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What really keeps them coming back is the generosity of spirit baked into everything from the performances to the intricate production design. Club list. The basic premise is science runs amok fiction: an eccentric makeover of atomic-age anxieties. But South Korean visionary Bong Joon-ho juggles multiple tones and genres, stuffing a seriocomic family portrait down the gullet of a throwback kaiju movie, then dousing the whole thing in withering social critique.

What a masterful mindfuck of a movie. Inventively made on a modest budget, Looper helped Johnson score a pretty plum gig; his next project is a little movie called The Last Jedi. The result is equal parts grimy fable and post-apocalyptic action movie, powered by a soulful lead performance by Captain America himself, Chris Evans. In the same year that also brought sensationalist, instantly dated technophobe narratives like Hackers , Johnny Mnemonic , and The Net , Ghost In The Shell manages to render the digital infosphere at once mundane and liberating, an agent of change to be anticipated, protected, and exploited.


But Donnie Darko also leavens these with moments of absurdist black comedy never doubt its commitment to Sparkle Motion as well as a surprisingly moving story about a family trying to cope with mental illness. One is a human soldier Michael Biehn thrown back in time to protect a diner waitress named Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton , the other an unstoppable machine Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to kill her; their paths will eventually cross on a dance floor.

Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day , he becomes a better man and in this case, a better soldier through repetition, while also falling in love with the badass comrade Emily Blunt, going full Sigourney who forgets him after each reset.

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Wriggling larvae, blue-tipped orchids, fatted sows, a couple with a bond on the molecular level: Director, writer, producer, star, editor, cinematographer, soundtrack composer, and presumptive orange slice-bringer Shane Carruth takes far more interest in rendering the pieces of this vivid puzzle with stunning clarity than fitting them together for us.

The audience instead processes this enigma on experiential, even spiritual terms. One of the most rousing and financially successful blockbusters of the s plunks three scientists and a couple of pesky kids in a theme park where cloned dinosaurs have been let loose in a perfect storm of hubris and greed. From the city that put America on wheels, then automated itself out of work, comes the future of law enforcement: a tragic hero whose resurrection and redemption are encased in Detroit steel.

And that is what makes it dangerous. Its only concern is to normalize the religion of the new flesh, its violence a capsule that helps install the philosophy deeper in the brain. This very nebulousness is what makes Videodrome still so resonant, and indeed so dangerous on its own. Like Renn, we watch on despite these warnings, the screen flickering too seductively to turn away. With T2 , fans had to settle for something different: the platonic ideal of summer blockbusters, a peerless big-budget entertainment with brains, brawn, and soul to spare.

Time has been kind to Starship Troopers , just as Starship Troopers has been very unkind to our time. These days, the tongue-in-cheek politics of the film—a bunch of kids from a futuristically Caucasian version of Buenos Aires enthusiastically head into a slaughterous battle against giant alien bugs who may not have intentionally instigated any conflict—veer from darkly funny to plainly chilling. Look no further than the late-movie sight of then-fresh-faced Neil Patrick Harris done up in Third Reich-style duds—a total Paul Verhoeven move that no longer feels as out-there as it did during its initial release.

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The dirty secret of Starship Troopers is that plenty of it does work on a surface level: if not as a feat of ensemble acting, certainly as an intensely gory and quotable Aliens riff plus Jake Busey. The gnashing war-movie sensations fuel the satire, and vice versa.

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Planted at the nexus of thrilling and thought-provoking, Minority Report towers over most of them. Working from a novella by Ted Chiang, Blade Runner director Denis Villeneuve retells the familiar story of an alien appearance here on earth, only with the far more plausible premise that these strange creatures would have no fucking clue how to talk to us.

Bolstered by uniformly strong performances Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner do some of their best work here , Arrival tackles a tired subject in a fresh way, emphasizing the need for communication above all else. In the annals of mad science, has a god-playing genius ever regretted his own hubris more than Seth Brundle regrets his?

Geena Davis, in a star-is-born performance, makes that horror palpable, while Jeff Goldblum, emoting fiercely under pounds of amazing prosthetics, plugs the audience into this crucible of mind-and-body deterioration, infecting us with his fear and disgust and scientific wonder.


Many other movies have tried to capture the feelings of isolation and terror that Invasion of the Body Snatchers instills but very few of them are able to capture the terrifying totality of an alien takeover. We're going to be honest with you. Lost in Space is a mediocre film at best that received apocalyptically bad reviews. Here's a choice quote from The Washington Post review: "A galactic slump of a movie that stuffs its travel bag with special effects but forgets to pack the charm.

But we say that perception is unfair. Yes, Lost in Space is a strangely deadly serious adaptation of a fun, campy '60s family show.

From Alien to The Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film

Still, it's kind of Watch it for yourself and see how advanced the set and costume designs are for a "bad" '90s film. That's not even to mention the unexpectedly modern reliance on time travel as a plot point. Ignore the wooden dialogue as much you can and appreciate a movie that at the very least produced some very cool toys. Technically the entire Matrix "trilogy" is on Hulu as well so consider this three movies if you will but I imagine most of us will be more interested in The Matrix as a singular entity.

The Matrix 's impact has been diluted by more than a decade's worth of frail imitators that could even include the sequels and that's a shame because as a science fiction film it's a masterpiece. The story of Neo Keanu Reeves and his Alice in Wonderland -like journey into learning the truth about reality is endlessly fascinated. The first Matrix sequel, The Matrix Reloaded that's a really dumb title now that I think of it certainly doesn't reach the highs of the original but is a worthwhile and exciting science fiction yarn in itself.

It's different from the final chapter in the series in that it actually is still invested in depicting events in the Matrix itself. We get to meet some interesting new characters or computer programs as it were within the alternate reality that constitutes the matrix and in the process also get one of the cooler car chases in recent memory. It's not even so much a chase as it is a full scale war on a highway. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. Best Science Fiction Movies on Hulu Hulu's collection of science fiction films is growing each month.

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    Things to ponder: How is the issue of pollution control shown in the film? Ex Machina Things to ponder: What qualities did the A. I share to the protagonist? I, unlike humans?

    From Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film by Roz Kaveney (Paperback, 2005)

    What questions of ethics arise from the portrayal of how Ava is treated? Minority Report How does technological make life easier but also act as a double-edged sword? Her Things to ponder: Are computers capable of human behaviour and human thought? How does the relationship that Theodore shares both illogical and inconsistent to his surroundings?

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