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Postrevolutionary China aspired to proletarian internationalist principles. By a symbiotic logic, socialism and internationalism are interwoven ideologically, practically, and geopolitically. Any erosion of the former would cause and indicate the corrosion of the latter, and vice versa.

Initially a main player in the historical movement of international communism and later a willing participant in capitalist globalization, China remains unsettled and ambiguous in a world increasingly integrated as much as torn apart. The last section briefly and critically examines globalist and traditionalist responses to the present crises in the country, and argues for a socialist alternative.

Harmonious Socialist Society.

Urban socialist changes

Constitution Law. Constitution Previous constitutions President list : Xi Jinping.

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Presidential spouse : Peng Liyuan. Vice-President : Wang Qishan. Secretary-General : Xiao Jie. National Defense Mobilization Commission. Chairman : Li Keqiang.

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Minister : Wei Fenghe. Judiciary Law enforcement. Secretary: Guo Shengkun. President : Zhou Qiang. Prosecutor General : Zhang Jun. Minister: Zhao Kezhi State Councilor.

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Minister: Chen Wenqing. Minister: Fu Zhenghua. Director: Wang Huning. Deputy Director: Huang Kunming. Head: Huang Kunming. Deputy director: Li Keqiang. Director: Xu Lin. Hong Kong Macau. Cross-Strait relations. Foreign relations. Related topics. Administrative divisions Hukou system Family planning Ethnic minorities Communism. Other countries Atlas.

Main article: Primary stage of socialism.

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Main article: Socialist market economy. This section needs expansion.

Ownership Transformation and System Change in China

You can help by adding to it. April China portal Communism portal Socialism portal. Yellow bridge. Retrieved 3 July Xinhua News Agency. People's Daily.

Deng Xiaoping’s role in transforming China

Retrieved 4 March Zhongguo Shehui Kexue 3. Today, many Chinese are willing to accept the corruption and authoritarianism of the Party given the stability and economic growth it provides Such a perspective may not jibe with those from the West, but it does seem that Deng was right to believe in the transformative power of the Chinese Communist Party.

Of course, what role the CCP will play in China's future remains to be seen. But for those interested in learning more about China's present, Vogel's study is a delightful read. Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Stanton Foundation.

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The Transformation of Chinese Socialism

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Socialism with Chinese characteristics

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