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The Treaty of Granada signed later that year was to assure religious rights to the Muslims - but it did not last. Columbus before Isabella and Ferdinand. Queen Isabella rejected Christopher Columbus's plan to reach the Indies by sailing west three times before changing her mind. His conditions the position of Admiral; governorship for him and his descendants of lands to be discovered; and ten percent of the profits were met. On August 3, his expedition departed and arrived in America on October He returned the next year and presented his findings to the monarchs, bringing natives and gold under a hero's welcome.

Spain entered a Golden Age of exploration and colonization. Isabella tried to defend the American aborigines against the abuse of the colonists. Though Isabella opposed taking harsh measures against Jews on economic grounds, Torquemada was able to convince Ferdinand. Approximately , people left Spain. Others converted, often only to be persecuted further by the Inquisition investigating Judaizing conversos Marranos.

The Muslims of the newly conquered Granada had been initially granted religious freedom, but pressure to convert increased, and after some revolts, a policy of forced expulsion or conversion was also instituted in see Moriscos. A document signed by Isabella I in Granada in March Along with the physical unification of Spain, Isabella and Ferdinand embarked on a process of spiritual unification, trying to bring the country under one faith Roman Catholicism. As part of this process, the Inquisition became institutionalized.

After an uprising in , the Treaty of Granada was broken in and Muslims were forced to either be baptized or to be expelled.

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Isabella's confessor, Cisneros, was named Archbishop of Toledo. He was instrumental in a program of rehabilitation of the religious institutions of Spain, laying the groundwork for the later Counter-Reformation. As Chancellor, he exerted more and more power. Queen Isabella's Will, by Eduardo Rosales. On the left: Juana and Ferdinand; on the right: Cardinal Cisneros black cap. Isabella and her husband had created an empire and in later years were consumed with administration and politics; they were concerned with the succession and worked to link the Spanish crown to the other rulers in Europe.

Politically this can be seen in attempts to outflank France and to unite the Iberian peninsula. By early all the pieces seemed to be in place: Don Juan, the Crown Prince, married Margaret of Austria, establishing the connection to the Habsburgs. However, Isabella's plans for her children did not work out. Juan died shortly after his marriage. Isabella, Princess of Asturias died in childbirth and her son Miguel died at the age of two. Isabella died in in Medina del Campo, before Philip and Ferdinand became enemies, she reaped what she had sown. The museum next to the Capilla Real houses her crown and scepter.

They utilized a prenuptial agreement to lay down their terms. During their reign they supported each other effectively in accordance to their joint motto of equality: Tanto monta, monta tanto, Isabel como Fernando "They amount to the same, Isabella and Ferdinand". Isabella and Ferdinand's achievements are remarkable - Spain was united, the crown power was centralized, the reconquista was successfully concluded, the groundwork for the most dominant military machine of the next century and a half was laid, a legal framework was created, the church reformed.

Even without the benefit of the American expansion, Spain would have been a major European power. Columbus' discovery set the country on the course for the first modern world power.

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As a result, Isabella was despised by those opposed to Franco. Some Catholics from different countries have attempted to have Isabella declared as Blessed, with the aim of later having her canonized as a Saint. Their justification is that Isabella was a protector of the Spanish poor and of the American Indians from the rapacity of the Spanish nobility; in addition, miracles have reportedly been attributed to her.

This movement has met with opposition from Jewish organizations, Liberation theologians and Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, due to the fact that Isabella had many Moors killed after her entrance to Cordoba. In , Pope Paul VI opened her cause for beatification. This places her on the path toward possible sainthood.

In the Catholic Church, she is thus titled Servant of God. Isabella was the first named woman to appear on a United States coin, an commemorative quarter, celebrating the th anniversary of Columbus's first voyage. In the same year she was the first woman to be featured on U. Isabella appears as the mother of Catherine, the titular heroine of the novel The Constant Princess, by Philippa Gregory. The Royal Diaries, a series of biographical novels about royal women from around the world, includes Isabel, Jewel of Castilla, Spain, by Carolyn Meyer.

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King John I Of Castile Princess Eleanor Of Aragon John Of Gaunt Princess Constanza Of Castile King John I Of Portugal Philippa Plantagenet Of Lancaster Isabella and Ferdinand gained the support of the powerful Mendoza family. Isabella was concerned that there were around mints in Castile all producing coin. She had all but 5 shut down and placed those that remained under royal control. Ferdinand was victorious leaving Isabella secure as Queen of Castile.

Isabella had her eldest daughter, Isabella, sworn as heir to the throne of Castile. Isabella successfully put down a rebellion against her rule in Segovia. He was proclaimed heir to the throne and given the title Prince of the Asturias. Treaty of Alcacovas This treaty ended the war of the Castilian succession.

It agreed that Alfonso V of Portugal would make no claim on the throne of Castile and Isabella and Ferdinand would make no claim on the throne of Portugal. The Atlantic islands would be divided between Spain and Portugal. Ferdinand and Isabella summoned the Cortes of Toledo.

Isabella I

They agreed a code of law and centralised rule for Spain. The Cortes of Toledo were concerned that the treasury had been left depleted by Henry IV who had sold off crown property at cheap rates to raise funds for war. Those properties that had not been given as rewards were bought back by Isabella for the price they had been sold at. Spanish Inquisition Isabella and Ferdinand began the Spanish Inquisition to remove heretics from Spain, notably those Jews and Muslims that had outwardly converted to Christianity but actually retained their religion.

Known to the Castilians as Boabdil, he attempted to invade Castile.

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Isabella and Ferdinand moved to Medina del Campo. They were to use this as a base for the conquest of Granada. Her twin was stillborn.

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Isabella and Ferdinand agreed to release Boabdil after he promised to make Granada subservient to Castile. He also agreed to take no part in the siege of Malaga. Granada was the sole remaining Muslim city in Spain andtThe forces of Isabella and Ferdinand placed it under siege.

It agreed that Granada would be surrendered to Isabella and Ferdinand. In return the Moors would be granted freedom of religion and be treated fairly. He left Spain and settled in North Africa. They were told to convert to Catholicism or leave.

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  • This marked the end of the period in Spanish history known as Reconquista the reconquering of Spain from the Muslims. Isabella agreed to sponsor a Genoese explorer, Christopher Columbus who wanted to find a route to the Indies by travelling west. Christopher Columbus returned to Spain. He brought with him Natives and gold. Treaty of Tordesillas This treaty with Portugal divided the Earth outside Europe between their respective countries. The cause of his death is unknown.

    Her son, Miguel was heir to Castile.


    The Muslims in Granada revolted agains the rule of the Catholic Monarchs. All Muslims remaining in Spain were ordered to either convert to Catholicism or leave the country. There ensued a long struggle over the question of her dowry which left her stranded in England. Joanna would be Queen and Philip King Consort.