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I can draw magical creatures, Carrie Love and Lorrie Mack

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Ok Read more. Heegyum Kim is a graphic designer and illustrator. Fox, the charming and humorous character whose activities and musings drive her popular Instagram account and make her followers giggle, as do a menagerie of other delightful animal friends.

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  8. She is also the author and illustrator behind the Draw 62 series of books, which provide step-by-step instructions for drawing different types of cute characters. She lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. Follow her drawing adventures on Instagram: www. Download cover. And make sure that your creature has personality. This doesn't necessarily mean facial expressions, but the skull design, eyes, mouth, muscles and overall shape are very important.

    Apply these stages of anatomy design to your development process, and see how far you can push the believability of your imaginary creature…. When thinking about your creature's anatomy, consider the bone structure first. This stage is often forgotten because we want to jump right into the cool skin textures and muscles. I sketch the creature's skeleton on the left followed by what the muscles will look like attached to the bones on the right.

    Now we have a clear indication of the muscle structure in front view. The skull should be drawn before any other bones because even the skull can show personality, which dictates the facial structure later on. Next, I'm painting a rear view with lots of energy so that I can see this creature in action and what muscles are helping it push off the ground, as if it were running or attacking. Rear three-quarter views are just as important as front views in selling your design, because we're not limited to just one angle. I'm fading the arms off because they aren't the focal point here — the legs are.

    I want to make sure the legs get the attention they deserve.

    5 mythical creature drawings in five days challenge! speed painting video

    Now, I go into detail about the tendons and muscles of the arms and then juxtapose that on to my original pencil sketch. I'm choosing the arm for the close-up because it's a complex array of tendons, ligaments and muscles. If you have a certain area of your creature that needs clarification, this becomes your chance to go into detail and ramp up the believability to your design. Because I've juxtaposed the muscle rendering on top of the pencil sketch, we can now see underlying anatomy. Out of the three sketches I developed earlier, I'm choosing the third ideation because of the uniqueness of the silhouette.

    Proportions are key because it helps solidify a design. Its arms, legs, torso and head aren't too long or too short. The shapes are just the right size so we don't question something being out of place. This creature has unique proportions so I must make sure it remains believable using real-world reference. Skin texture is extremely important because it adds realism to your creation.

    It also gives the viewer a close look at your creature's environment, eating habits and evolution. With skin texture, I'm figuring out what type of environment my creature lives in. And with this information, I can begin to tell its story. Call-outs enable you to explain a certain feature about your creature. Movement, weaponry and feeding are just a small numbers of features you can have for your creature.

    How to Draw Magical Creatures and Mythical Beasts

    The problem I see with a lot of creature design is too many ambiguous surfaces with no real thought behind them. Calling out certain areas and explaining what they are helps make the creature more believable. I use call-outs to give my creatures a sense of purpose. Showing energy and movement gives a real sense of how your creatures moves as if it were standing in front of you. Conveying that type of realism will be helpful when you're sending your sketches off to the art director and modelling department.

    I Can Draw Magical Creatures : ILT Clare Wilson Lorrie Mack Carrie Love :

    They need to get a real sense of how your creation will behave as a living, breathing creation. Energy brings your design to life. Establishing familiarity means you're bringing recognisable shapes into your creature design.