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In the ancient past of the planet volcanoes were able to erupt for millions of years unabated. A single hotspot could dump molten rock on the surface for millenia because Mars lacks plate tectonics.

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The lack of tectonics means that the same rupture in the surface stayed open until there was no more pressure to force magma to the surface. Olympus Mons formed in this manner and is the largest mountain in the Solar System.

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It is three time taller than Mt. These runaway volcanic actions could also partially explain the deepest valley in the Solar System.

Valles Marineris is thought to be the result of a collapse of the material between two hotspots and is also on Mars. The Martian surface is dotted with impact craters. The microbial disinfection rate by H2O2 is concentration dependent, and is highly variable within the microbial community. Data from our laboratory indicate that certain soil bacteria survive and grow to stationary phase in 30, ppm H2O2.

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However, the total number of organisms decreases in the presence of H2O2. Continue or Give a Gift. Daily Planet. Flight Today.

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