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One of the reasons was. As often as not the latter, or their families, had lived for many years in Java, and they were destined, when they had completed their studies in The Netherlands, to pass one or more decades of 'their active life in the ,tropics in the service of Government, the Christian Missions or the Bible Society. The Archipelago was their second home country. Some familiarity with things Indonesian was found in several circles of society in The Netherlands before the second world war, and information though not always scholarly and exact was supplied by quite a number of books and periodicals.

For this reason it was thought superfluoU's to encumber specialistic books like catalogues of manuscripts with maps and general information which could be found easily elsewhere, for instance in the Dutch "Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch-Indie". As circumstances have changed it is. Also includes some translations of children's literature from French, Danish, and German. Fontaine, Robert : see Blassingame, Lurton. Foster, Genevieve Stump, Finding aid Papers, s Ax 5 boxes, 1 pkg. Collection includes finished drawings for published books and preliminary sketches and overlays for color illustrations, mostly American history books, There is also some early artwork, ss, correspondence, plus printed reviews, photographs, and memorabilia.

Franchere, Ruth Myers. Includes manuscripts, galley proofs, and research notes for six books, and correspondence with publisher Thomas Y. Frankenberg, Robert, Finding aid Illustrations, Artist, illustrator, and educator; illustrated children's books. Collection contains original artwork for books and an explanation of his methods and procedures, written by Mr. Frazier, Neta L. Friermood, Elizabeth Hamilton, Finding aid Manuscripts, Includes original manuscripts and related material for nine books.

Fritz, Jean Guttery, Manuscripts, Author of historical books and biographies for young people.

Evolution of Fairy Tales

Includes original manuscripts and associated material for three books. Garelick, May, Editor and author. Garelick was born in Vobruisk, Russia; her family immigrated to the United States when she was nine months old. She was married to Marshall McClintock, also an author. Her career was in the publishing industry, where she worked for publishers such as the William R. Scott Company and E. Most of her books were written on nature subjects, and were written as responses to questions posed to her by children. The collection includes manuscripts and related materials for 11 of Garelick's books.

Minor correspondence with editors and publishers spans the years Also included are five published volumes. Gates, Doris, Children's author, librarian, and educator. She is best known for her juvenile novels, Blue Willow and Sensible Kate. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts of books, short stories and articles, radio scripts, and Ginn and Company textbook work.

Several of the published volumes are German, Swedish, and Danish translations of Gates' books. Don H. Smith Collection of Doris Gates Correspondence, Gishler, Pearl : see Lenniger Literary Agency. Glaser, William C. Ax 55 boxes, 11 solander cases, vols. The Glasers were printers of children's books; they worked closely with illustrators to achieve superior color reproductions. Also included are job order files, , business records, and subject files. Gramatky, Hardie, Ax 2 boxes, 7 solander cases, 1 drawer; 9 linear ft.

Includes manuscripts, original artwork, and related material for books and magazines, tearsheets and books from the Ellsworth Elephant series, and correspondence with Walt Disney Productions and G. Putnam's Sons. Also includes sketchbooks and workbooks. Greenwillow Books. Business files, Gurney, Nancy Jack, A Author of books for children. Hader, Berta Hoerner, , and Elmer Stanley, Ax 6 boxes, 33 solander cases, 2 folios, 8 pkg. Authors and illustrators of books for children.

The papers include manuscripts and original illustrations for books including The Big Snow , ; original Christmas cards designed by the Haders to send to their friends; miscellaneous artwork; correspondence, ; family papers; and reviews. Haenigsen, Harry William, Finding aid Papers, Ax 5 boxes, 7 pkg. Cartoonist, illustrator and artist. He also provided editorial cartoons for magazines and produced many magazine illustrations.

The collection contains original artwork for cartoons, including "Our Bill" and "Penny"; tearsheets, clippings, publicity, and business and personal correspondence. Hall, Rosalys Haskell, Finding aid Papers, Includes manuscripts and related material for six books, correspondence with editors, publishers and illustrators, reviews, and copies of published books.

Original illustrations and dummies for the Hall books are in the Kurt Werth collection. Hammond, Eleanor, Finding aid Papers.

A-Z Databases

The collection consists mainly of manuscripts of children's short stories written by Hammond. These include the following series: Dogs Worthy of Mention, Mr. Also included is a scrapbook of published and unpublished poems by Hammond, a copy of "The Obliging Clock" a children's operetta with the libretto written by Hammond , and 13 issues of Junior World containing stories and poems written by Hammond. Hawkins, Quail, Finding aid Papers, Children's author; lecturer and teacher of children's literature.

The collection contains correspondence, , book manuscripts, including Androcles and the Lion Coward-McCann, , plus manuscripts of short stories and articles, poetry, a musical play, photographs, clippings, illustrations, and published books. Heinlein, Robert Anson : see Blassingame, Lurton. Henderson, Le Grand, Author and illustrator, known especially for his "Augustus" series. His books were written using on his first name, Le Grand. The collection contains almost all Henderson's manuscripts, some illustrations, correspondence with publishers, unpublished materials, and subject files.

Also included is a copy of each published book. Hendrickson, David, Artist and illustrator of magazines and books for adults and children. He often used as background his knowledge of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and of California people and scenery. Collection contains magazine illustrations for Country Gentleman and Scribner's , among others; book illustrations; some correspondence; advertising illustrations; personal memorabilia; tearsheets; and clippings.

Henkes, Kevin : see Greenwillow Books. Herron, Edward A. Hickok, Lorena A. Hirschmann, Susan : see Greenwillow Books. Hoag, Edwin : see Blassingame, Lurton. Hoban, Tana : see Greenwillow Books. Hoehling, Adolph A.

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Hogan, Inez, Author and illustrator, known especially for her Nicodemus series and her animal stories. The collection includes some manuscripts, illustrations, correspondence, biographical and publicity material, and copies of her books. Hogner, Nils, , and Dorothy Childes Hogner. Ax 2 boxes, 4 solander cases, 1 folio, 1 drawer; 8 linear ft. Nils Hogner was a muralist and children's book illustrator, specializing in the illustration of nature books.

The papers consist of original illustrations done by Hogner, manuscripts, dummies, galley proofs, and related materials for books by author Dorothy Childes Hogner and others. Holberg, Ruth Langland, , and Richard Holberg, Ruth Holberg wrote many books for children and young people; Richard Holberg illustrated books for her and other authors. The papers consist of manuscripts of books, short stories, and poetry; research material; financial material; diaries, , , ; and correspondence with editors and publishers, particularly Jean Poindexter Colby, Thomas Y.

Crowell Co. Also included are the illustrations for Gloucester Boy , drawn by Richard Holberg. Holling, Holling Clancy, The collection comprises material for the book Pagoo Houghton Mifflin, , including manuscript drafts, final copy, galley proofs, publisher's dummy, correspondence with Houghton Mifflin, publicity, and reviews. Huntington, Harriet Elizabeth, Ax 6 boxes, 1 solander case; 9 linear ft. The collection includes manuscripts or dummies for several books, with text and photographs by Huntington.

Hyman, Trina Schart, Finding aid Illustrations, Collection includes illustrations and some related materials for books illustrated by Hyman for authors such as Jean Fritz, Elizabeth Coatsworth, and Paul Tripp. Also includes greeting cards and fable cards designed by Hyman. Hyndman, Robert : see Wyndham, Lee. Issler, Anne Roller : see Blassingame, Lurton. Jagendorf, Moritz Adolf, Playwright, folklorist, and lecturer. Includes correspondence, manuscripts of plays, short stories, and folktales, and research material relating to folklore.

Johnston, Dorothy Grunbock, Finding aid Papers, Ax 4 boxes; 6 linear ft. Northwest writer of books, stories and articles for religious publications, especially Sunday School weeklies. Includes manuscripts; correspondence, primarily with Scripture Press; published books; and published Sunday School lessons, Jones, Diana Wynne : see Greenwillow Books. J ones, Elizabeth Orton, Papers, Author and illustrator of books for children; Caldecott medal winner in for Prayer for a Child.

Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts for works by Jones and her mother, Jessie Orton Jones, original artwork, and published books. Jones, Harold, Finding aid Papers, Writer and freelance illustrator of books for children. The papers include book dummies, original illustrations, and letters from Walter de la Mare concerning the book This Year, Next Year London, , by de la Mare and Jones.

Joseph, James Herz : see Blassingame, Lurton. Joseph , Nannine, Ax 7 boxes; Also includes manuscripts for books, plays, short stories, articles, and poems; miscellaneous material; and published books. Kennell, Ruth Epperson, Finding aid Papers, Ax 9 boxes, 24 vol. Kennell was born in Oklahoma City. After the death of her father, she and her mother moved to the San Francisco Bay area.

She briefly attended the University of California at Berkeley in , then began her career as a children's librarian at the Richmond CA Public Library in Kennell worked as a reference librarian at the International Library in Moscow from , and in , she was selected to serve as secretary and guide to Theodore Dreiser during a tour of the Soviet Union. After returning to the United States, Kennell began writing books and short stories for children; these were often based in Russia.

The collection includes manuscripts and related material for books, short stories, articles, and screenplays, ; correspondence, ; miscellaneous materials; and 23 published books. Kjelgaard, James : see Blassingame, Lurton. Knight, Ruth Adams, Ax 6 boxes; 7 linear ft. Knight began her career as a reporter and feature writer for the Toledo Times. She began writing for radio in , creating her own series, "Brave Tomorrow," and she wrote for network programs, notably "Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories. The collection includes manuscripts of books, short stories, plays, and radio scripts.

Krauss, Robert G. Krautter, Elisa Bialk, Papers, Ax 3 boxes; 4. Includes manuscripts of 18 books by Krautter, correspondence with agents and publishers, publicity material, and fan mail. Lampman, Evelyn Sibley, Collection includes book manuscripts of books, short stories, plays, and radio scripts; reviews; printed material; and correspondence with publishers.

PMP Exam - Portfolios and Programs with Aileen

Land, Barbara : see Joseph, Nannine. Land, Myrick Ebben : see Joseph, Nannine. Lee, Manning de Villeneuve, Ax 5 boxes, 4 solander cases, 2 posters; Artist, writer, and editor. Includes original book and magazine illustrations by Manning Lee, book and article manuscripts and illustrations by Tina Lee, and correspondence with publishers.

Memorial University Libraries

Leighton, Margaret Carver , Finding aid Papers, Ax 4 boxes; 3 linear ft. Papers include manuscripts, galley proofs, related material, correspondence, and reviews of Leighton's books. Some correspondence is with Wilma K. McFarland, editor, Lenniger Literary Agency. Ax 73 50 boxes; The agency was founded by August Lenniger in The papers include company ledgers, , ad books, , and correspondence of August Lenniger and Edith Margolis with agency clients and publishers, Letters concern the editing and sales of manuscripts, requirements and house rules of publishers, the state of the literary market, and personal problems of writers.

Over published volumes are included in the collection. Lens, Sidney, : see Blassingame, Lurton. Levinger, Elma Ehrlich, Levinger was the wife of Lee Joseph Levinger. The papers consist of manuscripts of plays, novels, poems, and short stories, most of them related to or based on Jewish history and folklore. Also includes published pieces and biographical material. Lewiton, Mina : see Simon, Howard. Lovelace, Maud Hart, Papers, Author of books for children, including the Betsy-Tacy series. Includes materials related to Delos Wheeler Lovelace.

McGrady, Mike : see Blassingame, Lurton. Ax 15 boxes, 1 vol. Author of books for children and young adults. Includes the papers of William Corbin McGraw, author of books for children. The papers consist of correspondence, working notes and drafts, manuscripts, galleys, and published copies of books. Also includes working files prepared to teach courses on the writing of children's books. Machetanz, Sara Burleson, Finding aid Papers, Writer of books for children.

With her husband, Frederick, she has written books and produced films about Eskimo life in Alaska.


Includes manuscript fragments and related material for the book Howl of the Malemute , and an outline for Wood, Water and Dogs. Also includes letters, , and a diary, , written at Unalakeet, Alaska, describing experiences in an Eskimo village.

Table of contents

McLelland, Isabel Couper. Includes manuscripts and related materials for four books, correspondence with publisher Henry Holt and Co. Mansfield, Norma Bicknell, Finding aid Papers of Norma B. Ax 5 boxes; 5. The Mansfields were married in when they were students at the University of Michigan. They both wrote fiction and non-fiction for magazines. The papers consist of manuscripts of books and short stories, tearsheets, and correspondence with agents and editors. Chappell, Jr. Also includes biographical material. Marshall, James, Finding aid Papers, Author and illustrator of books for children, with a special focus on animals as leading characters in his stories.

The collection includes sketches, a holograph manuscript of "Yummers" with original ink drawings, correspondence and copies of six of the author's books. Mason, Arthur, Includes holograph manuscripts of novels and short stories, correspondence with agents and publishers, contracts, and reviews.

With the collection are the papers of Mrs.


Mary Frank Mason, consisting of manuscripts of children's stories, articles on children's literature and library service, and correspondence. Mason, Mary Frank : see Mason, Arthur. May, Charles Paul, Finding aid Papers, May was born in Bedford, Iowa, and educated at Drake University.

He has done editorial work for a variety of encyclopedias, and writes books for young children. Papers include book manuscripts on Canadian subjects and nature, published books, and correspondence with Macmillan Co. Martin's Press. Meltzer, Milton, Finding aid Papers, Ax 12 boxes; 17 linear ft. Meltzer was born in Worcester, Ma. He has been a reporter and magazine editor. He writes history books and biographies, particularly on the subject of the Negro in America.

The papers consist of book manuscripts, notes and correspondence with subjects and informants. Eric Lincoln. Mizner, Elizabeth Howard, Papers, Montgomery, Rutherford George, Papers, Ax 17 boxes, 1 solander case; He was a school teacher and county judge before beginning his writing career. He wrote nature and adventure stories for young people.

The papers consist of manuscripts of books, short stories, and screenplays. Shaw, P. Volland Co. Moore, Lillian. The papers consist of book manuscripts and related material, correspondence, reviews, fan letters, and published articles and books. Moore, Rosalie, Finding aid Papers, Poet and author of stories for young people. Includes manuscripts of poems, plays, and books, publications containing Moore's work, and published books. Correspondence is with poets, publishers, and award committees. See also Brown, William Louis.

Morey, Walter , Morey was born in Hoquiam, WA. He worked at various jobs and wrote pulp fiction stories before his first children's book, Gentle Ben , was published in He had 14 books for juveniles published, all focusing on animals, nature, and the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, before his death on January 12, The papers include manuscripts and related material for books and short stories; correspondence with agents, authors, and publishers; fan letters written by school children; magazines containing short stories by Morey; publicity material; and published books.

Morrison, Dorothy. Author of mainly historical works. Nathan, Adele Gutman : see Joseph, Nannine. Nathan, Dorothy Goldeen, d. Includes manuscript for one book, some published works, and correspondence, mainly with Random House, Newbery, Clare Turlay, Ax 3 solander cases, 2 posters; 6 linear ft.

Newbery was born in Enterprise, Ca. Until she did portrait work almost exclusively; thereafter she produced books and portfolios, about cats, for children. The collection includes original drawings, sketches and illustrations, three book dummies, and scrapbooks from childhood and early school days. Nickless, Will B. Finding aid Illustrations. Illustrator of children's literature, with focus on classics. Nolen, Barbara : see Strong, Barbara Nolen. O'Dell, Scott, Finding aid Papers, The collection consists of manuscripts, galley proofs, and related material for Cruise of the Arctic Star Houghton Mifflin, Also includes correspondence with Houghton Mifflin discussing many of O'Dell's books.

Ogle, Lucille, She was a contributor to the activities pages in publications such as Disney's Mickey Mouse magazine in the 's, and authored or co-authored ten books. The collection consists of book manuscripts, correspondence, material on the Western Publishing Company and its divisions Charles A. Merrill, Harper and Row, Golden Press, etc. The Golden Press material includes correspondence, manuscripts, book dummies, and illustrations for Little Golden Books by various authors. Also included is miscellaneous artwork and rejection letters. Orrmont, Arthur, : see Blassingame, Lurton.

Petersham, Maud Fuller, Finding aid Manuscripts and illustrations of Maud and Miska Petersham, Authors and illustrators. Includes original illustrations, book dummies, and proofs for books by the Petershams. Petersham, Miska, : see Petersham, Maud. Phelps, Naomi.

Ax 4 boxes; 2 linear ft. Collection consists of poems and short stories in manuscript, and research notes for a projected history of Idaho. Also includes a scrapbook of published works, correspondence, sayings related to the Church Mouse series, and a pamphlet, Briar Pipes New York, Pinkerton, Kathrene Sutherland, : see Pinkerton, Robert. Pinkerton, Robert Eugene, Robert Pinkerton was born in Arena, Wis. He was a reporter and news editor in Milwaukee. In he married Kathrene Gedney The couple moved to the Canadian wilds and wrote fiction and articles with outdoor or adventure themes, often for young readers.

Much of their early work appeared in pulp magazines. The papers consist of correspondence, tearsheets for short stories and articles, mainly from pulp and nature magazines. Also includes research notes and material, photographs, and published volumes, many of them Dutch and Swiss editions of Kathrene Pinkerton's books. All Help. About us. Bapst Library. Burns Library. Educational Resource Center. Law Library. Catherine O'Connor Library. O'Connor Library.

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