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A collection of black and white photographs of scenic sites and identifiable landmarks in Hawaii.

Chapter 33 - Coal Resources

Images are from a variety of albums and scrapbooks acquired by or donated to the University of Hawaii Library Hawaiian Collection. If captions or notes were available those have been used to "title" the photos. Descriptive titles were provided when no captions or notes were present. Scans from a collection of about 1, survey maps on microfiche.

In late she began work as a civilian employee of the United States Trust Territories Administration. She also spent time at the Trust Territory headquarters in Hawai'i. Margo Duggan's photographs document an important moment in the history of Micronesia, as the various island nations emerged from the life and death struggles of World War II and began the process of….

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The Steve Thomas Traditional Micronesian Navigation Collection is comprised of unpublished papers, audiovisual and photographic materials including oral history transcripts and 35mm slides , publications and miscellaneous items related primarily to traditional navigation on the Western Carolinian island of Satawal, which is located within Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. Also contains other memorabilia of her Los Angeles-Hawaii round-trip such as cruise ship menus and programs, map, passenger lists, postcards, telegram, and baggage tag. Additional photographs and newspaper clippings also added to scrapbook after the completion of the trip.

Today, the collection is rich in resources about South Asia from the 18th, 19, and 20th centuries, and filled with treasures on a variety of subjects, including history, travel writing, and literature. The main images of the lantern slides at this site are lives of those immigrants to Americas, mainly to Brazil, in late 19th and early 20th century. Henry P. Edmunds and William A. Bryan were both photographers of the early 20th century. Although they lived very different lives, they shared the experience of Rapanui, or Easter Island, during the early s.

Each took remarkable photographs documenting Rapanui's archaeological wonders and everyday life, several of which are presented here. For more information about the photographers, the provenance of this collection click here. A glossary is also available. Edmunds' photographs. Treasures from the Library are located in all collections.

A page catalog Making connections : treasures from the University of Hawai'i Library was published for the exhibition. Some print copies are available for purchase from the University of Hawai'i Library. Full text of the item descriptions are available for download from Scholarspace, the Library's…. Douglas Oliver Feb. Between and , he was a research associate on the staff of Harvard's Peabody Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology.

Between and , Oliver conducted research on Bougainville, among the Siwai a.

Proximate Analysis - Handbook of Coal Analysis - Wiley Online Library

Siuai people. The majority of these images derive from that period, and were donated to the Pacific Collection following Dr. Oliver's death in Oliver, ". This is a collection of over thirty aerial photographs of Hawaii in the s and the s taken by the U. Army Air Corps. The images contained in this online collection are digital reproductions of materials in several distinct art and photograph collections, covering a range of geographic regions and time periods. Taken as a whole, these collections document many facets of life in the Pacific during World War II, from the brutal and the tragic to the mundane.

A note about photo captioning: In cases where images had previously been captioned, either by their creators or by the various agencies that produced the images, those captions have been reproduced verbatim on this site. In some cases, this text is offensive to modern sensibilities; however, it is preserved here for historical purposes.

Ultimate and Proximate coal analysis in Hindi

Commercial use of…. The photographs appear to date from the early 's.

Handbook of Coal Analysis

They may have been collected by Will[iam? William E. Skinner, bookkeeper for the Hawaiian Electric Co.

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Caywood lately of Somerset Ohio" Read article…. Our collection houses various types of posters, from socio-political, environmental, to radio and TV promotion. This collection of posters covers the late s to 70s. There are a wide variety of topics dealing with film, children, travel, architecture, Copernicus, economics, printing, graphics, folklore, archeology, and WWII commemoration. This collection of images is based on the slide images and research material produced and gathered by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond in The binder contains a dedication page which reads:This project is dedicated to Don Anderson.

His lifes work has been devoted to the collection, propagation, identification, and preservation of kalo. I thank him for his support and willingness to share his knowledge. Goad Company of London. The stories of other publishers, for the most part, have not been adequately told. The West, includ[ing] Hawaii, had a number of individuals and institutions which produced insurance plans.

Dakin was in existence from about until the early 's, and actively produced insurance maps from its beginning until the second decade of the 20th Century. Images scanned from slides of flowers, seeds, leaves, plants used in making Hawaiian lei.

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Research materials on the anatomy of the pineapple, Ananas cosmosus L. Original research files from Beatrice R. Merr Merr. Coal is one of the world's most abundant primary energy sources. Real-time coal analysis technology is imperative for coal blending, combustion optimization, pollution reduction, and pricing. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS has been a promising candidate for coal analysis because of its uniquely fast, in situ , and online capabilities.

Coal is a sedimentary rock with a complex and heterogeneous composition, and therefore, laser—coal interaction exhibits multiple phenomena. A systematic study of the experimental conditions required for stable coal—plasma formation and evolution is a headway for enhancing LIBS results. In coal-fired power plants, LIBS offers three installation sets, namely, inline, at-line, and offline, with minimal space requirements and ease of retrofit. Moreover, LIBS is a safer technique with lower installation and maintenance costs and fits the concern of coal-fired power plants for multielemental detection in fast records.

Coal analysis mainly includes calorific heat value determination, proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, and other related analyses. LIBS data is handled with continuously developing mathematical and statistical modeling techniques to provide the smart extraction of the required spectral information for coal analysis. In this tutorial review, we summarize the previous research contributions utilizing LIBS for coal analysis, including fundamentals and key factors, operation modes, data processing, and analytical results.

Over and above, LIBS contribution in fly ash analysis and certain literature concerning combustion diagnostics might be included to present a simple guideline for researchers interested in LIBS applications for coal utilization. The article was received on 16 Jan , accepted on 21 Feb and first published on 22 Feb If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center.

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Coal analysis by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: a tutorial review

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