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The series is an old-fashioned tussle between good and evil and Compston and Henshall are terrific.

Serial killer Peter Manuel and the incredible tale of his naked sister and George Galloway

This article was first published in the September 30, issue of the New Zealand Listener. Television See more. Patrick Gower's weed documentary left me craving more. The Rugby World Cup is make-or-break time for Spark.

Peter Manuel - Scotland’s worst serial killer

At the age of five, his parents returned to Scotland. Manuel had a high IQ, was considered a talented artist and musician, and was proficient enough to be considered as a professional boxer. Instead, Manuel opted for a life of easy money and violent sex. His first victim was seventeen-year-old Anne Kneilands.

The Most Brutal Scottish Serial Killers

He met her by chance in January , when a man she had met at a dancehall had failed to turn up for a date. If her date had turned up, Anne would be alive today. Instead she met Manuel, who raped and murdered her, dumping her partially clothed body on a golf course. The police considered it a one-off crime, but had they been more assiduous, then Manuel would have been stopped before he killed seven others.

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However, he did not connect Manuel as possible suspect in the violent killing of Kneilands—even though Manuel had already served eight years for rape, and been known as a violent sexual predator from the age of fifteen. In September , he heard through underworld contacts that William Watt, a master baker, had left his family to take a short fishing holiday. Marion and Margaret had been shot while sleeping.

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  • In Plain Sight: Scotland's first serial killer comes to NZ television?
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Vivienne had been violently assaulted and stripped. In early December , Manuel attended a job interview in Newcastle.

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At some point during his visit, Manuel killed taxi driver Sydney Dunn 36 on the 8th December, dumping his body on moorlands in Northumbria. Again, the victim had been stripped, beaten, raped and strangled, her body buried in farmland. With no body, the police did not at first consider Cooke had been murdered.

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He murdered at least eight people during a two year reign of terror.

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Peter Thomas Anthony The Beast of Birkenshaw : Serial Killer Documentary

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