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Pro Flacco: B. Aristotle: Categories. On Interpretation. On Moral Virtue. On the Control of Anger. On Tranquility of Mind. On Brotherly Love. On Affection Private Cases. Cicero: On the Orator: Book 3. On Fate. Stoic Paradoxes. On the Divisions of Oratory: A. On the Contemplative Life. On the Eternity of the World. Against Flaccus. Apology for the Jews. Books 6. Isocrates: Evagoras. Concerning the Team of Horses. Against Callimachus. Against Lochites.

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Against Euthynus. Books 9. Oldfather Translator. Dio Chrysostom: Discourses Letters Loeb Classical Library No.

Cicero: On Invention. The Best Kind of Orator. Prudentius, Volume 1. Aristotle: Posterior Analytics. Index of Plants. Prudentius: Against Symmachus 2. Crowns of Martyrdom. Scenes From History. Epilogue Loeb Classical Library No. Aristotle: On Sophistical Refutations. On Coming-to-be and Passing Away. On the Cosmos. Caesar: Alexandrian War. African War. Julius Obsequens. On Compliancy. On Envy and Hate.

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On Praising Oneself Inoffensively. On the Delays of the Divine Vengeance. On Fate Plutarch' Moralia, Vol. Index of Fishes. Reply to Colotes in Defence of the Other Philosophers Lucian: How to Write History. The Dipsads. Papias and Quadratus.

Pliny: Natural History, Volume IV, Books 12-16 (Loeb Classical Library No. 370)

Epistle to Diognetus. The Shepherd of Hermas. Martyrdom of Polycarp. Julian -- Volume II: Orations The Caesars. Galba, Otho, and Vitellius. Titus, Domitian. Lives of Illustrious Men: Grammarians and Rhetoricians. Poets Terence. Lives of Pliny the Elder…. Lives of Pliny the Elder and Passienus Crispus.

Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola. Aristides and Cato Major. Cimon and Lucullus. Zeus Catechized. Zeus Rants. The Dream or The Cock. Icaromenippus or The Sky-man. Timon or The Misanthrope. Charon or The Inspectors. Philosophies for Sale. Plautus -- Volume I: Amphitryon. The Comedy of Asses. The Pot of Gold. The Two Bacchises. The Captives.

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Original Title: Plautus I: Amphitryon. Plautus -- Volume II: Casina. The Casket Comedy. The Two Menaechmuses. Book 2: Christodorus of Thebes in Egypt. Book 3: The Cyzicene Epigrams. Book 4: The Proems of the Different Anthologies. Book 5: The Amatory Epigrams. Book 6: The Dedicatory Epigrams. Book 8: The Epigrams of St. Gregory the Theologian. Longus -- Daphnis and Chloe. Love Romances and Poetical Fragments. Fragments of the Ninus Romance. Original Title: Daphnis and Chloe. Hercules Oetaeus. Treatise on Odours. Concerning Weather Signs.

Book The Convivial and Satirical Epigrams. Book Strato's Musa Puerilis. Book Arithmetical Problems, Riddles, Oracles. Book Miscellanea. Clement of Alexandria -- The Exhortation to the Greeks. The Rich Man's Salvation. To the Newly Baptized fragment. Original Title: The Exhortation to the Greeks.

Plutarch -- Lives X: Agis and Cleomenes. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. Philopoemen and Flamininus. Sallust -- War with Catiline. War with Jugurtha. Selections from the Histories. Doubtful Works. Original Title: War with Catiline. The Double Indictment or Trials by Jury. On Sacrifices. The Ignorant Book Collector. The Dream or Lucian's Career. The Parasite. The Lover of Lies. The Judgement of the Goddesses…. Original Title: Principal Fragments: Arbitrants. Girl from Samos.

Unidentified Comedy. Original Title: Lives of the Sophists.

Pliny: Natural History, Volume IV, Books 12-16 (Loeb Classical Library No. 370)

Eunapius: Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists. Against Rufinus 1 and 2. War Against Gildo. Against Eutropius 1 and 2. Fescennine Verses on the Marriage of Honorius. Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria…. Original Title: Panegyric on Probinus and Olybrius. Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria.

Panegyrics on the Third and Fourth Consulships of Honorius. Panegyric on the Sixth Consulship of Honorius. The Gothic War. Shorter Poems. Rape of Proserpina. Original Title: On Stilicho's Consulship Antoninus Pius. Marcus Aurelius.

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Avidius Cassius. Didius Julianus. Septimius Severus. Pescennius Niger. Clodius Albinus. Opellius Macrinus. Severus Alexander. The Two Maximini. The Three Gordians. Maximus and Balbinus. The Anonymous Fragments. The Folk Songs. An Account of Greek Lyric Poetry. Hippocrates -- Volume I: Ancient Medicine.

Airs, Waters, Places. The Oath. Hippocrates -- Volume II: Prognostic. Regimen in Acute Diseases. The Sacred Disease.

The Natural History Vol.4 by Pliny The Elder - Audiobook ( Part 1/3 )

The Art. Physician Ch. In the Surgery. On Fractures.

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On Joints. Regimen in Health. Regimen Heracleitus: On the Universe.