Guide The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All

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Empty the well and it will refill tenfold. Loved this book. Jul 08, NatFran rated it did not like it. I read this book due to obligation rather than choice. The message was transparent as was the overlaying bible symbology. I would have enjoyed this more if the author had just composed a list of principles of success instead of using the list and building a predictable and contrived story around it. Life is not that cut and dry, it is not that simple. There are probably better inspirational leadership books available and I'm sure they are better written.

Mar 18, Alicia rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in , bookclub-milan. The only reason I managed to get through this book is that at just over pages, it is mercifully short. Already I knew what I was getting into when the "carpenter" was named J. Emanuele, a clear reference to Jesus Christ.

The message of love, serve and care is wonderful and we should live by these principles because it is a good way to be, not so that you can have a successful business. Jan 01, Holly Doyle rated it it was amazing. Great way to learn about being successful! It's much easier to relate to the lessons and recommendations for being a better person when you can invision your own journey in the message.

The Carpenter : A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All

Jon Gordon takes a simple conflict that most people encounter and provide essential concepts to building a successful person and thus life! Mar 23, Bethany rated it did not like it. This book was awful. Also, it was really dumb. It might make the world a better place but it is not going to make you more money.

Great book with a simple message. What are you doing with your skills to help and serve others? Jan 13, Jeremy Alan Graves rated it it was amazing. Good message always moves Mr to want to be a better person and it seems like everyone of the books I read becomes my new favorite book. I couldn't put this down once I started it. Nov 17, Marc Medley rated it it was amazing. Outstanding Simple yet so profound. Jon writes the Jesus story in the same manner in which Jesus conveyed His messages through the use of the parable.

The Carpenter is a parable that if followed would turn the world upside down.

The Carpenter : A Story about the Greatest Success Strategies of All -

Jul 01, Brennon Behrmann rated it it was amazing. Wonderful book This is a wonderful book. Short and inspirational. It speaks of simple things that have been around for ages. It taught me to be successful you must be human and invest in humanity. Mar 24, Holly rated it it was amazing. Great book! I love Jon Gordon's books. They are so simplistic yet so very impactful! The stories are totally relatable. They push your thinking in an outstanding way! Really enjoyed this book.

I can see this one being one of my yearly reads. That's how impactful it was for me. Feb 24, Scott Souza rated it it was amazing. If you want to be a better spouse, a better friend, a better leader or simply a better person, this is the book for you. It lays out a simple formula that will make you a better version of yourself and make everyone around you better at the same time.

Nov 11, Jenna rated it it was ok. I found the Christian references to be off putting and heavy handed. The plot was trite and uninteresting. That being said the leadership principles are fine if simplistic. Feb 12, Michael rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I have ever read. Changed my outlook on everything I undertake and how I approach every person in my life. Jul 18, Anissa C. Simple truths. Simple strategies for success in anything. Apr 17, Nikki Smith rated it it was amazing. This book hit me in regards to my personal life, my business and my job.

The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All

I will be using this as a constant resource and reminder. Sep 12, Mitch Johnston rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. About Jon Gordon. Jon Gordon. Jon Gordon is an American business consultant and author on the topics of leadership, culture, sales, and teamwork. Jon Gordon's best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous NFL, NBA, and college coaches and teams, Fortune companies, school districts, hospitals and non-profits.

He is the author of The Wal Jon Gordon is an American business consultant and author on the topics of leadership, culture, sales, and teamwork. When he's not running through airports or speaking, you can find him playing tennis or lacrosse with his wife and two "high energy" children. Books by Jon Gordon. Trivia About The Carpenter: A No trivia or quizzes yet.

Quotes from The Carpenter: A What you believe will become what is true. Your optimism today will determine your level of success tomorrow. Focus on the right beliefs that will help you build your success. Learn from this. Do things differently. Welcome back.

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Description Bestselling author Jon Gordon returns with his most inspiring book yet filled with powerful lessons and the greatest success strategies of all. Michael wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on his head and fear in his heart. The stress of building a growing business, with his wife Sarah, caused him to collapse while on a morning jog.