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I found out that Isao Takahata even uses my short films to teach at the University of Tokyo. The result is The Red Turtle , a moving, beautiful tale with no dialogue, about a shipwrecked man who meets a giant red turtle.

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The Japanese literally have a different way of animating, a lower amount of drawings on average but the drawings are of very high quality. Lip syncing has a different rhythm. They have a relationship with simplicity that is different from ours in the west. They see nature as more alive. Of course this is extreme generalisation, there are many exceptions. But the purpose of this exercise is to have a fresh angle, something different.

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We never looked at a scene and scrutinised the technique — there are subtle differences. There was mutual respect. It is released in the UK today 26 May. Sign up to our newsletters for the latest creative news, projects and more delivered straight to your inbox. There are many things that come to mind when you think of opera. People in frocks, red velvet, those tiny, tiny binoculars. Jesus rocking out in his pants to some phat tunes? Not so much.

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The two soon form a strong and enduring romance. Some years later, the couple has a son who is a curious boy who finds a glass bottle and learns about his origin.

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After accidentally falling into a small cavern, the son learns to swim on his own and forms a peculiar relationship with other turtles in the ocean. Growing up, the son grows accustomed to the island.

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  7. When he goes into the island for fresh water with his bottle, a tsunami hits the island. Though no one is severely hurt, the island's forest is nearly demolished by it. After cleaning up the island and burning the remains of bamboo, the son has a dream of swimming away from the island.

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    He tells his parents that it's time for him to leave their nest as a sign of his growth into full adulthood and he swims away with a trio of green turtles. The man and the woman spend the rest of their lives on the island, growing old but still much in love with one another. One night, the man sees the moon over the ocean for the final time and closes his eyes as the woman immediately realizes his sudden passing and grieves deeply. The next morning, she lies next to him with deep sadness, holds the man's hand one last time, and then transforms back into the red turtle and returns to the sea.

    Wild Bunch approached Dudok de Wit in London and convinced him to take on the project. The screenplay was written by Dudok de Wit and Pascale Ferran. The regular French release was 29 June It was released in Japan on 17 September The Red Turtle received critical acclaim.

    The site's critical consensus reads, "The Red Turtle adds to Studio Ghibli's estimable legacy with a beautifully animated effort whose deceptively simple story boasts narrative layers as richly absorbing as its lovely visuals.

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