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The history of Fanny Burney - Joyce Hemlow Frances Burney: the world of "female difficulties" - Katharine M. Rogers Familiar violence: gender and social upheaval in the novels of Frances Burney - Barbara A.

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McGann Byron and romanticism - Jerome J. McGann , James Soderholm ed. Will the public please step forward? Byron: Augustan and Romantic - Andrew Rutherford Byron - Jane Stabler Byron, poetics, and history - Jane Stabler Palgrave advances in Byron studies - Jane Stabler electronic book. Reading intentions and notes are stored against your user profile.

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To set a reading intention, first you must be logged in. Once logged in, click Read this? The Development of the Novel to Grouped by section Group by type Group by importance. Apply filter eBooks items Digitised resources item Online resources items Remove filters. Set Texts 11 items. Joseph Andrews - Henry Fielding Book. Humphry Clinker - Tobias Smollett Book. A sentimental journey - Laurence Sterne Book.

Evelina: or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world - Fanny Burney Book.

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The monk - Matthew Lewis Book. Sense and sensibility - Jane Austen Book. Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens Book. Suggested Secondary Reading items. The following list is an indication of the range of secondary material available on the novels of this period, but it is by no means exhaustive. Background Reading 2 items. Hammond , Shaun Regan Book. General Studies 24 items. The English novel, a catalogue including prose romances, short stories, and translations of foreign fiction - Andrew Block Book.

Booth Book. Gothic - Fred Botting Book. The epistolary novel: representations of consciousness - Joe Bray Book. Masquerade and civilization: the carnivalesque in eighteenth-century English culture and fiction - Terry Castle Book. Dreams of adventure, deeds of empire - Martin Burgess Green Book. Self-imitation in the eighteenth-century novel - Marie-Paule Laden Book. The picaresque novel - Stuart Miller Book. Probyn Book. Books and their readers in eighteenth-century England: new essays - Isabel Rivers Book.

Origins of the novel - Marthe Robert Book.

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English prose fiction a critical history - Paul Salzman Book. An introduction to eighteenth-century fiction: raising the novel - John Skinner Book. Starr Book. The eighteenth-century novel and the secularization of ethics - Carol Stewart Book. Weinstein Book. Richardson 8 items.

Why are some countries called "Republics?"

Ball Book. Samuel Richardson: an annotated bibliography of critical studies - Richard Gordon Hannaford Book. Richardson and Fielding: the dynamics of a critical rivalry - Allen Michie Book. Fielding 8 items. Battestin Book. Tom Jones: adventure and providence - Patrick Reilly Book. Henry Fielding: a biography - Pat Rogers Book.

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Smallwood Book. Henry Fielding - Simon Varey Book.

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Smollett 8 items. Beasley Book. Nervous juyces and the feeling heart: the growth of sensibility in the novels of Tobias Smollett - Susan Bourgeois Book. Uneasy sensations: Smollett and the body - Aileen Douglas Book. Tobias Smollett: a study in style - Damian Grant Book. Tobias Smollett: the critical heritage - Lionel Kelly Book.

Land, Nation and Culture, 1740-1840: Thinking the Republic of Taste

Rousseau Book. Sterne 13 items. Shandyism: the character of romantic irony - Peter Conrad Book. Author: Jeremy Gregory. Date: Mar. Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd. Document Type: Book review. Length: words.