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Stanworth is found dead in his library with a bullet hole in the centre of his forehead and a gun in his hand. Everyone believes he committed suicide, and there is a note to go along with it. But our wannabe detective is suspicious.

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He stretch It appears to be a typical suicide - or is it a locked room mystery? He stretches things to try and make it appear to be a murder, just because he wants it to be. Assisting him is Alexander Grierson, an old time friend of Roger and a newly engaged man. Will he concentrate on the murder or would he prefer to spend time with his fiancee?

The twists come hard and fast, but I swear I never saw the solution coming. I should have, but I didn't. Full marks for that! The entire story is written in a humorous vein with Roger forever berating Alexander for not behaving sufficiently like Watson. The cast of characters are typical for an English country house mystery I believe that should be genre of its own! This is Berkeley's first book and Sheringham's first case. Both are a winner! Jul 22, Orinoco Womble tidy bag and all rated it it was ok Shelves: ss , for-the-easily-entertained , mostly-harmless , not-up-to-standard , stonking-great-disappointment.

Granted, this was Berkeley's first novel, and granted that summer's heat has just arrived, making me lethargic and uninterested in much. However, I think it fair to warn you, Gentle Reader--this book is full to the brim of tell-not-show. The entire thing is related second- and third-hand. It's far too talky , and I sussed the killer in the first chapter or so.

It's been called "witty", but after the first few chapters the style began to pall on me. Style can't carry a novel, much less a mystery. The characters besides Sheringham and Grierson are background scribbles; aside from a few meals, and one or two conversations with Mrs Plant, the other guests are never seen after detection begins. Lady Stanworth withdraws to her room and is never seen again until the very end--in her own house? The business with the lattice windows had already been done, as well, by at least Christie. Berkely is not Christie; indeed not. And we won't even mention him in the same conversation with Miss Sayers!

I understand Berkeley has several novels to his credit. I hope they got better as he gained experience. I found this one confusing and dull at the same time. I also understand this one was published anonymously. Can't blame him for not wanting to take credit for it. It's not awful, it's just Jan 01, Liz rated it liked it. This is a mystery where the reader is kept informed of all of the evidence found by the "gentleman sleuth".

I still wasn't quite able to solve the murder completely, but did figure out a few things before he did. But my favorite lines in the book were: "Shall I hack some ham for you, or do you feel like a boiled egg? You do? It's a curious feeling, isn't it? Sedikit merasa de-ja-vu ketika membaca novel ini. Sampai derajat tertentu ada kesamaan dengan Trent's Last Case , tapi dalam hal lain ceritanya cukup original. Satu hal yang ingin saya katakan pada sang tokoh detektif, Roger Serringham : "How can you not see it, you old blighter!

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Full review menyusul. British author Anthony Berkeley 's detective Roger Sheringham -- annoying author, bon vivant, exceedingly supercilious, eminently curious, loquacious to a fault -- has been nearly forgotten.

What a dreadful shame! In The Layton Court Mystery , which first introduced Roger Sherinham to the world, Roger is invited to a house party in the country at the request of his cousin, A British author Anthony Berkeley 's detective Roger Sheringham -- annoying author, bon vivant, exceedingly supercilious, eminently curious, loquacious to a fault -- has been nearly forgotten.

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In The Layton Court Mystery , which first introduced Roger Sherinham to the world, Roger is invited to a house party in the country at the request of his cousin, Alec, who will also be a guest there. The host, Victor Stanworth, lavishly entertains his guests and then, in the wee hours of the morning, locks himself in the library and shoots himself -- or at least that's what the police believe.

Roger almost immediately begins to doubt the official view.

Anthony Berkeley Cox

Enlisting his cousin to be his Watson, Roger casts himself as Sherlock Holmes and begins investigating the matter himself. Drily humorous, Roger relies on imagination as much as on evidence to formulate this theories. Needless to say, Roger makes a few wrong turns before finally discovering who killed Victor Stanworth. In the meantime, he uncovers quite a few secrets that Stanworth's guests and staff would rathr have not come to light.

Berkeley never takes Roger too seriously, and you'll find yourself chuckling at Roger's boundless supply of theories -- and conceit. Like a terrier with a rat, Roger won't quit until he finds out exactly what happened at Layton Court. Warning: The Layton Court Mystery first appeared in , and the novel bears the crude sensibilities of that era, including one instance of anti-Semitism and a general condescending air toward the working classes.

If you can understand that Berkeley was a creature of his era, you will still be able to thoroughly enjoy this novel. Oct 19, Diane Hernandez rated it it was ok. While Berkeley is considered a "English golden age of mysteries" author like Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, this book was a disappointment to me.

Quindi 5 stelle meritate pienamente. Una excelente manera de introducirse en estas novelas, maravillosas por otra parte. Y ya de paso Ho capito meglio certi meccanismi del delitto e il tipo di 'camera chiusa' proposta. Fra l'altro fu proprio Berkeley il vero fondatore del Detection Club. Dec 25, Bruce rated it liked it. Now that I've finished it, I must admit The Layton Court Mystery is well-told and well-clued, with many charms provided by the interplay between Anthony Sheringham and his sidekick, Alec.

But it's far too long and drawn out, and would have worked much better as a novella, or even a short story. Berkeley undeniably, however, has the requisite qualities for a good detective story writer, and I'm looking forward to his later works this was his first venture. Since it's a novel with plenty of dialogue, most of the time people are saying something rather than doing some other thing. When someone speaks or tells things, he or on occasions she says, but also remarks, replies, retorts, asks, returns, confesses, observes, agrees, concludes, interrupts, pursues, points out, responds, corrects, repeats, answers, admits, adds, comments, murmurs, persists, explains, continues, prompts, exclaims.

While doing that, the action is performed tolerantly, nastily, Since it's a novel with plenty of dialogue, most of the time people are saying something rather than doing some other thing. Clearly not a novel written by Stephen King! For a novel written in and the first Roger Sheringham case, it's actually a good one, once the reader doesn't expect from Berkeley the writing standards of Somerset Maugham's. I say it in all modesty, but the fact is indisputable.

Looking forward to other Roger Sheringham cases, to see if he really evolved into a Sherlock Holmes kind of chap, hopefully with a more appropriate Watson… Victor has rented a lovely house for the summer and has surrounded himself with friends. So why do they find Victor locked in his library with an apparently self inflicted gunshot wound to the head and a suicide note? Despite the fact that all the windows and doors are locked from the inside, Roger thinks that perhaps it was murder and it would be fun to play at being a sleuth.

gadetection / Berkeley, Anthony

He has to have a Watson to his Holmes, someone who will be a dumb sounding board and willing to be berated constantly. Alec grudgingly takes up this mantle and they set about solving a crime that they aren't sure even happened. At one time or another they suspect all of their fellow guests, and even a mysterious "Prince. When I sat down here at my computer and hammered out the details to my Golden Summer, I added Anthony Berkeley for the reason I have had a copy of The Poisoned Chocolates Case sitting on my bookshelf for Because of Berkeley's propensity for writing under pseudonyms, or in this case, sometimes anonymously, The Poisoned Chocolates Case is either the forth or fifth book with Sheringham My initial impressions of The Layton Court Mystery was that it had more then a few striking similarities with A.

Sadly, where that one had wit and originality, this was just labored and had an angry tone throughout The thing about the whole episode was that it was trying too hard to be witty and ended coming out crap. Top Storey Murder is a very fun work. A woman, rumoured to have stashed money in her apartment, had her flat burgled and was killed in the process.

Strangled with a Rosary, curiously enough—and the paradox involved in such a murder weapon fascinates me. In The Poisoned Chocolates Case , he proposes a brilliant theory to a murder case, only to have it irrevocably torn to shreds. In Jumping Jenny , he is firmly convinced an innocent man is guilty of murder and goes about to obstruct justice. Suddenly, Roger discovers just what the job hiring entails, as she shows up promptly in the morning, taking away his right to sit in a dressing-gown as long as he likes in the morning and manfully hiding from her.

Anthony Berkeley created Roger Sheringham for the express purpose of having an offensive detective in his stories, although plenty of obnoxious detectives were running around at the time. In my previous encounters with Berkeley, I barely noticed this angle. Top Storey Murder really brings it out into the open, though, as Berkeley laments the disadvantages of marriage. In a priceless scene, he more or less implores his manservant Meadows to affirm that he is the master of the house.

In our enlightened times, misogyny is frowned upon, but it is handled in an extremely comic way here that still makes for entertaining reading. What about the mystery?

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Unfortunately, at the same time, there were no clues pointing to the culprit as the culprit, or anyone as the culprit, really. Anthony Berkeley is unfortunately widely forgotten—even his role in the writing of The Floating Admiral was downplayed in favour of the myth that only Agatha Christie ever possessed any ingenuity in the Golden Age. JonJ July 25, at PM. Berkeley, Anthony Page history last edited by Jon 7 years, 3 months ago. Stratton Panic Party aka Mr. Berkeley, Anthony. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Pages Images and files.

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