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Chapter 2: Kinematics and Kinetics Introduction

In an oral assessment, every student shall be able to present and answer questions about the entire assignment and solution. SG Biomechanics of Human Movement 7.

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Kinematic Analysis of Human Movement - ISTE

Further analysis aimed to integrate these datasets to provide a clinical picture of body position in both the trunk and lower limbs. The findings support the hypothesis that there are inherent differences in movement patterns between healthy and hLBP subjects. The results revealed the use of an upper body-focused strategy in the healthy cohort for balance control. Specifically, this involved activation of the erector spinae and external oblique muscles, thus resulting in a significantly smaller range of motion at the lumbar spine.

Kinematic analysis of human movement.

The hLBP cohort implemented a lower limb-focused strategy, relying on activation of the semitendinosus and soleus muscles. Based on the findings in this study, further work is recommended to 1 better refine the spinal model, 2 compare hLBP subjects to patients acutely suffering from LBP, and 3 investigate a wider range of muscles to more robustly investigate muscle synergies.

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