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Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo , Science advances 2 4 , e , The theoretical landscape and the methodological development of archaeology in Latin America GG Politis Latin American Antiquity 14 2 , , The socio-politics of the development of archaeology in Hispanic South America G Politis Theory in Archaeology: a world perspective, , Fishtail projectile points in the southern cone of South America: An overview G Politis Clovis: origins and adaptations, , Colombia, Brazil to Nicaragua.

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Mauritia carana is limited principally to the Rio Negro and Upper Orinoco regions; dry catinga forests.

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In RN region, there is typically one person per village if that who is a full-fledged 'shaman'. He is very much a specialist and has considerable power to cure, as well as power to curse. Gustavo Politis weds meticulous observations on Nukak production of artifacts, including the discards of their economic activities and their management of wild orchards among which they trek, to sophisticated ethnographic, botanical, zoological, and ecological analysis.


This work transcends both ethnography and archaeology while at the same time providing the reader with a profoundly well illustrated account of a society that thrives on the delicate edge between horticulture and foraging in a wooded milieu partly created by themselves and their forebears.

Politis's outstanding study is a major breakthrough in ethnoarchaeology and Amazoniana, and it will be read and studied carefully, widely, and for many years to come by scholars and students in diverse fields. It is, moreover, must reading for Amazonianists. Balee, Tulane University In Nukak, we have the most comprehensive treatise on ethnoarchaeology of an Amazonian society yet written.

Nukak: Ethnoarchaeology of an Amazonian People

William L. Balee, Tulane University An endangered human society needs a very special book. Gustavo Politis provides us with one in his unforgettable portrait of a community marginalised by the pressures indigenous people face in the Global South. With an archaeologist's eye for detail we are led along the forest paths of the Nukak's world and into their lives.

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Sensitive and dignified, his photographs will haunt the history of the twenty-first century. Clive Gamble, Royal Holloway University of London This vivid and absorbing account challenges many of our assumptions as archaeologists. Politis delves into the rich tapestry of Nukak social and symbolic life while at the same time providing a full account of technologies, subsistence and artifact discard.

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He uses a broad range of perspectives to produce a uniquely balanced account. This book has impact not only on ethnoarchaeology and hunter-gatherer archaeology, but also on debates in archaeological theory as a whole.

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Ian Hodder, Stanford University Politis presents the finest treatise yet on the archaeology of a living Amazonian society. Readers can discern that the author cares deeply about the living people he works with; they come to life on the printed page as nuanced agents of landscape transformation, not as stick figures in archaeological rock art.

The book is engrossing in its coverage of northwest Amazon ethnology and historical ecology.