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I give French lessons school or foreign language , German and English at all levels and to people of all ages. I believe the best way to learn a new language is through natural interaction and I believe that the more fun and informative this interaction is, the more effectively you can learn. You will see that each class is individually adapted to your personal learning style and that you can improve at your optimal level, because you will always be challenged but never overwhelmed.

I am an enthusiastic language learner myself and know the importance of a fun and knowledgeable teacher. Because I enjoyed learning with such great teachers so much, I'm committed to be that for my students in each class as well. Of course, you can adjust the classes to whatever you consider to be most relevant for you! If you like my approach and would like to start your next German adventure, please don't hesitate and let me know! I would love to help you with your German, whether in person or online! Hello, my name is Jessica and I'm 19 years old. I am currently finishing my third year of gymnasium.

I have good knowledge of languages, so I can help during homework time. My mother tongue is Portuguese, as well as French. I have very good knowledge of English, I am about to take the B2 exam. I can also help with German, even if my level is lower than English. I am at your disposal for any additional information. You have the opportunity to start at any time. At home, in the office, individual or group courses, intensive, business, distance courses, immersion courses, exam preparation or tutoring. Are you beginners or just curious? Are you intermediate or advanced?

You are all welcome! Even if it is not often spoken, German remains, today, a language not to be neglected. As a neighbor of France who is one of its privileged partners, contacts with Germany remain frequent in progress, in the world of work, traveling or just for the rich culture that this beautiful country has. I like to convey my taste for languages and thanks to my experiences abroad, I know that the beginnings are difficult but that there are methods to progress quickly.

On the program, a lot of conversation, some exercises, a little grammar and a good mood. Do not hesitate to contact me. It is also possible to organize French lessons in German for German speaking customers who are keen on learning French. I have taught English in France and Germany, to both students and adults.

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Thus, I am very familiar with the simplification and adaptation of the language. A practical but fun approach to the language, using associations already present in French or English, is what I think is best. I'm a mothertounge italian guy with a strong passion for languages.

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  8. I've achieved the C1 certification in German and Spanish language after a long life experience in Germany where I've studied and worked and Southamerica. My teach-way is totally flexible. It is totally up to the student. After a definition of the aims to reach I'll structure a ad hoc course for each of my students. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I give remedial courses for any age and level. So you're welcome!

    I have already made many trips abroad, which allows me to express myself very fluently in these two languages.

    3.3.1 Nouns

    I can give support classes to students up to the first level L, S or ES : to improve their knowledge, strengthen their bases, prepare them for possible controls, or even just chat with this person. I am of course available for a possible interview before starting the support classes. I offer English and French classes at home. I speak English fluently. I learned languages at the university and literary level at the university. I use my own methods, together we will get you through the steps gradually but surely. So do not hesitate to join me for catch-up lessons or develop your German, English or Spanish!

    See you soon! Currently studying literature in Germany, I offer a German course for all levels. I can accompany a beginner in his learning of this beautiful and complex language. I am also able to help more advanced students in the mastery of the language and also to discover the Germanic culture.

    A Student Grammar of German

    Learning this language for eleven years, I am able to transmit a method that is both interesting and rigorous. I can also help with the preparation of the German Baccalaureate exams. Teachers for local lessons in your country:. German : German for adults, School. Monday at Very clear, very comprehensive, and extremely helpful. Friendly, logical, thorough, all in all a real asset to anyone learning German.

    Apr 14, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: school , own. Quickly read through this before my exam, very helpful! With the sections on the subjunctive and passive were beefed up a little bit more, though! This little book is worth its weight in gold! Great resource to have on hand. Jan 01, Carolyn rated it it was amazing. Clear comparison of English grammar and German grammar rules.

    I learned a lot by reading this book! A useful overview of German and it also provides concise comparisons and useful tips for learning various grammatical paradigms. A good brief starting point for learning German Grammar. This was so helpful! Rex rated it it was amazing Jul 24, Vivian rated it really liked it Jun 24, Fernandez rated it liked it Aug 29, Aaron Baldie rated it liked it Jan 22, Panclasta rated it really liked it Jul 29, Aron rated it really liked it Apr 28, John Sharatz rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Chandler rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Penny rated it really liked it Aug 17, Amanda rated it really liked it Oct 24, Adrian rated it liked it Jul 29, John rated it liked it Dec 25, Melodie Pennington rated it it was amazing May 08, Christine rated it it was amazing Nov 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    Readers also enjoyed. About Cecile Zorach. Cecile Zorach. Trivia About English Grammar f No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. I even use it German courses with native speakers! This e-book constitutes a basis for both teachers and students of languages, and it should be read and implemented. I congratulate you with this enormous work. Many thanks!

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    My participants are just as enthused as I am and they were astonished that it is possible to comprehend and to remember various interrelations in such a simple and quick way. None of them had experienced anything similar before. But the most important thing was that we have learned in a quick way while having lots of fun and laughter, without any dusty grammar rules. Once again many, many thanks! Kristin Lorenz from Berlin. I will recommend your Power-learning-aids-kit to my colleagues. This is exactly what I expected, and it saves me a lot of time and effort.

    And finally it is fun!

    See a Problem?

    Your materials are really superb. Well done, Peter! Antonio Libertino from Italy Language teacher. I have used the preposition-songs with and years students and they liked it very much. The mnemotechnic suggestions are brilliant, especially for visual learners. The drawings in the book and on the learning cards are very pleasing and funny. I think the mnemo-technique for the endings of the nouns is also brilliant! This way I want to thank you for your commitment…. I wish you a great week and best wishes from Augsburg! I think all the materials in the learning package are outstanding.

    And the Iglingorismus and co.

    Essential German Grammar - CRC Press Book

    They all had a lot of fun with the memory-game! I can already tell you now that I think that, above all, the method for the correct use of the adjective-endings is very convincing. You have succeeded to produce a good tutorial in a very illustrative form on the implementation of memory techniques. The supplementary material is designed in a lovely way. It led to many questions and a high level of motivation.

    Many thanks!! Elisabetta Bianchetto from Italy. Contact and company information. Dear student of German! And it works like this: For every article we use a symbol. For example, in my course I use the following image:. Are you still skeptical? Yes, it surely is as simple as that! Of course it requires a bit of time.

    And the brilliant thing is: This principle not only works for the learning of German articles, but it works basically for ALL the subjects of the German grammar! Your German dictionary danken , v. Therefore I advise strongly:. Dear Peter, I think your learning package is topnotch material! Additionally there is plenty of supplementary material, that will be an unparalleled support for learning German at anytime; so that the grammar rules will be engraved in your memory, whether you want it or not. You can use it in combination with any German textbook or course.

    It provides you with the weapons you need to effectively learn the rules from your books in a long lasting way. Not only what I showed you here before. What you need to know about memory images , to make sure they work properly. How you can memorize vocabulary, grammar, German articles and much more in a systematic way to retrieve it at any time.

    Often, colors are used without any system. Learn how to use them in a meaningful way. Most students learn vocabulary in an inefficient way. Learn to know a revolutionary method no, not just with flash cards! Which verb actually uses which case? These techniques enable you to visualise this information so that it becomes very easy to learn the relevant rules.

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    What do seasons have to do with learning German? You would be surprised! You will work with top-class colorful illustrations, in the classroom or at home , which at the same time contain memory aids. Use this e-book as your first German reading! Learn the subject matters step-by-step , in order to be able memorize any information very easily. Get once and for all rid of your exasperation to have to learn abstract grammar rules which nobody is able to memorize!

    Furthermore I am collaborating with a professional illustrator who provided me with an abundance of brilliant images. The e-book consists of pages, filled with a lot of professionally illustrated images exclusively related to the subject of German grammar, which show you how you can create unlimitedly your own PERSONAL mental images. Learn for example. Why this fish is bright red and why his body has a D-shape. Why Hamlet had to learn to swim especiallly for this e-book.

    Why this poor chap has to freeze to death in order to enable you to learn German in an easier way. And much, much more ….

    Learn German for beginners A1 - Personal Pronouns in German - Lesson 11

    Probably now you wonder …. Well, I would dissuade you to invest in this e-book package if:. Hello Mr Heinrich, I started to work with your materials a few lessons ago, I started with the course on the articles. I discovered a new world, and I believe that this method will help me. The best is yet to come. Bonus 1. More then 30 mnemonic learning posters provide you with topnotch colorful illustrations and memory aids in A4-format. Put the posters on the wall at home or in the classroom. Impress yourself, your students or your colleagues.

    Supplement the posters with your own creations. Only ONE glance at a poster is sufficient to remember rules effortlessly. This way, learning German becomes really easy! Bonus 2. Irregular verbs. Verbs with the dative. Verbs with prepositions. Bonus 3. Learn the prepositions, grouped in songs! There is nothing new about singing prepositions.

    Other songs, published by big publishers of grammar books, always irritated me because somehow they sound silly…. You will love these songs! With these songs you bring a system in the prepositions. Listen to the songs at home, read the texts — they will be engraved in your memory. Make your lessons more fun and relaxed with the songs. Listen to the songs while traveling. Learn to know why the prepositions are written down in blue and all what you can learn from that.

    The preposition-songs go down very well with my students! They learn the prepositions really a lot quicker! Bonus 4. Practice every two-way-preposition separately.