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Who and what are you that the boy w o u l d believe y o u if you told him he had being faithful to NOW? What w o u l d it take for h i m to be able to stop, turn to face that skeleton, and k n o w that you and At first the brain attempts to reject the new behavior or you alone have the power to make it all right.

This has been called "resistance" by psychoanalysts.

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However, the w o r d resistance has very negative connota- Think about the skeleton story. Emotion and feelings didn't tions for many individuals. What the brain is doing is make it real It holds on to habits, patterns and behaviors w h i c h These erroneous belief-feeling-identity loops have been once worked—even though these patterns are no longer called "self-fulfilling prophecies. In other words, the brain gets off on hallucinating. Y o u already know that it can be difficult to differenti- Go look in the mirror. What you see is the result of your ate when you are responding to subjective imagination or beliefs-feelings-identity loops conveying to the world what external reality.

Feelings feel like they are true—that is their nature. Is that true? Your new illusion will remain with you for about 20 minutes, maybe a little longer If you do this every day and go deeper as you jump higher, you will find newer and more interesting illusions.

In many ways it is easier to learn new skills that do not have strong emotional ties. A l t h o u g h we learn every day throughout our life, learning becomes more difficult when the new skill or behavior is related to a deeper emotional structure. In these cases, especially w h e n the autonomic nervous system ANS becomes involved, deep fears and Chapter 5 anxieties emerge that can be difficult to ignore.

Emotion is like the mortar that holds the bricks together. The level of. Why Most Therapy emotion is the measure of importance and is related to what is relevant for survival. At one time these strong emotions helped us cope, yet now they may be limiting.


Doesn't Work and debilitating. Emotion simply marks out to the brain what to pay attention to. The year-old woman knows that emotion and feelings are what "proves" that oranges are bad and that she cannot The reason w h y most but not all therapy does not try new things, even though she now knows that there is no work is that therapists themselves have gotten into habits "logical" reason for this.

She is now beginning to realize that and belief systems w h i c h were at one time useful for them. In other words, most therapists and therapies do not Remember this if and w h e n those o l d feelings pop up w h e n view the patient as a naturalistic l i v i n g process, but as a y o u begin to think and do things differently—NOW— fixed thing w i t h symptoms that needs to be fixed. The therapist—by his very effort to become a thera- pist—has created a therapeutic hallucination w h i c h he has identified w i t h.

Science Alert: In the field of physics, it is widely known and accepted that nothing is fixed, and that everything is con- stantly moving and changing. At the atomic level, the atoms themselves are mostly empty space, and the components that make up the protons, neutrons and electrons superstring theory are suspected to possibly not even exist. It seems to be that nothing is set in stone, even the stones themselves.

The term "patient" in and of itself describes a model If the therapist is unable to assist in this process it is and an attitude that attempts to dissociate the symptom unacceptable behavior for them to continue treating a from a natural l i v i n g breathing entity. I k n o w one therapist who has had the same patient This is called the medical model.

This model is about for 16 years and the therapist's claim is that the patient had being broken and needing to be fixed. This might be a use- a major breakthrough: " H e finally understood his anima ful way to look at cars. Y o u already k n o w that the map is projection. People, on the outright criminal. It is important to realize that what was who are assisting you in your personal evolution. It is interesting to note that the w o r d " f i x e d " means "locked in place" and " h a v i n g been made all better" and at This is no different than a physician who treats a patient w i t h chemicals when a less dangerous remedy can the same time The physician has been taught to believe only in drugs and, as a result, his identity and value become easily At one time, you may have believed in Santa Claus or the threatened by a healer who holds to a drugless therapy.

I Tooth Fairy. And then you unbelieved it? It always feels so am not picking on physicians alone, for almost every type wonderful when I see that my clients all of a sudden realize of healer I have met is a true believer in his o w n support that all of your old problems and difficulties are just the system. Remember, each form of treatment rigorously same It is good to k n o w that even coun- lar pattern or box for the sake of the therapist's system. It is as Rational-Emotive, Cognitive or whatever else is available, simple as not pouring the water d o w n the drain w i t h the the patient becomes the victim of a model.

Most therapists spaghetti it was cooked in. He is unhappy and he is in pain. Thus, the job of the therapist is to assist the Even though your conscious mind has recognized the illu- patient's creative self to heal himself and not to validate or sion in the last sentence and you may have repeated the support some theory or ideology map. The client does not exist to the water but the spaghetti. If this is true, tap once with your prove the theory or model.

M a n y therapists and academics happy finger, the one you like the best; if not, take three have completely forgotten this. Does the road exist for the deep breaths. Can you explain to a stranger that believing is cars or do the cars exist for the road? If someone told y o u seeing! Therapeutic theory and models are best attempts at provid- ing an understanding for how things work and for providing a map for change.

But remember that the map is not the territory. An architect can have plans of a house and show them to his client. He really has no idea how the client feels inside his current Chapter 6 abode or how he will feel inside when he finally arrives at his new home—or does he? You decide. Multiple Levels vided you with only two options—how many more are there?

That healers may be rigid True Believers should not discourage anyone from seeking treatment. However, what should be kept in m i n d is that you are T H E authority Y o u have a part of y o u that keeps your heart beating, in deciding w h i c h way to go and how creative y o u w o u l d keeps you breathing, blinks your eyes and digests your like to be in finding solutions.

Your internal support system has worked for you in These parts of y o u operate at different levels of aware- the past and w i l l be sure to w o r k in the future. Over the ness, and most often not in your " n o r m a l " level of word- past two decades some researchers have learned much label consciousness. They These parts of you have commonly been labeled your have come forward w i t h new methods to help individuals unconscious m i n d , your subconscious m i n d and your use their creative resources to remove and replace beliefs other-than-conscious m i n d.

No matter what you call it, and behavior w h i c h are no longer of any real use. This you can think of yourself as having multiple levels. Throughout the self-discovery process y o u w i l l become increasingly aware that y o u are a multi-level communica- tor who can be as clear as necessary. Y o u w i l l also learn that you do not have to be clear at one level of communica- tion to be clear at another.

Y o u can be comfortable and trust all levels of yourself, the very same way y o u trust a certain part of yourself to keep your heart beating. Realizing this will speed up your progress as you don't have We assume that a person is intelligent if he can verbal- to understand exactly what is happening and how it is hap- ize what he can access from his memory.

Both the ability to pening for you to utilize it fully and benefit from it now, allow- recall and the ability to verbalize are skills w i t h a high ing you to move more quickly. If you had to learn medicine interpersonal value. You have recall and verbalize. A l t h o u g h this skill is not an ultimate probably already waited long enough, and you no longer test of knowledge or intelligence, individuals who can ver- need any extra weight anymore. They frequently get ahead of those individuals whose actual Intelligence Quotients are significantly M a n y solutions are simply one or two steps removed higher.

In the Western w o r l d our perception from conscious awareness. Y o u r job is to continue your of intelligence is often based on the ability to verbalize and o w n development while, at the same time, being confident regurgitate information—regardless of whether it is that any necessary re-structuring is also taking place at understood or can be applied. Consider a military historian and strategist. This intellectual Most of your thinking and re-evaluation of the past and most likely has stored an enormous amount of information: future takes place out of awareness. Do you believe this or do dates, facts and scenarios.

He also will be able to produce this you know this? Many people don't think that they are information through writing papers, articles and books, as thinking without awareness. How about you? Do you know well as through extensive lectures. In fact, scious consent? Some people are horrified at this prospect Keep in mind that for many people consciousness means they are aware of "verbal" thoughts—sometimes called sub- Remember that real understanding and ability often require a muscular memory vocal thinking—going through their minds.

This gives them tual "understanding. It is easy to learn without the conscious realization that we are learning. In fact, y o u have been doing just that this M a n y individuals severely limit themselves from improving their lives because they only evaluate them- whole time, haven't you?

Energized Hypnosis - A Non-Book for Self Change

Knowledge and change are successes. If this has ever been y o u , remember the soldiers not always dependent on verbal understanding. Remem- who make things happen without ever worrying about their ber the story about the young boy who was able to per- verbal skills. Y o u may also be pleasantly surprised that as your self- To repeat: understanding increases along w i t h the other changes y o u When there is a conflict between levels, the level that are making, your ability to communicate verbally also wins out is usually the one that is closest to the emotional increases.

Another very important thing that we know: most mind-body communication is non-verbal. This explains w h y simple positive thinking is not suffi- How might this work? Say you decide to lose weight. You are cient to cause radical or permanent change in the short not fully aware that at times being overweight brought you term. Positive thinking is not thinking at all, it is simply attention So now you start the diet and drop 10 pounds, but in two weeks find that you gained 15 pounds.

This is a result of conflicting levels of intention and desire, so Positive thinking does have its place. You remember that a unless you get down there and UNDO it, your conscious inten- part of your mind responds powerfully to your internal tion will be overridden by the deeper levels.

If you wish to subjective experience. Therefore it makes sense to use your UNDO your deeper levels, tap twice with your favorite ability to think and to imagine, to picture what you want. This finger; if you don't wish to UNDO your deeper levels, smile would be better called positive imagining—which would and shake your head yes. The concepts that are learned and programmed at dif- ferent levels may be in conflict. We can return to the earlier Most individuals have conflicted feelings about certain example, where a young child learns that it is useful to issues. Survival w i l l almost always supersede a skill like orga- tween verbal and non-verbal responses.

The most obvious nization or punctuality. Your higher rational brain clearly is saying yes while m o v i n g the head ever-so-slightly to understands that being organized and on time is useful, yet indicate no. This is called incongruency, and researchers the lower brain, w h i c h was imprinted and developed first, have long k n o w n that these non-verbal reactions often has more influence on how y o u feel.

Even though you indicate deeper attitudes and structures. These structures know that y o u w o u l d be more successful if organized, the are usually out of conscious awareness and control, and part of you that is "taking care of survival" has a different often sabotage conscious intention. This should shine some perception of how to be successful —the old pattern. Verbal communication alone is not sufficient to cause change and, in many instances, is unnecessary.

Getting in touch w i t h one's feelings and beginning to use them as information is also important. This is often referred to as emotional intelligence, instinct and gut feeling. It is important to be able to differentiate instinct from struction of meaning, and brain functioning when y o u rumination. Rumination is the random thinking that goes may not been expecting to. Most people do not distinguish between the emotions and use your new information to make new decisions, you that are caused by rumination and the feelings they have will have new and different feelings instead of the old ones.

A s you remember that feeling different is ok, you may find that the new feelings that begin b u i l d i n g are the long- When your brain is ruminating, you can rest assured that awaited ones such as personal power, relief, freedom, joy some deeper emotion is driving the thoughts. If you stop the and self-esteem. When you Verbal communication is not the language of habit or translate the answer into simple language you may see that the language of the body. Every thought causes a reaction in the body and every There are many reasons why you ruminate, but here's body-reaction and sensation creates thought.

These one of the most important: you believe that if you realize an thoughts may not make any sense to you—at least not to emotion fully, you must act on it and most of these kind of your conscious m i n d. Each one is connected to a set dangerous now. Children have a hard prefer to forget. One way to at a deeper level, and in adults often express themselves as effect change and communicate w i t h your deeper levels ruminations.

Have some fun even if y o u are unhappy and see what happens. W h e n you are sad, put on some fun music and H o w do y o u learn to distinguish instinct from rumina- dance. Smile w i t h all of your might for two minutes or tion? Y o u watch and practice. Y o u learn about how y o u pretend to laugh. A " r a n d o m " thought or emotion may tell work; then, when things are happening you can stop your- you a lot. Y o u also need to accept your feelings—not make them Behavioral experimentation is a great way to commu- illegal—and honor that communication.

U s i n g your nicate to your deeper levels that change is desired. It is rationality and figuring out where they come from, y o u important to first differentiate between subjective and w i l l be able to stop them before they get too big. They are objective reality. W a l k i n g along the ledge of a tall building like a fire alarm. Train your attention so IT doesn't geti should create some fear and anxiety.

That is the useful func- stuck on it, and IT can be pointed toward the process and tion of fear.

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H a v i n g this fear w h e n stepping off a curb may what y o u really want. In this case, talking and talking From this point now y o u are informed and can begin about your fear w i l l probably not do much for y o u or to use your rational m i n d to make better decisions. This is others. At that time you must realize about yourself, you may begin to think of new things you that they are possessed, as if by a demon.

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What do you do? These will be the types of actions that you Either do nothing and watch; or, if you dare, pinch them. These can be your behavior experi- circle. Write these ideas down in your notebook. I would have clients run around the block until they were exhausted and then allow them to go deeper and Y o u may want to try these out in real life; or a part of deeper until the demon would be exorcised. Once our psycho-physiology is going in that direction, M a n y people have found that some of the things they it influences our ability to concentrate, our ability to recall learn as they heal and evolve are not new, but remembered.

This in turn creates objective "proof" It's as if a part of y o u has k n o w n all along that deep down that our initial "belief" is true, thus creating a self-fulfilling you are just fine, and u p o n realizing this wondered h o w prophecy. W h y are self-fulfilling prophecies self-fulfilling?

C o u l d this be your fidelity to an unhappy person of your past? A young man prepares to give a talk to a large audience for Sometimes people refuse to be happy because? Do y o u the first time. Inside his mind he pictures the audience staring at him with bored and disapproving scowls. Inside his mind he hears O u r ability to think and imagine can create problems in their comments about how terrible he is.

By the time he and of itself. We must constantly strive to remember that reaches the podium, his heart rate has increased, his blood our subjective reality is our own creation. As he starts to W h e n we create disasters, monsters and worst-case speak, he has difficulty remembering the name of the person scenarios inside our m i n d , the rest of us responds accord- who introduced him, and his internal dialogue starts to ingly, and then we experience the feelings that prove it. Soon he starts fumbling his papers and drops To repeat: them on the floor, which further become "evidence" of his inability.

When we create disasters, monsters and worst-case He barely makes it through, and decides that he is a scenarios inside our mind, the rest of us responds accord- terrible public speaker. This is the common self-fulfilling prophecy. The solu- tion is to catch the process as soon as you can, and change it around to the way y o u want it to be.

One way to change it is through imagining. After all, it is your m i n d , and y o u can use it however realize that they were grossly inaccurate. If y o u don't you want. It takes the same amount of energy to imagine success as it Your ability to "imagine" that you have a problem w i l l does failure. Every time you imagine failure once you may send you on a mission to " f i x " it. Your ability to declare yourself "not ok" w i l l send you The young man in the story above can also picture the on a journey to get back to "ok. He could picture himself behaving in a powerful and The problem is only a problem because you created it graceful manner, as he hears the compliments and praise of and labeled it in your m i n d — a n d then forgot that you d i d his audience.

Thus, the problem exists only in your perception that Since these internal processes influence your brain, something about you is inherently wrong, bad or broken. Does it? Failure is often fidelity— problem—the destination of " o k " or "good enough"—is based on the presupposition that something is inherently " w r o n g. Maybe y o u solved and is the destination that can never be reached.

If never thought of this before, and most likely no one ever you are searching and struggling to find your way to the told y o u that you can do this. A n d a part of y o u , deep down, knows that this is so. I call the realization and experience of this "coming home" Another way to change self-fulfilling prophecies is or, sometimes, creative infidelity. They say that "acting as if" is not "real" or "genuine. After all, how can you act one w a y and feel another? The answer is, you just do it.

Energized Hypnosis: A Non-Book for Self Change by Christopher S. Hyatt

Hey, w h o says y o u can't? The person you have been—your traditional and habitual self—is no more real than any other self you could be. The only thing that makes it seem real is Yes, most feelings are simply habits. Every Behavior Has Served A Useful Purpose Every self-defeating behavior and belief has at one time or another served a useful purpose.

It is good to stop for a moment and let this sink i n. Every behavior was, at one time and place, in your best estimate at that time, set up for a useful purpose. Behind the useful purpose is a very noble intention: you were operating in your own best interest with the re- sources you had at the time to protect yourself and meet your own needs. Y o u have gained more knowledge, insight and experience since then. Your brain has devel- oped more.

Your willingness to be curious, although latent, is curiously stronger. Right now is the best time to re-explore old beliefs, ideas Time-bound material is literally fixed at the time it was cre- and concepts because you have never been older or more ated and often feels like it is the "real" you You may find a experienced or more insightful than you are right now. You challenge here the time-bound material may not want can decide for yourself now if the old limiting behaviors and to be brought up to the present—you will know this when a beliefs are the ones that you want, or that they can use some lot of anxiety is present.

In this sense, anxiety is useful since it updating. Invoke a most pleasant memory and attach it to the anxiety There are causal chains that are N O W untrue, although If you do this a number of times, pleasure will take the place at one time they felt like they were true and appeared to be of anxiety and you will be surprised—the time-bound useful.

The important thing to remember is that there is a difference between unaccept- An example is a woman who had great difficulties in able behavior and a useful purpose. She remembered Smoking, for example, may have served the purpose of that when she was 12 her mother told her that sex was reducing tension, allowing y o u to do otherwise stressful dangerous and evil. The purpose behind this communica- things. It may have made you feel socially acceptable at tion was to protect her from pregnancy and social rejection one time, or may have been an indicator of becoming a from peers.

While the behavior of smoking has now become But in the mother's attempt to protect her, she forget to unacceptable to you, reducing stress, being socially accepted communicate that what she said was useful only while her and being an adult are still useful and desirable.

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The daughter was young and vulnerable, and not when she important thing now is to reduce stress and improve social was older and more capable of discrimination. Remember: interaction w i t h more useful and personally acceptable past useful information and behaviors are always time and behaviors. Do y o u see how these neural bond chains keep space bound. Y o u might call this creative fidelity; however, Fifteen years later, the daughter's body was still react- N O W it is stale. She was also having great diffi- The funny thing about some deeper analytical levels is culty getting pregnant.

Once she realized that are not aware of deeper changes that have taken place, or her mother's communication was temporal time-space of the new possibilities. While many of the goals are the bound she began to relax and got pregnant easily. She same, the behaviors and thought sequences created back was able to realize the useful purpose of the communica- then often are no longer useful and sometimes limiting.

She realized that there are other, more appropriate ways to keep safe besides absti- nence, avoidance and guilt. But this girl-woman was faith- ful to her time-bound messages as well as to the image of her "mother" as omnipotent. What this means to y o u is that y o u can choose to give up may seem to remove y o u from the equation, but y o u are your self-defeating behavior now without giving up the use- the one who ends up suffering.

The flip side to this is that ful purpose. What this means to you is that you can choose to give up your self-defeating behavior now without giving up the Guilt and Other Intrusive Monsters: useful purpose. Behind every guilt feeling there are beliefs—yes, not just This way, you won't have to worry about internal con- one or two but many Put this non-book down for a flicts.

Resistance to change comes from the part of you that is moment or two, don't go deep, just touch the surface and holding onto the useful purpose, but is not yet convinced that the feel. Sooner or later some beliefs will pop up and then you new behavior will satisfy that purpose. Once y o u fully realize can analyze them critically. In another chapter you will find this, y o u can easily decide what behaviors y o u can begin energized exercises that will bring forth hidden beliefs, letting go of, and what new behaviors you can put in their thoughts and feelings.

You might jump to that now—or place—behaviors that meet your useful purposes even simply continue on— better. The important thing to remember is that there is a There are two common behavioral patterns people difference between unacceptable behavior and a useful develop to combat their perceived lack of control. One is to purpose. This entails forcing yourself, others and your environ- You might choose to think of things like excessive emotional ment to conform to your conscious desires.

Most often this reactions—fear and anxiety, procrastination and co-depen- attempt results in your being brought to your knees and dency—as behaviors, as things that you are doing, instead of humbled by those factors which w i l l not succumb to your things that always "just happen" to you. By developing the efforts. This then requires a more outrageous version of the perspective that these reactions are not external or random faulty response to regain your position on top, thus will allow you to gain control over them and replace them reinforcing the problematic patterns and beliefs.

The other common pattern is to become a victim of To repeat: your past experiences, your situation, or other people—or all of the above. What this means to you is that you can choose to give Sooner or later y o u w i l l become a terminal victim, up your self-defeating behavior n o w without giving up believing that y o u have absolutely no power or ability to the useful purpose which hides behind the behaviors.

It is very common to think that behavioral and emo- This response becomes self-fulfilling very quickly, and tional reactions are "caused" by things outside of your creates plenty of evidence that reinforces these patterns control, things such as situational and environmental fac- and beliefs. Y o u also tend to end up under the feet of those tors and, especially, other people. This belief only acts as a who have the aggressor's response. If other things and people are doing things to y o u , Either response is ineffectual and limiting, and contin- then it is not your fault and not your responsibility.

I imagine that you can yourself to reach your goals and live the life that y o u really find in your memory a few people who remind y o u of want. After as victims and then used that awareness to create extraordi- all, right now is the best time, isn't it or maybe not—maybe nary lives for themselves, overcoming all odds.

Dave Pelzer, yesterday was better, but what about tomorrow? It is highly likely that you can find someone who has had a similar experience If yesterday was better than tomorrow and today was to yours, and who was able to decide to evolve anyway. More often than not y o u w i l l find mixed types w h o As y o u read along and use the C D s and D V D s , y o u switch between the aggressor and the victim. This type has w i l l have the opportunity to explore this further and begin sometimes been referred to as being "either at your throat to make adjustments.

A s hew thoughts and ideas begin to or at your feet. Y o u might look at it as a loop: y o u change the envi- While it is true that external factors may serve as the ronment and the environment changes you. Remember trigger, and may have been the reason y o u developed the that you are the part of the equation that you have the patterns and beliefs in the first place, your patterns are still most control and influence over.

By changing yourself first, your o w n creation, and your reactions are still your o w n your environment w i l l begin to change as well. Also doing. It may not be your "fault" but now it is your respon- remember that we have more influence over external and sibility.

It is up to you to decide which things are no longer situational factors than we are used to imagining, and y o u serving you and drop them. The good news is, you are free to can learn to have even more—because y o u have already, change your style at any time. Or is being faithful to failure that haven't y o u. To repeat:. You may not like the carpeting in your home. It may be old, What this means to you is that you can choose to give dirty and an odd color.

But what about yesterday, when it was Most likely you don't want anyone else to see it either. When you actually think about it, it might even "make" As you begin to develop new associations and beliefs you feel bad. Remember that you can change it. This is not a sign that it is not w o r k i n g or that y o u are not learning. It is a natural part of the process of change.

When The solution is to begin to become aware of your limit- the old behavior appears, simply observe it and be respect- ing beliefs, behaviors and patterns. Acknowledge and take ful. Do not judge it or in any other way be cruel to it. Just full responsibility for them. Let yourself off the hook, stop as y o u have learned to watch your feelings, simply watch.

In a moment or two it w i l l recede into the background as it continues to undergo constructive re-formulation. As y o u gain more experience, your sense of power w i l l increase. Whether you w i s h to change a belief or a behav- ior, engage it at its o w n level of communication—and always remember to be respectful to yourself—even to your Chapter 8 most hideous qualities.

This was one of the major secrets of the ancients Self-change does not follow easily after self-depreca- tion and in a climate of self-hate.

Y o u want to cooperate with those parts of you, and you want their cooperation. The Learning Since some of your most powerful and emotional learnings were acquired before the age of 7, we urge y o u to treat yourself with the respect, kindness and understanding you Perspective would show a young child who is learning something new, or who is upset about something that has happened to them.

Y o u are a learning machine. It is the nature of the organism. The goal of learning is just that The goal of learning or any new endeavor for that matter is not perfection on the first try, but continued evaluation and improvement. This is w h y it is important to be kind to yourself as you evaluate and learn. If y o u aren't, learning can be emotionally painful—which is w h y most people never do it, and w h i c h is w h y most people remain stuck for their entire lives. How faithful are you to success? They didn't learn how to learn—which is how to do self- analysis—and find out what worked and what didn't, and then make the appropriate changes and adjustments as you go.

Remember, for every negative self-statement, you may do two positive self-acts. You might be wondering why there is so much emphasis on learning. Learning is a process. We are a process, and a work in progress. Nothing in this universe is static. It is all always moving, always changing. The important difference is that none of these atomic particles and struc- tures feel bad about this. Only humans do this. This brings us to a very important discussion, so pay Science alert: In the field of physics, they have discovered close attention.

While it is no secret, it is so observer. Example: One would normally say "the ball is red. A physicist would say "the ball appears to reflect the red Those people who have a bad time at life seem to be spectrum of light under certain conditions in a specific time "metaphysical generalizes. It seems as though success in life is inversely pro- based on the perception of the observer. Be careful not to portional to the amount of metaphysical generalizing one turn this observation into metapuke.

Metaphysical generalizing refers to the process of So what, y o u may ask. Y o u may not even like science observing the actions and behaviors of your self and then or didn't think y o u did. But, if you take what is k n o w n assigning a value judgment and label to it. Once this pro- from science, and apply it to yourself, you end up w i t h cess is started and believed i n , it becomes what is often something very valuable. It means that the labels you have given yourself and Metaphysical generalizers put things into broad, global the labels others have given y o u and which y o u agreed to categories: are not " i n y o u , " but are in your perception of yourself.

Others are fundamentally good. Others are fundamentally no good. A simple example: remember when y o u were a young 3. Sometimes others are good and sometimes no good. H o w is that any differ- value and worth of my self as an i n d i v i d u a l human ent than those other things that you have said about your- being No wonder people hesitate, avoid, procrastinate, self?

So what then "makes" something true? We have dis- We are constantly torn between our factual existence cussed earlier that our "feelings" do not make things true, and our infinite capacity to imagine and fantasize. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? At Tom's vigorous words Professor Bumper's forces were energized into action, and he stated: "Fortunately we have plenty of excavating tools. View in context. Cusi said in his speech that only 50 percent of the sitios in the region are energized.

Philippines : Duterte launches P However, while it is clear that organisms can detect EMFs, less well understood is how these animals respond behaviorally to this stimulus, and concerns have been raised regarding how these organisms might interact with energized subsea cables 1.

Artemio Bacoco, northern subarea department manager of Benguet Electric Cooperative Beneco , said the cooperative had planned to install electricity in 50 Benguet schools since , but only four schools had been energized.