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Game Designers' Workshop. Medieval high fantasy. Medieval fantasy. Medieval heroic cult fantasy. Medieval High fantasy. Players each run their own country, and vie economically, politically, and militarily with or against each other and the rest of the countries on the map. First role-playing game campaign setting developed for the purpose, later placed on Greyhawk, then on Mystara, then again relaunched as a standalone world. Blue Rose.

Fantasy Productions , Ulisses Spiele. High fantasy , post-apocalyptic.

Mythic Vistas: Mindshadows (d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Campaign Setting)

TSR , WotC. Based on Terry Pratchett 's Discworld series. Originally created as a paracosm by Ed Greenwood in to provide a setting for his childhood stories. Swashbuckling Medieval fantasy.

Mythic Vistas - The Red Star - Campaign Setting by Azamor

As a generic setting, Freeport can be expanded by the gamemaster, or inserted into another campaign setting. Hackmaster 4th edition. Based on the main setting played by the characters of the Knights of the Dinner Table comic series. First introduced in White Bear and Red Moon board game in Hackmaster 4th Edition.

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Based on Robert E. Howard 's Conan stories. Developed by Robert J. Kuntz , in close association with Greyhawk, as early as Located on the same continent and world as Forgotten Realms and Al-Qadim. Created for the 1st edition of Oriental Adventures but not used for the 3rd edition product of the same name. Lankhmar — City of Adventure. The city of Lankhmar , on the world of Nehwon.

Legend of the Five Rings. Alderac Entertainment Group. Combines the entire catalog of adventures from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games into a single coherent setting. Stormbringer , Elric! Chaosium , Mongoose Publishing. Some earlier B modules are integrated into the Mystara world. EverQuest RPG.

Nanites and technology from eight previous advanced civilizations litter the otherwise medieval Ninth World, and some beings can tap into these forces as mages of other fantasy settings could with magic. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. A spin-off and a parallel universe to Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniature game. Palladium Fantasy. The planet Golarion.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Great Wheel , aka the Multiverse. Interconnects campaigns via pathways and portals but also by providing opportunities for characters from different worlds to meet in Heaven, Hell, and in the other planes on the Great Wheel. Shadow World. I'm still not sure about that one Last edited: Mar 4, Relique du Madde Villager. Sidewinder: Recoiled.

The Beginning Begins (Ep. 1) - Fantasy High

Greg K Adventurer. Get them all. Greg K said:. Relique du Madde said:. Ghostwind Villager. Dog House Rules did it for Green Ronin.

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It is d20Modern. If you don't already have it, I recommend getting Mindshadows since you have the monster book. Very psionic oriented and worth it. I liked every single one of them. Ghostwind said:. Last edited: Mar 27, Wombat Villager. What I liked about the line was the ability to tweak the core rules to better reflect the realities and inherent possibilities of each of the settings so that the felt both somewhat like a broad-eyed view of history coupled with a truly engaging fantasy game.

I totally forgot about The Black Company hardcover.

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I have that one. Definite vote for Medieval Player's Manual. Neat ideas for settings with some very different assumptions than traditional fantasy RPGs. The "practical magic" systems for charms and alchemy, and the non-combat classes like the Scholar and Artist, are intriguing and largely adaptable to other settings though classes like the Cunning Man and Natural Magician work best as replacements for classes like the Sorcerer and Wizard. I'd be careful about Charisms, which are neat but can lead to Book of Exalted Deeds powergaming in munchkiny hands.

The ship rules are a little fiddly, the classes have some very specific abilities favored ship type comes to mind that don't seem generally useful, and the voodoo classes are more or less reskinned Sorcerers and Clerics. The Cannon Fodder and Roll the Bones rules are kind of fun, though. A lot of classes, feats, and abilities are about interacting with elements of the setting, so if you aren't using those elements its sort of useless.

Mikaze Villager. Well, buy another. I have three copies, just in case. Are you so well prepared? But yeah, it's a strong line. I still need to grab the Black Company book. And on the subject of Green Ronin 3. Dystopian world, magitechnology, disregard for human life, militaristic lifestyle, skyships the size of cities. The default focal point are lands under oppressive regime of former USSR.