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The notebook page was covered with fairly neat notes and some sketches that were trying to be ponies, except that their legs looked wrong somehow.

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What is that? Coke, maybe? Hanlon said. Then came one of those long horrible pauses that meant the teacher was trying to figure out which of the class to torment next. The question was always: did you put your hand up and try to keep her from calling on you by acting too much like you absolutely knew the answer? Because she wants them to think that if I can know this, then any of them can.

And what modern holiday coincides with the beginning of Samhain? Uchenna stole a look at the clock. It now said PM.

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Oh, pleeeeease, she thought, please hurry up and be two forty! Because then the bell would ring and they could all go home.

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Thursday would at last be over. Only one day more of school for the week, and then there would be a whole weekend of days of no school. He actually has to think about it. Seamus was sitting there with the expression of a deer caught in the headlights, absolutely frozen and without a clue of any kind. His blush of utter embarrassment was ascending straight up his broad freckled face into his ginger-red hairline, and past it. Slowly hands were starting to go up around the room—not all that eagerly: no one liked to make Seamus look dumb.

Hanlon said, throwing a glance at the clock. Hanlon turned to the blackboard and started writing down the address of the Web page where the details about the homework assignment would be found. Was I drawing those backwards? Is that the problem? The bell rang. At last! Uchenna thought, reaching around for her bookbag to start throwing her books into it.

He glanced up at her. Real early onset. People were pushing and shoving in all directions, talking a mile a minute, wandering along with their heads bowed as they texted each other, hurrying off to meet friends, or just making for the main front hall and the doors leading out to the front schoolyard. Uchenna had a better view of this than many of them because she was one of the tallest kids in school. This occasionally produced comical results.

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Well, maybe not right here. Be a shame to have to give you another little blue present to take home to your mammy. Even though their school, St.

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Or else the architects thought that everybody was as polite and well-behaved as they were when they were in school, Uchenna thought, grinning. Back in , when teachers could still hit kids, and dinosaurs walked the Earth. The crush at the door gave way a little as more kids managed to push through and spill down onto the steps.

Uchenna got through one of the swinging doors and headed over to the side of the steps, where she was out of the way of the stampede and had a moment to swing her bookbag up over her shoulder and look out over the schoolyard between the steps down from the doors and the street. But that was the endless game of brinksmanship you played with the school: get the skirt high up enough to keep the boys looking, but not so high that the school would send you home to find a longer skirt.