also sport designed, or suitable, for sport. He is a very keen sportsman. He's a real sportsman who doesn't seem to care if he wins or loses. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? QuintEvents announces Sport Events buy. As a "participant oriented" sporting event , the Xterra World Championship is the sister event to the Ironman triathlon that is held a week earlier in October.

A final way to add value to the sporting event is by providing merchandise such as key chains, pencils, banners, t-shirts, etc. Winning strategies in marketing your sporting events. Thus, like any good athlete in a sporting event , a homeowner who is knowledgeable about the rules of the tax game stands to benefit most. Going for the gold: Sec. Special event safety and security: protecting the world alpine Ski Championships. Tucker Wild Talent v. Senses relating to solace. Spoorte], or solas, Solacium. Lydgate Daunce Machabree Lansd.

Gascoigne Kenelworth Castle in G. Gascoigne Wks. Shakespeare As you like It i. To Author of Ephesian Matron sig. H, in W. I am resolved to leap in after. Richardson Clarissa VII. Cowper Task ii. Paul I.

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Boyle Mineral Workers iv. O'Reilly hot enough to lend you money. I suggested her— in sport. Smyth Guide Irish Mythol. Shakespeare Much Ado about Nothing ii.

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Behn Sir Patient Fancy iv. Darby Bk.

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Psalms lix. Dudley Woodman iii. Rudnick in A. I trwste to God sche schall make yow and me ryught grehyt sporte. Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost iv. Lane Contin. Squire's Tale xi. Cowley Cutter of Coleman-St. Lillo Marina i. Cowper Task vi. Trowbridge Neighbours' Wives xxviii. Ward Daphne ii. Berners tr. Froissart Cronycles II. Jewel Replie Hardinges Answeare x. Ambrose, his owne Doctour. Shakespeare Comedy of Errors ii. Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor iii. Brown Let. Strype Ann. Reformation I. Murphy Old Maid ii. Newman Hist. Sketches II.

Ward Robert Elsmere I. Booth Industry of Souls iv. Gosson Ephemerides Phialo sig. Southwell Epist. Comfort x. Topsell Hist. Turn'd out with turpentine upon his back, Amidst the war of hounds and hunters flies; Shows sport ; but, luckless, by his fragrance dies! But I have no heart for the game. Surtees Handley Cross II. We must force him from his lair; and he will show sport , depend upon it. Noun phrases with of. Holland tr. Pliny Hist. World I. Hakewill Apol. Cole tr. Bartholin Anat.

Butler Lives Saints IV. Langhorne Fables of Flora ed. Good Study Med. Thomson Amateur's Rosarium xiii. Beecham himself regards him as an unaccountable sport of nature. Davenant Wks. Somervile Chace i. Surtees Handley Cross I. The sport of kings exercises a healthy influence upon the national character, because it affords an opportunity of keen enjoyment to both gentle and simple.

Frankau Poet. On thousand tracks, unridden, desolate, Hay waves from winning-post to starting-gate. Blake Hawaiian Surfboard iii. Mumford City in Hist. Warwick Surfriding in N. Clancy Rainbow Six xxxii. I might do some of that myself in a few years. Be a sport and go inside with the women, will you? Faulkner Sanctuary vi. It wont take you any time in that Packard. Waugh Brideshead Revisited i. Mistry Fine Balance i. General attributive. Some of the more established compounds of this type are treated separately.

Sidney Arcadia iii. Gomme Trad. Games II. All a Row. Hare and Hounds. Puff in the Dart. Keyes Conc. Edwards One Hundred Mod. Designating clothing, shoes, etc. See also sportswear n. New shaped or pleated walking or sports skirt. Buchan Castle Gay xii. Suede Sports Shoe with pure plantation crepe sole. MacNeil Wordstruck iii. Tribune 16 Mar. Bottome Belated Reckoning iv. Huxley Let. Huxley Lett. Hello, Jerry?

This is Sam Jerry, how about that fifty dozen faille sport suits. Designating low-built cars designed for performance at high speeds, or in extended use powerful, lightweight motorcycles, designed for optimal speed and handling. Frequently designating a lower-built or higher-speed version of another specified model. Special sports model; beautiful long, low-built, stream-line body. London News 9 Dec. Morrieson Scarecrow xi.

Franks drives a Mercedes sports model. Lozier Sport Roadster, 6-cylinder. Stanyhurst tr. Cotgrave Dict. Fletcher Womans Prize i. Mabbe tr. Kingsley in F. But this sort of thing is all of the past now. Cup competition will be fought. Jenkins Lions Down Under vii. Horton in J. Nauright Sport in Australasian Soc. Sun 17 Dec. Cross Backward Sex iii. With the first element in plural form. Designating places where sport is played, esp. A number of these terms may be found earlier when preceded by athletic.

Hawes Rancid Aluminium i. Brinnin Beau Voy. Village Bk. Buchan Prince of Captivity iv. Toolis Rebel Hearts v. Science Sport Suppl. Comay Introd. Israel viii. Designating a retailer of sportswear or sporting equipment. Sports Department. A fresh arrival of cricket bats, cricket balls, [etc. Sentinel Nexis 21 Sept. Lathbury Ash. Brimson Everywhere we Go iii. With reference to media coverage of sporting events.

Francis Forfeit viii. The Saturday sports edition covered his face. As sports editor or correspondent. Banks Autobiogr. Hubbard Custom of Country iv. Priestley Angel Pavement ii.


Henderson Major Enq. Porter It's Murder with Dover vi. TV Wales Suppl. Decatur, Illinois 24 Mar. Marx Let. Marx et al. Groucho Lett. Herald 8 Feb. With the first element in the singular. Chic bags in colors to match sport costumes, afternoon dresses and street suits. Herald 30 Nov. Sport bags. For golf togs. For shoes. The smartest bag. Klatt Don't come Out xxvii. Tribune 8 Oct. Sport bike Win a new sport bike with hot rod motor! Luftman Competing in Information Age ii. Bee 12 Apr. Sport bra. Five section cup, one-section elastic keeps strap in place and does not cut or dig shoulders.

Sinclair Oil! Bankside, who had already.. Irving World according to Garp xiv. Nexis 19 Sept. Why have so many sportcasters lately been gushing about.. It's short, difficult climbs that you might have to work a year or two to prepare for. Times 11 Feb. The motor or sport coat for general wear.

Mroz Defensive Shooting for Real-life Encounters xii. Nexis 27 Dec. Auden in W. MacNeice Lett.

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Some part singing.. Oblige them to forgo their Saturday afternoon sportfest for a bout of retail therapy. Bradner Northwest Angling iii. Tribune 27 Oct. Sport fisher 24x8, Large self-bailing cockpit. Nexis 10 Feb. Sport fishermen have been coming for decades to land yellowfin tuna, marlin, red snapper and other varieties. Fisheries Managem. Holder in Proc. Gilchrist Cod Wars v. Life Suppl. There was mercy fucking. Little danger of hunters, saddlers or polo ponies being commandeered. These are the animals that compete in events such as dressage, cross-country and show jumping.

Times 25 Mar. New pointed jacket and plaited sport jacket models. These are stylish, roomy Sport Jackets. Stone Damascus Gate vii. Sport Psychol. Oglesby et al. Olsen in F. Antonelli Proc.

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Sports Psychol. Human motor learning and the fundamental, theoretical bases of human movement should be a major concern of sport psychology. After you have tried one of these comfortable seats you would not do without it for all the tea in China. This is a real luxury car, with custom interior trim, custom sport seat with folding center armrest. And such luxury options as a CD player, moonroof and 7-way driver's sport seat.

For Athletic Men. Kemelman Saturday Rabbi went Hungry xiv. Nexis 21 Sept. Times 29 Sept. Worn the world over—most generally accepted of sport utility coats. Times 13 Aug. Tribune 27 Feb. New Era Nexis 20 Nov. Bee 13 Aug. Overdrive, white walls, wire sport wheels. News 26 Jan. Daily Freeman 17 Nov. Sports Bag to match Coat. Zipper closed utility sports bag. For swimming. For picnicing. Bishop in J. Times 27 Jan.

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Man's Rawley Sports Bike. Star 1 Aug. The Ducati and Guzzi are made in Italy.. Pendray Coming Age Rocket Power xii. Slip-over sports bra of firm, open mesh lastex. Winn Unequal Conflict xviii. McCullough Thorn Birds xviii. Hall Salaam Brick Lane vii. Nielsen Brink of Murder i. Wolfe Limbo xx. McLuhan Understanding Media xxx.

Duke's obnoxious fans, its floor-slapping players or the sportscasters who mindlessly drool over both? Armstrong Seven Seats to Moon xii. Williams Diamond Geezers xxiv. James Nicholas, chief of the sports clinic at Lenox Hill Hospital.. Andersen Small Store Survival ii. Lincoln Crossing Sat. I emerge walking tall, but still unable to set any weight on my shoulders.

Our stock contains a great variety of new shapes and styles in Golf Jerseys and Sports Coats [for women]. Ferber Girls xiv. Hartley My Fellow Devils xi. Jim always wore sports coats , with ties and button-down shirts. Hamilton So Sad, so Fresh ii. All he had to do was play guitar brilliantly and look cool. Times 1 July xiv. We got the news of the armistice on our annual sports day. Evening Eagle 7 Dec. Lardner Underwater Sport xi. Scott Exploring Ocean Frontiers iii.

Newcastle Nexis 2 Oct. Pate Training for Young Distance Runners ed. Water is the surest way for replacing fluids. Tribune 13 Dec. Leica outfit.. Hedgecoe Photographer's Handbk. Geographic Jan. Larry McGuire aboard his foot sportsfisherman. Hunt et al. Betjeman in New Statesman 12 Nov. Jones Rough Guide Trav. Health ii. Sitting at a table in blue jeans and a gruesome sports jacket. Sinclair Landor's Tower i. Hatless and sports-jacketed for Summer. Fitzgerald House is Falling vii.

Kubly Amer. I give good massage. I offer aesthetic, curative, and sports massages , and if you like, a massaggio generale.