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Snow Caves — A snow cave is a temporary shelter dug into the snow to help protect winter campers from wind and cold temperatures. Snow caves are used by winter survivalists to prevent exposure and are also an excellent shelter for winter camping trips and are a fun recreational outdoor adventure. For winter campers, snow caves offer more protection than a tent and have a more consistent temperature, but they required a lot of work to build.

Even with practice, it takes at least a few hours to make a snow cave depending on the conditions and depth of the snow.

How to Build a Snow Cave

There are generally three ways to build a snow cave. If the snow is over 4 feet deep on the ground, you can dig down and into the snow or if you find a tall snow drift you can dig into the side of it. If the snow is not deep enough, you will need to pile snow at least 10 feet long 6 feet on the inside and 4 — 5 feet high and then dig in and hollow it out. Members-Only events are for members only. In order to make it easier for members to get in, we make some events members-only.

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    2 Days – 1 Night Snow Cave Tour For Beginners – Tundra Tours

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    These scouts were well-protected from the weather in this snow cave.

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    • Taking only some minimal tools, a piece of Plexiglas, machete and small shovel I started digging into the wall of snow next to the parking lot. Using the Plexiglas, I quickly outlined the width and height of the cave. Within 15 minutes I was about three feet into the bank. Another person working would have sped things up — I could have handed the snow blocks out more easily.

      Dual Survival- Snow Cave Refuge

      Once the desired depth and width was achieved, it would have been simple to dig out a trench in the middle for a cold well, thereby creating two benches for sleeping. But within half an hour, working alone, the cave was big enough for two people to take shelter from a storm.

      Blocking in the front to shelter the wind and cold was quick and easy. Covering the front with a tarp was also an option.

      2 Days – 1 Night Snow Cave Tour For Beginners

      With my space blanket and tarp from my Ten Essentials kit, and a candle to heat the interior, it would have been possible to survive a night out in the deep snow. It could even be reasonably comfortable! Like any survival technique, this should be tried and practiced before you consider a snow cave a viable survival shelter for you. And as important, be prepared to survive in an emergency snow environment.

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