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Kelley has a passion to bring justice to the food system after being involved with food and farming for many years. His passion for filmmaking started when he was ten years old and has blossomed from making short films with friends to exposing social injustice around the country. He taught in the fields of food systems, environmental studies, and history, holding appointments at Northwestern University, Butler University, Knox College, and several campuses in the University of Wisconsin system.

His research on food systems has been published widely. Ever since Susan helped the IL EPA start changing policy in to allow food scraps for composting she has had a passion for good local policy decisions. And, lo!

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His haunches they tore, without a horn To tell when the chase was done; And there was not a single scarlet coat To flaunt it in the sun! And with curses sore he chid at the hounds, Till the last dropt out of sight, Anon saith he, "let's down again, And ramble for our delight, For the world's all free, and we may choose A right cozie barn for to-night! With that, he set up his staff on end, And it fell with the point due West; So we far'd that way to a city great, Where the folks had died of the pest-- It was fine to enter in house and hall, Wherever it liked me best!

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For the porters all were stiff and cold, And could not lift their heads; And when we came where their masters lay, The rats leapt out of the beds The grandest palaces in the land Were as free as workhouse sheds. But the beggar man made a mumping face, And knocked at every gate: It made me curse to hear how he whined, So our fellowship turn'd to hate, And I bade him walk the world by himself, For I scorn'd so humble a mate!

So he turn'd right and I turn'd left, As if we had never met; And I chose a fair stone house for myself, For the city was all to let; And for three brave holydays drank my fill Of the choicest that I could get. And because my jerkin was coarse and worn, I got me a properer vest; It was purple velvet, stitch'd o'er with gold, And a shining star at the breast,-- 'Twas enough to fetch old Joan from her grave To see me so purely drest!

But Joan was dead and under the mould, And every buxom lass; In vain I watch'd, at the window pane, For a Christian soul to pass;-- But sheep and kine wander'd up the street, And browz'd on the new-come grass. When lo! I spied the old beggar man, And lustily he did sing! Heaven mend us all! But God forbid that a thief should die Without his share of the laws!

So I nimbly whipt my tackle out, And soon tied up his claws,-- I was judge, myself, and jury, and all, And solemnly tried the cause. But the beggar man would not plead, but cried Like a babe without its corals, For he knew how hard it is apt to go When the law and a thief have quarrels,-- There was not a Christian soul alive To speak a word for his morals.

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Oh, how gaily I doff'd my costly gear, And put on my work-day clothes;-- I was tired of such a long Sunday life, And never was one of the sloths; But the beggar man grumbled a weary deal, And made many crooked mouths. So I haul'd him off to the gallows' foot, And blinded him in his bags; 'Twas a weary job to heave him up, For a doom'd man always lags; But by ten of the clock he was off his legs In the wind and airing his rags!

But when was ever honey made With one bee in a hive! My conscience began to gnaw my heart Before the day was done, For other men's lives had all gone out, Like candles in the sun! So I went and cut his body down To bury it decentlie;-- God send there were any good soul alive To do the like by me!

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But the wild dogs came with terrible speed, And bay'd me up the tree! Kurt, combat veteran with PTSD and hallucinations, fortifies his home and builds a secret underground shelter due to doomsday like weather changes. He gets a security job to pay for it and his boss' cute daughter for company. Director: Rodrigo H. Writers: Rodrigo H.

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