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Title: Consequences of Pragmatism : Essays Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket. What emerges from his explorations is a revivified version of pragmatism that offers new hope for the future of philosophy. If anyone doubts the continued vigor and continuing relevance of American pragmatism, the doubts can be laid to rest by reading this book.

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List this Seller's Books. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 04, Eileen rated it really liked it. I watched the film "Children of Men" so now I have to read the book. The value of "science fiction" in its many forms is that it gets us thinking about conceptual frameworks different - slightly or grandly - from what we know.

While we might not think there are real people who become Spiderman or Batman, we do have heroes who sacrifice much for the many. One wonders why, or why not. Slav I watched the film "Children of Men" so now I have to read the book. Slavoj Zizek said in a video interview about "Children of Men", "World means when you have a meaningful experience of what reality is, which is rooted in your community, in its language, and it is clear that the true, most radical impact of global capitalism is that we lack this basic, literally, world view.

A meaningful experience of totality. Because of this, today, the main mode of politics is fear. Political groups today are bands of people who are afraid, who are mobilized by fear — fear of immigrants, even leftists, fear of too-strong state, fear of taxation. This is the definition of infertility, when your mobilizing principle is just pleasure and fear. Fear is just as powerful a source of violence. We are so afraid of what will happen, we accept torture, and if you are really frightened, you get accustomed to different transgressions of the rule of normal life between human beings.

Consequences of pragmatism : essays, / Richard Rorty | National Library of Australia

I'm interested in the utility of utopianism even while I firmly believe in its danger. I am reading Rorty because of his focus on pragmatism. As a historian, or maybe it's the reason I became historically trained, I must consider Hegel's historicism. It gives more hope than fear. Though I have yet to read John Keegan's work on the experience of war. May 31, Marcus Vinicius rated it it was amazing. The pragmatism, as Rorty conceived it, is a challenge for everyone whose epistemology embraces metaphysical concepts.

In this book, Richard Rorty tries to describe his conception of pragmatism, based in a peculiar reading of Pierce, Dewey and James. Jul 27, Tom rated it it was amazing. One the best books that argues for the continuation of American Pragamatism in the face of current Philosophy. A good primer, as well as for the advanced thinker.

Essays 1972-1980

One of the more apt titles if you are interested in Pragmatism beyond Pierce and Dewey. Dec 11, Michael A. This is my first engagement of any kind with Rorty or pragmatism. I am unsure about Rorty's reasons for believing the things that he does, but I generally agree with his conclusions.

I think Rorty is pretty firmly on the Analytic side of philosophy, just one that engages with Heidegger and Derrida and doesn't seem to engage much in symbolic logic. But of course as he points out in his last essay, the split doesn't or shouldn't matter - the divide can exist without hostility, professor 3.

But of course as he points out in his last essay, the split doesn't or shouldn't matter - the divide can exist without hostility, professors and students should know both about foucault and about kripke, for example. Hard to argue with that. The best place to start, I think, is the introduction then essay 9 "Pragmatism, Relativism, Irrationalism".

Conversations with Rorty

I do have some critiques of Rorty, mostly that I feel like his theory of truth is so deflationary that it nearly becomes a pointless concept. Maybe that's the point. But if his version of truth is correct, then he pretty much presupposes a kind of Wittgensteinian language-game and well, pragmatic view of language that he can't ever justify - but he'd probably be okay with that.

It just sort of raises the question for me that, following his own theories, what compels Rorty to even write?

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Perhaps to add his own redescription to the prestigious literary genre known as philosophy. Or perhaps he has not actually moved into any sort of post-philosophical territory as he ostensibly wanted. Jul 24, Giorgi rated it it was amazing. Here you will be with the company of giants such as: Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Wittgenstein Dewey and other with very best possible prose and stile, it never gets boring. Rorty makes analysis of modern philosophical standpoint : where are we now, why pragmatism and what is still this is a very lovely collection of Rorty's papers and lectures I think one of the best.

Rorty makes analysis of modern philosophical standpoint : where are we now, why pragmatism and what is still meaningufull from this old way of thinking or philosophizing. Rortys point of view both way of thinking passed the same suicide road and end with unresolved situation a point where one kills his own work for him pragmatism is just an another door a view with some useful results.

Aug 26, Shane Wagoner rated it really liked it.

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Richard Rorty has managed to assess and attack the weaknesses underpinning analytic philosophy more effectively than almost any other intellectual. He writes from the perspective of an outsider with suspicious ties to the continental tradition, yet his analytic heritage prevent him from being ignored or avoided by his colleagues. What results is a world of eternally morphing vocabularies and utter indifference towards any kind of "grounding" for our beliefs and practices. This leads Rorty to emphasize use over knowledge in the style of Dewey , thus placing science and philosophy on equal footing with the humanities.

Indeed, for Rorty philosophy is nothing more than its own kind of literary criticism. This book serves as an excellent introduction to Rorty's controversial ideas and will keep its audience captive long after the final page is turned. Oct 11, Lauren Albert added it Shelves: philosophy. A little repetitious at times--although that is likely to happen in a collection of essays written for separate occasions. One thing I found extremely irritating was his use of Ancient Greek words without providing translations.

It seems a form of snobbery--if you can't understand it, you don't deserve to know it anyway. Despite these two things, i found it worth reading. He can explain things with great clarity when he tries and his writing can be good.