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The manual contains 27 pages and it comes with a lot of diagrams and drawings so it's very easy to follow. Full Auto Marlin Mod. All NFA rules apply! This Ruger Mini Full Auto Conversion Manual has step by step instructions for converting this popular sporting and survival rifle to full auto fire. The complete detailed techniques of making a nearly factory original select-fire conversion to the Thompson SMG.

The conversion unit is a separate, machined art that will, with one simple modification, work on either weapon. The best feature is that absolutely NO modification or machining is required on the receiver. The stock requires a slight modification to accept the basic unit. A great way for Class II manufacturers and Police Military armorers to convert either of these weapons into select-fire is by registering the conversion unit as a machine gun.

Please note: Civilians can no longer do Form I conversions on anything pertaining to machine guns. For civilian consumption, this together with all our conversion books, is intended for academic purposes only. To do otherwise would be in violation of the Federal Law! Full-Auto Vol. Now, this completely revised book offers all the information needed to convert a semi-auto Uzi to full auto fire.

Two methods are shown, one for a drop in conversion to full auto only and one for a permanent conversion to selective fire. Every step is shown in large, clear photos and concise, easy to understand text. Even if you don't plan to convert your semi-auto Uzi to full auto at the present time you owe it to yourself to know how. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate, including more sophisticated schemes devised by CIA and Mafia members and political dirty tricksters. For entertainment purposes only. Gill Hibben Knife Throwing Guide. Hibben was inducted into the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame in October for his many contributions to throwing knife designs.

Hibben wrote the 64 page Hibben Knife Throwing Guide for throwing for distance, choosing knives and building targets. This is FM, the "Bible" of our elite Special forces in its entirety. With over pages, it gives a well illustrated coverage of such topics as organization, logistics, infiltration, ambush, sniping, patrols, raids, mining, sabotage, weapons, demolitions, and much more! An indispensable volume. Brown Foreword "The sounds of the humid jungle night filled the little man's ears and head as he made his way silently through the under-story, his bare Brown Open this book and travel to Saigon, Switzerland, Cuba's Sierra Maestra and post-World War II China, where you will become the consummate student of clandestine warfare as practiced by victorious guerrillas for thousands of years.

Author Bob Newman both trained guerrilla forces and worked to crush them in his 20 years as a U. Marine, and here he pulls no punches. Drawing examples from guerrilla warfare's rich history and applying proven principles of leadership, tactics and operational art, plus his own years of experience on the forward edge of the battle area, Newman covers every facet of the grim, violent world of guerrilla warfare: basic fieldcraft; mines and booby traps; ambushes; tunnel construction and strategy; urban and nocturnal tactics; interrogation, indoctrination and exploitation; psyops; and much more.

If you want to learn how guerrillas think, fight and survive, this book has everything you need to know. Guns of the Elite Forces provides a penetrating account of the weapons that elite fighting troops carry into combat. Such elites have always existed in the armies of the world.

Kephart Heavy Firepower features more than 20 extremely simple plans for devising bombs, mines, grenades and even a shotgun mortar that could be used in a guerrilla warfare situation or during other desperate times. From such ordinary items as bottles, mousetraps, light bulbs, pipe, gravel and extension cord, a determined defender can amass a fearsome array of antipersonnel and antivehicle munitions that can be arranged in a most cunning and deadly defense perimeter.

Simple formulas for sugar- and fertilizer-based explosives and improvised napalm are provided. This book provides a fascinating glimpse into the darker side of police work, a world in which things are not always what they seem to be. Learn how to recognize innocent-looking items that can be used to lethal advantage. He takes a behind-the-scenes look at little-known versions of the G3 rifle and demonstrates the advantages of some off-the-shelf versions over standard rifles specified by military purchases.

He also examines customized. The five volumes cover the basics and some advanced techniques for the guns listed. A must for the amateur and professional gunsmith library. Vol Three:. I, The Submachine Gun by Bill Holmes Finally, the average person can easily fabricate his own submachine gun -- even from a truck axle -- with a minimum of tools, equipment and material. This nontechnical book walks you through building the receiver, breech block, barrel, trigger assembly, stock, pistol grip, sights and magazine, as well as heat treating and finishing.

This vital knowledge is a must for every citizen who's concerned about the direction of our increasingly restrictive government. Warning: It is illegal to manufacture or possess the firearms described in this book without proper government authorization.

Therefore, all BATF and local law enforcement rules apply. The procedures described are for academic study only. IV, The 9mm Machine Pistol by Bill Holmes In this fourth volume the author explains why with the passage of the newest crime bill you must be prepared to make your own weapons, shows you how to locate and use parts and tools to make the job easier and then takes you step by step through the actual construction of both closed-bolt and open-bolt versions of this popular machine pistol. Your completed firearm, with an overall length of 16 inches and weight of 5 pounds, fires at a rate of rounds per minute and has a unique two-stage trigger that eliminates the need for any switches or levers when changing the mode of fire.

Actual construction of the weapon described may be illegal under federal, state or local laws, so this information is presented for academic study only. Home WorkshopSilencers The first complete set of working machinist's drawings showing step by step construction of three different firearm silencers. All drawings are done to scale and are of superb quality. Over fifty 9x12 machinist's drawings are presented.

This beautiful large format edition clearly details all construction and operation procedures for a SMG silencer, a pistol silencer and a simplified SMG expedient silencer. These are, without a doubt, the highest quality, most precise silencer designs available anywhere at any price. Remember, this book is for reference and historical purposes only!

The Postage Stamp Bug. The Sonarbug. The Optibug. Wild new creations from the latest James Bond movie? These are working spy toys that anyone with a little knowledge, basic fabrication skills and a healthy curiosity about the forbidden science of electronic surveillance can make in the privacy of his own workshop. The Home Workshop Spy provides all of the circuit-board patterns, parts lists and building tips necessary to construct an array of bugs, taps, directional mics, receivers and other pieces of clandestine hardware for education or amusement.

You don't need to be a "wire specialist" to appreciate the simplicity and practicality of these wonderfully sneaky designs. Here are all of the circuit-board patterns, parts lists and building tips needed to build a sneaky array of bugs, taps, mics and other forbidden spy toys. These simple designs are for "wire specialists" or anyone interested in knowing about the clandestine sciences.

And, once made, guns can last forever. Ammunition is another matter.

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Most people don't know the first thing about making smokeless powder, reloading cartridges, determining which brass can be reused safely and which can't, manufacturing or recharging primers or caching ammo and the components needed to make it. Homemade Ammo provides all the technical know-how you need to do all this and more. It requires no special utensils, reference books or training. The step-by-step directions will show you how to make your own C-4 -- and survive!

With ordinary tools and nothing more exotic than pipe, washers, nuts and bolts, you can soon be lobbing out show-stopping high-explosive ordnance to the delight of friends and onlookers. Ragnar also shows how to reload spent 40mm cases as well as how to improvise your own grenades from common materials found at the hardware store. Complete BATF guidelines are included. Brown You don't need a fancy machine shop or knowledge of chemistry to make the guns, gunpowder and primers covered in Homemade Guns and Homemade Ammo. All you need are ordinary hand tools.

Pipe sizes for various other gauges and calibers, ballistic concepts, simple gunpowder recipes, primer material, kitchen-sink reloading and designs for a homemade double barrel are included. In what is the first book to focus solely on Semtex, noted demolitions expert Seymour Lecker sets the record straight about this powerful but misunderstood explosive.

He tells you what it will and won't do, its strengths and its limitations, and how it compares with its U. Find out about how to manufacture, store and use Semtex before you're confronted with a situation where what you don't know can hurt you. Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment. General introduction with purpose and scope. Chapters include hot weather clothing and footwear, sleeping equipment, load carrying equipment, miscellaneous such as canteens, machete, helmet, also cleaning and care and much more.

TM 48 p. How to fit keys by impressioning. This manual will teach you all the skills necessary to fit keys to locks without picking or removing the mechanism. The illustrations teach you how to: fit a bit key, a flat steel key, lever tumbler keys, disc tumbler keys, and pin tumbler keys. It lists all the necessary tools for impressioning. The various techniques of obtaining impressions are discussed. The world is a dangerous place now, and having safe spaces for goods and personnel is essential. Over one hundred drawings show how to turn ordinary items into extraordinary hiding places.

Considering what you could lose, the money for this book may be the best you ever spend. How to Hide Things in Public Places. Did you ever want to hide something from prying eyes but were hesitant to do so in your own home? The world around us is filled with cubbyholes and niches that can safely employed to hide things in, and this eyeopening book identifies them. Not only does this book thoroughly examine the art of public hiding, it also covers techniques of public anonymous transactions with other parties.

How To Open Handcuffs Without Keys This book covers a selection of handcuffs in popular use today and discusses some of the features with which you should become familiar. How you can manipulate the Media. Squadron Signals 52p. Homebuild Recoilless Launcher. DeMarco Your search for the finest and perhaps strangest improvised recoilless weapon system is over. What sets this design apart from the others is its unique countershot system, which uses cookies. Yes, cookies! Not only is this system economical, it is capable of delivering a projectile accurately, at high speed, to a target hundreds of feet away.

Other unique features include lightweight materials, a compact design less than two feet long and a charge holder that allows for rapid reloading from the outer wall of the launcher tube. Included are complete plans for two "cookie" launcher designs as well as step-by-step assembly instructions, detailed diagrams and schematics, photos and test-firing data. All you'll need are some easy-to-find materials, a trip to the grocery store and a weekend. Because the procedures described in this book and resulting end product can be dangerous, this book is presented for academic study only.

This book was developed as a guide toward development of field expedient explosives for use in constructing efficient detonators. It covers detonator design involving the use of cartridge brass and copper pipe, primary explosives, and booster explosives such as picric acid and RDX. It is the perfect text for the advanced student of improvised munitions. Learn how to obtain or make all the necessary chemicals or acceptable substitutes.

Various fuses, detonators and chemical and electrical timers are covered, as are pipe bombs, plastic bottle bombs, jerry can bombs and tamperproof bombs. For academic study only! Improvised Lock Picks Police officers, security guards, gun shop owners, and and alarm installers are all expected to know the answers to the general public's questions about physical security. This manual provides many of those answers, separating fact from fiction regarding the methods of picking various types of locks, the tools used, etc.

Homemade and improvised picks and tools are also shown and described. David Truby and John Minnery With antigun activists continuing to chip away at the Second Amendment, the need to revive this long-out-of print classic could no longer be ignored. Through vivid descriptions and extraordinary, rare photos, the authors document the extremes to which people will go when normal supplies of firearms are denied.

You'll get the lowdown on improvised firearms straight from the pros: the Vietcong, the Mafia, CIA, street gangs, Special Forces, prisoners, Filipino guerrillas and a handful of others whose lives depended on their own ingenuity in devising homemade pistols and shotguns. Improvised Munitions Handbook I.

Infantrymans Guide to Urban Combat. Rex Applegate This hard-to-find combat manual covers ground operations in urban settings. It clearly outlines skills unique to city fighting, including analyzing terrain, securing routes, seizing blocks and buildings, setting up firing positions, scaling walls, employing snipers, assessing civilian impact and the effects of small arms and support weapons on the urban environment and much more. Models 10 and 11 differs only in used cartridge type, weight and barrels what is determined by used cartridge type. MAC uses Modification MAC uses 9 x 17 mm.

It was intended for special forces and police. Operating Manual. Instructors SF Demolition Training. Warfare FM. Jane's Gun Recognition Guide. JANE'S - Guns Recognition Guide This one handy book features all the military rifles, pistols, revolvers, machineguns, and sub-machineguns in action today. This book will help you identify them all. Sidell Author , William C. Dashiell Author , Ken, M. Alibek Author , Scott, M. Layne Author , Frederick R. Includes special sections for Alpha Teams on assassination, sabotage and kidnapping. Rex Applegate This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history.

Reprinted and in current use by the U. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged. In more than 20 years of service, he's set them up and broken them up. Now, in this concise handbook, he shares his survival savvy and details the principles and techniques of ambush and counterambush to help protect soldiers in combat as well as travelers and executives who may find themselves in dangerous parts of the world.

This vital knowledge is provided in a three-pronged approach that explains in detail how to plan, launch or prevent an ambush; applies the principles of applying or countering ambushes in more than 60 special situations; and analyzes 40 actual ambushes in such global hot spots as Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Colombia, Egypt and South Africa to determine why they succeeded or failed.

Knife Fighting Encyclopedia W. Hock Hochheim, a year police veteran, has given us the ultimate in reference books on knife fighting. How do you avoid a knife fight? How do you deal with someone who's pulled a knife without pulling your own knife? How do you handle witnesses? When does a knife fight escalate into full combat? Animal covers these topics in detail, as well as choosing a good fighting knife; the best and worst grips, draws and stances; dealing with the police; devious street tricks that people will use to slip a knife into your kidney; and much more.

LAPD is an insider's look at the Los Angeles Police Department and provides a rare look at the tremendous challenges faced in keeping order in its square miles. It also examines the LAPD's media image and some controversial aspects of the department's history. Includes an LAPD glossary. Lasers and Night Vision Devices.

This long awaited volume contains sections on active infrared viewers, Passive night vision equipment, Lasers, optical systems, Radar and much more. This little manual, which includes a reprint of the original army operations manual, describes how to do just that. It is a step-by-step guide to disassembling, rebuilding and rearming the weapon's internal firing components and creating a suitable projectile. Introduction 2. Controls, Sights, and Operation of the Launcher 3.

Rocket Ammunition 4. Maintenance and Inspections, Decontamination, and Destruction 5. Marksmanship Training 6. Safety 7. Technique of Fire 8. Tactical Employment Appendix A. Text References and Training Aids B. Training Tips C. Training Program D. Training Device Index.

Forget all your preconceptions about the French Foreign Legion. Many of the legends you grew up with no longer apply, so whatever you've heard probably does not reflect the reality of service today. Evan McGorman explains in detail how to apply to get into this elite corps, what to expect if accepted, and how to make the most of the experience. Inside you will find descriptive sections covering all kinds of picks, their respective locks and tumbler assemblages, disk tumbler picking techniques and every necessary tool. A fine self-teaching manual for beginners. Written with the locksmithing student, professional locksmith and law enforcement agent in mind, it covers just about every area in which forced entry might be necessary: houses, buildings, automobiles, office equipment, surreptitious entry and espionage locksmithing.

The basic text was expanded and is still taught by CIA Technical Services Division personnel -- with which Watergate conspirators were associated.

7 Weapons You Can (But Probably Shouldn't) Build |

This manual will be of tremendous interest to historians, collectors and spy buffs and should be seen as a revelation of CIA activities. Army soldier who served in the Middle East as an Arabic interpreter. She recounts her decision to enlist and her experiences during the Iraq war in a new memoir. Williams was a sergeant in a military intelligence company of the st Airborne Division.

HardCover 19,3 x 13 x 2,5 cm. M-1 Garand Technical Manual - U. Army TM U.

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  • These are exact reproductions of original military manuals with soft bound covers and are offered as reference materials only. Each manual has detailed diagrams and illustrations. This manual is published for the information and guidance of personnel responsible for Operation, Organizational, and Direct and General Support Maintenance of 5. TM This manual provides technical information, training techniques, and combat techniques of the M grenade launcher.

    Intended users include leaders and designated grenadiers, who will use this information to successfully integrate the M into their combat operations. This manual discusses gunnery training and train-the-trainer, and includes an appendix on the M79 mm grenade launcher. Machine Gun Cal. Neuste Auflage FM vom Juni Machine Gun M Operator's Manual. Stands for Modified AK Internal functioning of rifle is the same as the AKM, except the hammer and trigger grouping for semi-auto, and there is no hammer retarder for full auto fire.

    Post ban MAK rifles have a "sporter thumb hole stock" due to the ban on pistol grip assault rifles. CHF 6. This book takes you through the most common, effective and notorious methods used, including those favored by the Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese, Russians and Americans.

    The author, himself a military interrogator, teaches you how to acquire useful, accurate information in as little time as possible, as well as how to thwart an interrogator who is intent on making you talk. Chapters include differences between military and civilian interrogations, Geneva Conventions for POWs, how to match methods to prisoner types, mental vs.

    Make your home into your castle. This practical and useful book should be in every homeowner's library. The easytofollow text provides details on planning home security, physical security equipment, alarms, interior exterior protection, farms, waterfront property, trailers, dogs, fences, etc. It covers everything from simple quick solutions all the way to expensive electronic measures. You too can protect your home and turn it into your castle. Unlike many British volunteers to the Legion, Bill did not desert. He endured a horrendous training regime and, despite a fear of heights joined the elite Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment.

    This is more than a war story - it is a personal journey too, as Bill comes to terms with his own inner demons. His five years' service included brutal combat in Rwanda and Chad, events that still trigger nightmares. But he emerged as a man at peace with himself, and with a story to tell. Bill Parris. Making your AR into a Pistol. This gut-wrenching book is based on Ragnar Benson's own mantrapping experiences while on special assignments in Asia, Africa, North and South America and Cuba.

    You have to see this one to believe it! As Benson says: "To know how to trap your enemy is to know how to avoid being trapped yourself. Includes a special chapter on the philosophy of mantrapping. Manual of the Mercenary Soldier. Seasoned professional mercenary Paul Balor reveals the experiences, tricks of the trade and hard-learned lessons that have kept him alive for more than four decades. Marine Spec. Marine Corps "special operations capable" units are equipped, trained and ready to bring their immense combat power to bear in today's "small wars" and other violent flare-ups.

    Marine Special Warfare and Elite Unit Tactics is an inside look at how modern Marines conduct warfare in today's unconventional conflicts -- lightning raids, hard-hitting counterterrorist ops, tense downed-pilot recoveries and other special missions. Battlefield anecdotes from the Corps' inception to its remarkable performance in the Gulf War illuminate how its special units fight within the framework of the classic Marine approach to combat -- hitting the enemy with an overwhelming amount of force as fast as possible until he submits or is crushed.

    Whether relying on Cobra gunships, amphibious assault vehicles or a grunt on the ground with a rifle, a pocket full of grenades and a bad attitude, the U. Marines get the job done. Author, Camper, Franklin J. Title, Mercenary operations manual. Imprint, Arizona : Desert, Physical, 83 p. Subject, Mercenery Troops Methods of Long Term Underground Storage This booklet gives the reader detailed instructions on how to prepare basic materials coins, firearms, ammunition, etc. Although the semi-auto Uzi-Pistol for the civilian market is now a reality, full auto versions are unobtainable at any price.

    Now, this completely revised book offers all the information needed to convert a semi-auto Uzipistol to full auto fire. Even if you don't plan to convert your semi-auto Uzipistol to full auto at the present time you owe it to yourself to know how. Military Helicopters An Illustrated Guide. This is a good guide to military helicopters of the 80s and before, so its a bit outdated.

    There are 51 aircraft described. There are many colour photos, not high quality though. Very good descriptions. Military Mountaineering Manual. Official Government Issue Handbook. TC Training for Combat p. Military Ops. In Low intensity Confl. This manual addresses military operations in low intensity conflict LIC. These are military operations which support political, economic and informational actions.

    The term low intensity conflict reflects an American perspective. Indeed, the term is a misnomer. To peoples more directly affected, the threat is immediate and vital. To us, it is subtle, indirect, and long-term; but potentially it is just as serious. The actions which take place in low intensity conflict are distinguishable from those in conventional war, more by differences in kind, than by degree of intensity. Regardless of perspective, the instruments for the resolution of a conflict must be appropriate to its nature.

    The arsenal of national power includes political, economic, informational, and military instruments. The nature of the conflict environment determines the way leaders employ them. FM p. Convert your Mini into a full-auto, silenced, SWAT-type weapon that is capable of field-clearing firepower. Note that this conversion process requires no machining or special tools. Once completed, it takes just five minutes to drop in the Automatic Connector the book's secret! It's that simple! The Mini Exotic Weapons System is presented for academic study only.

    Firearms expert Duncan Long outlines the specifics of modifying the stock and barrel; creating a superaccurate target, sniper and varmint rifle; building bullpup versions; and constructing "double" guns. Plus, he reveals cutting-edge techniques for creating remote-control rifles that can guard areas from a distance. Here is the authoritative source on how to greatly, and legally, increase the Mini's firepower, giving you a rifle that not only generates a lot of double takes, but also delivers -- at the range, in the field or in critical moments of self-defense.

    Mini 14 The Plinker, Hunter, Assault,. An infinite number of variations of the Mini may be constructed with accessories such as scopes; magazines; folding, bullpup, and pistol-grip stocks; multicaliber adapters; flash suppressors; silencers and slings. Presented here are the Mini's history, the factory-produced models, specifications, accessories, suppliers and much more.

    Everything You Need to Know by Duncan Long Though the "bullet-proof" vest is a mythical beast, modern ballistic armor is stronger and lighter than ever before since the advent of the Kevlar fiber. Modern Ballistic Armor details the myriad uses to which Kevlar cloth may be put, from bullet-resistant suits, vests, goggles, gloves and other clothing, to armor for land vehicles and aircraft, shields for riot police and SWAT teams and even rings and bomb-suppression blankets as utilized by bomb squads. Complete with lists of manufacturers, dealers and distributors, this book is the only source you need to put ballistic armor to work for you!

    These and other models are evaluated on the basis of their features, accuracy, reliability and handiness in the field. The author also looks at the best scopes, ammunition and accessories. The defeat of Hitler on 8 May left Western Europe militarily vulnerable and economically exhausted. The Soviet Union, however, had since annexed , square miles of Eastern Europe, occupied a further , square miles, and now seemed poised to advance still further westwards with its six-million strong forces.

    This book explores the history, organization and uniforms of NATO armies - excluding the United States and Great Britain - as they were in the late s. Ragnar's challenge was to come up with dirt-simple, easily assembled, relatively inexpensive alternatives to the original C-4 recipe -- and all had to use unregulated chemicals that were available everywhere.

    As always, Ragnar presents solid, step-by-step instructions, practical insights and witty personal anecdotes. Any explosive is extremely dangerous; therefore, this information is for academic study only. Popp Here is all the info you need to carry out the successful night operation: the physical and psychological factors that affect night operations; night movement and positions; signaling; navigation, including map and terrain analysis; illumination techniques; and the training techniques that will make successful night fighters.

    Disarming the Armed Assailant by Bradley J. Steiner When you're unarmed and staring down the barrel of a gun, you won't have a second chance to take control of the situation. Bradley Steiner, Combato expert, provides you with the psychological and physical skills you need to save your own life and possibly the lives of others. Detailed descriptions and photos graphically demonstrate the types of assailants and weapons -- the handgun, knife, bludgeon, shoulder weapon and improvised street weapons -- you could face and the instant, ruthless action that will disarm and overwhelm your attacker.

    This force not only provides tactical and heavy weapons backup for precinct officers, it also provides New York City's citizens with an extraordinary range of rescue techniques and equipment. The ESU handles tens of thousands of calls each year, including storming barricaded crack houses, extracting trapped drivers, providing counter-sniper teams, VIP escorts, water rescues, etc. Contains color photographs. Topics covered include techniques for the effective and safe control and restraint of suspects, removal of drivers who refuse to exit their vehicles, low profile removal of passive resisters, and practical self-defense techniques which are easily learned and highly effective.

    Here he reveals the vulnerable targets of the human body that can result in your attacker collapsing to the pavement in pain or unconsciousness. Also learn how street people size you up as a victim and what you can do to discourage them. Operator's Manual 7. Contains chapters on all facets of use including use under unusual conditions and emergency procedures. The maintenance section includes field trouble shooting and lubrication procedures plus much more.

    Also sections on ammunition, parts list, supply list and more. The British soldiers had been on peacekeeping operations. The rebels were a famously brutal group - called The West Side Boys - known for amputating the limbs of civilians for fun and forcing children to become rebel fighters. Over the proceeding day ordeal, the British hostages - two of whom were just 17 years old - were subjected to a living nightmare in the rebels' jungle base. This became an archetypal story of Africa's heart of darkness.

    As the British military tried to negotiate, the rebels' horrific excesses culminated in children's heads being paraded on poles before the hostages. A combined force of some 75 SAS and SBS soldiers were sent in to assault a heavily defended rebel base occupied by 1, enemy. This is a story of how they flew into target in a lightning assault, and succeeded in their mission against all odds.

    The story is a modern day tale of hostages and heroes, an epic of soul-shattering confrontations. Rifles, Cal. This is an amazing book and one that fits the catagory of seeing is believing. This is a must read for any student of military history or military science. Designed by the O. Complete construction plans and detailed information.

    The pick gun has taken the art of lock picking away from a select few and democratized the ability to open locks by mechanical means. This book gives an overview of the mechanical principles of pick guns -- how they work and how to use them -- and traces the development of the pick gun from its inception to today's revolutionary devices. Included are the original patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as well as info on pick guns used by the FBI and intelligence agencies. Photos depict improvised devices made out of coat hangers and clothespins.

    This manual features clear illustrations detailing the construction principles and deployment possibilities of dozens of dangerously clever pipe and fire bomb designs. This book is not presented as an instruction manual, nor is it an adequate substitute for extensive certified instruction in EOD procedures and techniques. It is offered for academic study and informational purposes only. Pistols and Revolvers FM This manual provides guidance on the operation and marksmanship of the pistol, M9, 9-mm; pistol, MA1, caliber. It reflects current Army standards in weapons qualifications.

    It is a guide for the instructor to develop training programs, plans, and lessons that meet the objectives of the United States Army Marksmanship Program for developing combat effective marksmen. The soldier develops confidence, knowledge, and skills by following the guidelines in this manual.

    FM 90p. Charles Beene, Ret. Beene headed the San Francisco Police Department's crowd-control unit so he knows firsthand the difficulty of balancing the right of assembly with that of public safety. His common-sense approach shows how to use the media, permits, barricades, mobile instant response and training to avoid riots. This book does. Chapters include Military Firefights vs. Animal would, because he knows it can happen. In fact, any tool that aids and abets knocking someone into next week can be considered a weapon -- not just the lethal stuff like guns and knives.

    This book will broaden your definition of what constitutes a weapon to include rope, beer bottles, pens, pool cues, cats, tables and chairs, keys, gin and tonics and more. Poor Man's James Bond Vol 1. It embodies all the practical paramilitary knowledge collected and studied by dissident groups through-out America.

    It is a kind of Reader's Digest of do-it-yourself mayhem. Poor Man's James Bond Vol 2. Contains a whole arsenal of improvised weaponry. It requires only three easily found and legal ingredients and no special skills, equipment or training. And guncotton can be improvised in seconds. This manual also contains a special section on safety procedures for handling the chemicals involved in making guncotton and other explosives. Warning: Explosives are by nature extremely dangerous, and explosives manufacture and use is closely regulated by most nations and states, with violators subject to fines and imprisonment.

    Therefore, this book is presented for academic study only. Army's technique for instinct shooting. Learn how to determine your master eye, how to hit tiny disks thrown in the air eight times out of ten and how to simply and instinctively hit any target. Perfect for police, marksmen and hunters. Professional Locksmithing Techniques. This book contains all the essential information locksmithing students need to know to enter the trade.

    In logical lesson-by-lesson format, it provides in-depth instructions on fundamentals such as lock and key identification, automotive and high security mechanical lock servicing, forced entry, lock picking, key dublication, impressioning, lock installation and repair. Illustrated, , pages. These techniques go far beyond what you will encounter on the streets. Learn the difference between knife fighting fantasy and knife fighting reality.

    The author exposes the ludicrous techniques perpetuated on TV and in the movies, as well as the absurd and even dangerous methods taught by martial art instructors. He then outlines realistic aspects of knife defense and attack unknown to those who've never been in a knife fight. He continues with subjects he just couldn't get into the first book. But he has received hundreds of letters from frustrated readers who could not get their hands on the one key ingredient necessary for successful detonation -- commercial blasting caps.

    Ragnar's recipe is a simple three-step method requiring only three drugstore chemicals, a handful of scrap hardware and no tools more complicated than a hacksaw and common mortar and pestle. He also covers 13 improvised devices that will reliably trigger the detonators in clever ways. RAIDS is a guide to the preparation, planning, and execution of medium to high risk search or arrest warrants. It includes extensive information about the development of raid teams, equipment selection, intelligence gathering, entry tactics and the specialized training involved.

    This book is loaded with valuable information directed at federal agents and all law enforcement officers involved in high risk warrant service, including narcotics investigators, gang squads, fugitive apprehension units, tactical teams, etc. Contains photographs and diagrams. I, p. Army Ranger Handbook. This handbook draws from bloody lessons learned from two centuries of special operations combat. Crammed with info on demolitions, booby traps, rappelling, communications and more than 30 other topics.

    Army's tough, legendary Rangers FM No survivalist, concerned citizen, or member of the armed forces should be without this book. Much of his adult life has been spent in electronic research, and in the development of products ranging from burglar alarm systems to equipment for rappelling and rescue. He has also been instrumental in the startup of several sales and manufacturing companies. A great love of the out-of-doors has led him to countless This book has been called the bible of practical, effective, and street-proven self-defense techniques by many street police officers, and is must reading before you confront your next suspect.

    Topics covered include handcuffing, searching, vehicle extractions, weapon disarming, removal of passive resisters, control and restraint techniques, etc. The techniques are easy to learn and execute, difficult to defeat, and totally practical for today's street officer. Contains over drawings. Peters, Jr. On April 6, , twenty-six Green Berets, including those of Sergeant 1st Class Antenori's Special Forces A-Team led a violent battle against a vastly superior force at the remote crossroads near the village of Debecka, Iraq.

    The Green Berets stopped an enemy unit that included battle tanks and more than well-trained, well-equipped, and well-commanded soldiers. In a spectacular fight, they battled Iraqi tanks and personnel until only a handful of Iraqi survivors finally fled the battlefield. In the process, Nine-One encountered hordes of news media and at the peak of the fight a US Navy F dropped a pound bomb in the middle of a group of supporting Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, killing and wounding dozens.

    This is the never-before-told, unsanitized, unedited story of the fight for the crossroads at Debecka, Iraq and a unique inside look at a Special Forces A-Team as it recruits and organizes, trains for combat, and eventually fights a battle against a huge opposing force in Iraq.

    Now you can transform your Ruger into a selective-fire, close-combat gun you can trust. With simple hand tools, you can build the parts that will convert your Ruger into an affordable weapon that fires more than 1, rounds per minute on full auto -- all without modifying the receiver or trigger housing in any way! Machinist's drawings, templates and more than 70 close-up photos accompany the detailed instructions in this newly revised edition. Unlike some other conversion plans out there, this one really works.

    Complete instructions for assembly and dissassembly, care, and maintenance are detailed along with photos and exploded diagrams.

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    An accessory guide describes dress up components and lists distributors. A must for owners of these two popular carbines. The SAS operate worldwide, often living in the most hostile and isolated environments. In doing so, SAS soldiers are confronted by situations of extreme danger, not just from the enemy, but from their surroundings - yet they survive.

    SAS soldiers are amongst the most highly skilled survival experts in the world and this book allows the reader to share the knowledge which keeps them alive and fit for combat whilst coping with the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them. With clearly laid out text and illustrations, it explains how to find water, how to light and maintain a fire, how to find food, how to build a shelter and every other survival skill needed in almost any conceivable survival situation. This book has great detailed pictures and explanations clear and easy to understand.

    He bequeathed to the present day a simple, unshakeable fact - a small force of well-trained, well-armed, determined men operating way behind enemy lines can achieve damage and destruction totally out of proportion to its size. This concept remains as true today as it was then. A unique combat unit was created; copied but never equalled - the much feared SAS. Mike Morgan tells the story of the SAS, from its beginnings in the Second World War, through its involvement in the 'bush wars' of the 50s and 60s, and the more secretive military operations of the Cold War era, through to the Gulf Wars of more recent years.

    Nearer to home the anti-terrorist duties of the SAS are covered - for example, the Iranian Embassy siege. He also looks at what it takes to be an SAS soldier, their selection and training, their weapons and equipment, and their links to the Special Forces of other nations.

    Written by ex-SAS survival expert. Have you thought about how you would deal with surviving out in the wild with nothing but the plants you could forage? Do you wonder how you would manage if you were lost and had to set up an improvised camp? Can you tie knots or make basic weather forecasts? The book is based on the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the world's most famous elite fighting force.

    Whether you are a camper, a hiker, a sailor or anyone else engaged in outdoor pursuits, this reference bible could actually save your life. Using clear line drawings and colour illustrations, survival techniques from the sea to the mountains and from the polar icecaps to the desert are described, complete with what to do in a whole range of medical and meteorological emergencies. It is dedicated to preparing you to survive outdoors, on land or sea, in any weather, anywhere in the world. Literally thousands of detailed illustrations are packed in this informative study on survival.

    Full color illustrations depicting edible and poisonous plants, poisonous snakes and reptiles, dangerous insects, dangerous sea creatures and even medical plants are included. From improvised shelters and weapons to navigation by stars to first aid. This is the most concise book ever published on the subject of survival. Science of Revolutionary Warfare. This exclusive manual outlines their special techniques and equipment for hostile subsurface, surface and airborne operations, including stealth infiltration, breaching of doors and bulkheads, room and passageway clearance, prisoner handling and more.

    Packed with sharp photos of frogmen, breachers, snipers and assault-force members ready for action. It is an inside look at the equipment, weapons and tactics employed by U. Navy SEALs. Special emphasis is given to underwater demolition techniques and explosives. Hundreds of photos, charts and diagrams highlight this rare find. Topics include SEAL history, weapons, survival, covert intelligence-gathering, diving, first aid, infiltration and exfiltration and more. Navy SEALs the best-trained elite force in the world. SEAL snipers receive further specialized training so that, in addition to their other skills, they can deliver highly accurate rifle fire against enemies that are difficult to engage and defeat.

    This highly sought manual contains the complete program by which SEAL snipers train, equip and operate. Bosiljevac The Vietcong feared them above all American troops. Navy SEALs staged ambushes, gathered intelligence, raided VC strongholds, captured prisoners and supplies and created havoc in the enemy's rear areas. This book tells the dramatic story of these highly trained commandos in Southeast Asia, from the early coastal reconnaissance missions to the withdrawal of the last SEAL team.

    Bosiljevac recounts incredible acts of skill and valor by SEAL troops under fire. This is the definitive book on this elite unit's role in the Vietnam War. Master locksmith Steven Hampton reveals here the tricks and tools for bypassing keyed and combination locks from pin tumbler locks, mushroom and spool pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks, warded locks and disk tumbler locks to tubular cylinder locks, magnetic locks, door locks, padlocks and automobile locks.

    Find the key to "seeing" into every lock and discovering its simplicity. Having developed the designs into a Class II manufacturing business, author Wayne Thornbrugh knows that they work. After more than , rounds fired, he has yet to encounter a parts failure in his Ruger conversions. Two configurations are described and accompanied by detailed illustrations and step-by-step directions: the front-mounted bolt arrestor and the rear arrestor. A good drill press is needed to devise these two methods, but reliability is undeniable.

    Download Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing The Ultimate Hobby Weapon

    Select Fire Uzi Modification Manual The legendary Uzi has the reputation of being one of the finest submachine guns in the world, but up to now if you wanted to legally own one you had two choices: send your semi-auto out for a lengthy and costly period at a machine shop, then have it transferred back to you, or you could risk butchering your gun by attempting to do the work yourself that was designed for machine tools. Now, with the information contained in this book, you can convert your semi-auto Uzi. Sources of supply for all required parts from bolts to barrels are listed.

    Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by numerous large, clear photos and illustrations. Sykes Shooting to Live is the product of Fairbairn's and Sykes' practical experience with the handgun. Hundreds of incidents provided the basis for the first true book on life-or-death shootouts with the pistol. Shooting to Live teaches all concepts, considerations and applications of combat pistolcraft. After reading the first book, many of his loyal fans wrote to the Master to share their own innovative ideas for simple silencer designs anyone can build at home.

    George compiled the cream of the crop in to this latest illustrated guide. So, if you want to build a silencer here's your chance to do it legally and by the book. Silent Death Poisons and the art of killing with stealth are part of humanity's folklore and heritage, and in this homcidal manifesto, master chemist Uncle Fester has turned his attentions to the venomeousness that Homo Sapiens have wrought,.. From natural poisons to the newest in chemical warfare are talked about in these pages. Published in Disassembly and assembly functioning and operation maintenance and cleaning.

    Is it worthy of respect as a true assault weapon? Did it gain its place on the battlefield due to politics or performance? Has it survived because it's cheap to construct or because of its functionality and reliability? Duncan Long reveals the answers to these questions, beginning with the history of the SKS and advancing to the practical aspects of operating, maintaining and modifying this abundantly available rifle. Topics covered include equipment selection, intelligence gathering, tactics, training program development, etc. Loaded with valuable information directed at all law enforcement officers and military personnel involved in special operations, SWAT, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism.

    Essential reading for not only snipers but also team leaders, entry team members, instructors, and command personnel. Sniper Training and Employment. This reprint of the August edition of FM is the most up to date U. Military sniping information and doctrine. It is the very latest sniper training program as taught by the U. Also includes an analysis of sniper weapons of the world, plus a glossary, references and index.

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    Army pages PP. This book was written specifically for law enforcement and military snipers who are required to operate in an urban environment. It is the first text aimed at Special Weapons Response Teams. Essential reading for police marksmen, SWAT snipers and commanders, military counterterrorist teams, hostage rescue teams, and law enforcement administrators. It covers all aspects of selection and training of a sniper element and details operational procedures, deployment, tactics, communications and shot placement. Contains photographs and 40 detailed diagrams. Soldier's Cold Weather Survival.

    Cold Weather Survival This handbook is designed to prepare you to conduct operations and survive for extended periods of time under the most severe and varying cold weather conditions. If you are properly trained you will be able to fight, defend and survive in any cold weather area of the world. A book you can't LIVE without.

    Demolitions Techniques. Hand-To-Hand Fighting. The U S Army Special Forces is known to train the world's most accomplished medics, and this handbook is the reason why. US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook has everything: pages of comprehensive information on disease diagnosis and treatment, emergency war surgery, drugs and their doses, pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopedics, emergency dental treatment, and much more!

    Operational Techniques. All illustrations and every one of the pages of vital info are included.

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    2. Estimating Eligibility and Participation for the WIC Program (Compass Series (Washington, D.C.).)!
    3. El Instante del Hombre Gris 8 - Crucemos la Grieta.
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    5. Watch Your Mouth: A Novel.
    6. Ragnar Benson.
    7. How to Make Replica Guns Out of Cardboard.

    Whether you're involved in nonnuclear or nuclear warfare, unconventional warfare or counterinsurgency ops, this manual covers what you need to know. Improvised weapons, intelligence, psychological ops, communications, logistics, survival, infiltration, Special Forces field maneuvers, demolition, raids and ambushes, amphibious air ops and more are covered. Army Special Forces has won renown for its expertise in guerrilla warfare.

    Special Forces Handbook -- a classic in the field -- covers such topics as guerrilla tactics and missions, demolition techniques such as improvised incendiaries, air ops, weapons, communications and survival skills. Learn to build your own starlight scope or purchase the best for less.

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    Change your I. SRT Diver - A Guide For Special Response Teams is a comprehensive work covering all aspects of law enforcement diving, including rescue, recovery, underwater investigations and tactical diving operations. It is a required volume for all divers, SWAT commanders, law enforcement administrators, and public service personnel involved in aquatic rescue operations. Contains over photographs.

    Erweiterte und aktualisierte Ausgabe 2-Teilig, 1. Kurt Saxon - Viet Cong Boobytraps. Mantrapping - Ragnar Benson Paladin Press.

    How to build a Flintlock Musket Grenade Launcher. (hand mortar)

    Paladin Press - Black Medicine. Paladin Press - Hitman. Paladin Press - Kurt. Paladin Press - Lock Picking Secrets. Paladin Press - Makeshift Arsenal by Lowery. Paladin Press - Medieval Swordsmanship. Paladin Press Firearms Shotgun Pistol. Paladin Press Guerrilla Sniper Training. Paladin Press. Ragnar Benson - Homemade Detonators. Ragnar Benson - New and Improved C Ragnar Benson - Ragnars Urban Survival.

    The handguns - Home workshop guns for defense and resistance by Bill Holmes. The Survival Retreat - Ragnar Benson. Zenarchist Cookbook. No hay comentarios:.