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This history represents the testament of the Kagyu lineage forefathers, showing us how they developed devotion and confidence in their gurus, received the inspiration of the dakini messengers, obtained the precious lineages, attained the vision of mahamudra, and spread the keys to enlightenment. He received the transmissions and teachings of the Kagyu forefathers from Karma Thinley Rinpoche and his other gurus such as Ato Rinpoche and Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. It rose to prominence in the eleventh and twelfth centuries C.

This book offers a remarkable look into the origins of this world. It is my prayer that all who read this book will make an unshakeable connection with the precious dharma, meet with such Buddhas as H.

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Gyalwa Karmapa and H. Sakya Trizin, and obtain the undiluted nectar of the Vajrayana transmissions, which are truly forever young. He lives in Bayswater, London with his family. He maintains a busy annual program of teachings and initiations for Dechen and other international dharma organizations and personal interviews at the request of his students.

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Brand new Book. Their songs, also translated here, though incomplete without a master's textual transmission, offer a connection with the world of mahamudra. Seller Inventory APC Paperback or Softback. Seller Inventory BBS Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Seller Inventory LIE New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory BB These traditions never developed strong institutional bases, and their practices eventually were absorbed by other sects.

For the latter, initiation is not required; one must, rather, secure the blessings byin rlabs of one's guru , who gives a direct indication ngo sprod of mind's nature. Synthetic trends emerged, too. It often has been taught by modern lamas, and has great appeal for Western Buddhists, who often regard it as a simple and natural approach to spiritual life, free of the categories and complexities of more "culturally embedded" Buddhist practices. Rightly viewing the basis provides the motive for entering the path. Paths are multiple, and divisible into meditation and action.

In an instantaneous path, one abides in the nature of mind and acts spontaneously and compassionately right from the beginning. In a gradual non-Tantric path the one most commonly described , meditation commences with standard devotional practices directed to one's guru and various deities. One next attains mental tranquility through concentration on a single object — usually the nature of mind itself — thereby experiencing clarity, bliss, and nonduality.

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With the mind concentrated effortlessly on itself, one proceeds to insight meditation, in which an analytic search for any nonmental phenomenon anywhere, or any truly existent mind of any sort, yields literally nothing — or emptiness. As meditative realization deepens, one's actions are increasingly natural, joyous, and beneficial to others.

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When one is utterly delusion-free and completely identified with the luminous, blissful, nondual gnosis that is one's inmost nature, one achieves the path's result: the dharma , enjoyment, and emanation bodies of a fully enlightened buddha — which are no different from the emptiness, luminosity, and appearances of the mind itself.

Buddhism, article on Buddhism in Tibet.

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Broido, Michael M. One of a number of scholarly and philosophically sophisticated articles by Broido on the philosophy of Padma dkar po. Chang, Garma C. New Hyde Park , N. Dalai Lama , H. Ithaca, N. The Eighth Situpa and the Third Karma pa. Translated by Lama Sherab Dorje.

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