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The Story of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man

This great book collects the best of them in a single volume. Most of these people have been forgotten, though their examples were once held up for generations of school kids. Capitalistic success is heralded in these pages. But it's not only about money.

It's about success in every field, so poets, dancers, composers, philanthropists, and journalists are in here. But the common thread here is entrepreneurship, which is that special capacity for acting on good judgments about an uncertain future.

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This quality is the driving force of the market and civilization. You will find out more about these people through these bite-size reports by top-flight journalists than from full biographies. You get to hear their own words about how they evaluate their success. It's a great book for kids too, offering unforgettable life stories and lessons. To know that you can survive through anything you have to be put through everything.

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Persistence and grit are the two most valuable virtues a man can possess and neither are necessarily innate. To appreciate the sun we need the night, we need darkness. To know happiness we need pain. To learn a lesson we need to make mistakes.

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  4. Many great men have made terrible mistakes. The key is that we learn from them, grow from them, and become better from them.

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    Rise above and live to tell your incredible story about redemption from the depths, from pain, from darkness where no light seemed to exist. A coward walks down the road of self-pity, a warrior fights the battle of redemption. I was never afraid of failure; for I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest. John Keats. The rest of us, those that settle, that set goals we know we can accomplish and avoid failure at all costs, relegated to a life of mediocrity can only tell a mediocre story.

    With all of these stories a man must tell, none can be mediocre. He may find them mediocre, but the struggle, the daring, the danger, the persistence through pain and conflict have forged a man of honor whom others look up to and look to for guidance that often comes through his stories. Every one , not just every guy, needs to put themselves out there and get their heart broken. Emails pour in daily asking for advice in dealing with a broken heart. My advice: Be in it. Feel it. Remember that time you acted without thinking then later realized you could have very easily died?

    Every man needs a story of selfless courage.

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    Under this theory, prominent leaders throughout the course of history were born to lead and deserved to do so as a result of their natural abilities and talents. Those who support the theory say leaders are born with the attributes necessary to set them apart from those around them and that these traits enable them to assume roles of authority and power.

    Great leaders are heroes, according to this theory, that accomplish great feats against the odds on behalf of followers. Carlyle and contemporaries gained recognition for the theory in their time, as evidenced by such works as the Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition , published in This encyclopedia told the story of world history through biographies of the great men that led during different historical periods.

    Herbert Spencer, a noted philosopher, sociologist, biologist and political theorist of the Victorian era, countered that the Great Man Theory was childish, primitive and unscientific. He believed leaders were products of their environment. As the behavioral sciences grew, so did the idea that leadership is more of a science that can be learned and nurtured. Those with opposing views say great leaders are shaped and molded by their times as the traits necessary to lead are learned and honed.

    However, much like the question of nature versus nurture, there are those who still support the Great Man Theory that men and women leaders are born, not made.