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The example captures the images from a webcam and draws it on the screen as a fancy 3D surface, as shown in the following picture:. This example requires a webcam. We cannot run the example immediately after installing openFrameworks.

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The reason is that openFrameworks examples are distributed as source files only, without executable files that you can run. Let's do it and then run the example by performing the following steps: 1. Find there the file named meshFromCamera. For Xcode users In the project, there exist several schemes that indicate the part of the project to build and a number of settings for it.

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Often at first run, the scheme is set to openFrameworks, as shown on the following screenshot:. If so, the compiler builds openFrameworks, but not the project. To resolve the issue, please click on the scheme name. A context menu will appear. Select the meshFromCamera Release scheme there.

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After this, perform building as described in step 4. Run the project by clicking on the corresponding button in your IDE normally, it's depicted as a small triangle, meaning the play symbol. After running, you will see your webcam's image drawn as a distorted 3D surface. Press Esc to stop the execution.

This example involves several topics, such as capturing frames from the camera, creating 3D surfaces, and texturing them. You will discover these topics in Chapter 4, Working with Raster Graphics Images, Videos, and Shaders, and Chapter 5, Creating 3D Graphics, and will be able to build similar and even more sophisticated projects easily. The video synthesizer application A video synthesizer is an electronic device or a computer program that generates and transforms a video signal in a complex way.

Video synthesizers are used for creating live visuals for DJ sets and performances, or serve as a visual part of interactive installations and mobile apps. Probably the most famous analog video synthesizer was made by John Whitney in the middle of the twentieth century. Visual effects, obtained with the synthesizer, are demonstrated in his film Catalog It's worth watching on YouTube. Throughout the book, we will build our own video synthesizer application.

We will start with a simple project in the next chapter and will extend it by adding new features with each new chapter. At the end of the book, we will get a fully-fledged video synthesizer, which reveals many openFrameworks capabilities. Typically, a video synthesizer consists of several modulesvideo generators, video players, video effects, and video mixersconnected to each other.

Our synthesizer will include all these basic modules and will have the following structure:. A player of image files, video files, and live videos from a camera Chapter 4, Working with Raster Graphics Images, Videos, and Shaders. A video mixer that mixes several pictures using additive blending and the kaleidoscope video effect Chapter 4, Working with Raster Graphics Images, Videos, and Shaders. Various sources for controlling the synthesizer's parameters, such as LFO, sound analysis, text files Chapter 6, Animating Parameters , networking, and an Arduino device Chapter 7, Distributed and Physical Computing with Networking and Arduino.

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This structure is shown in the following diagram: Image, video, and camera. In the last chapter, Chapter 9, Further Resources, we will consider ways to further enhance the synthesizer, get some advice on debugging and optimizing your future openFrameworks projects, and consider additional references on openFrameworks.

The synthesizer created will have quite a lot of GUI controls and control keys. If while working with the book you need a quick reference on some of them, please see Appendix A, Video Synthesizer Reference, where we have collected descriptions and references to all parts of the synthesizer. For a short description of openFrameworks functions and classes discussed throughout the book, see Appendix B, openFrameworks Quick Reference.

Three reasons to create your own video synthesizer with openFrameworks Why would you program a video synthesizer with openFrameworks?

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The reasons are the following:. You will get a handy, standalone application that provides you with interactive video wherever you need it on a stage at your live performance or in your mobile , running on any platforms, and controlled by other programs or devices, such as mobiles or Arduino. Our video synthesizer is exceptionally customizable. By changing just several lines of code, you will get a unique synthesizer. The more you change the code, the more you find that there are no limits to expressing your creative ideas.

By splitting the video synthesizer project into parts and then rearranging and adding new parts, you will obtain something different from the video synthesizer. For example, you can construct an interactive installation that transforms users' faces into abstract images. It could even be a mobile 3D drawing application that generates fantastic 3D landscapes. It's worth noting that you can easily incorporate LeapMotion, Kinect, and many other gadgets into your openFrameworks project in order to realize the interactive experience that you want.

Summary In this chapter, you learned what openFrameworks is, how to install it, and also how to build and run its examples. In the next chapter, we will create our own openFrameworks project that draws simple 2D graphics.

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Alternatively, you can buy the book from Amazon, BN. Last but not least, if you are not happy with changing to glm or having to fix the code to make it work, then go to the ofConstants. I am having issues with chapter 6 reading data from a text file. I am gettting an error that vector is out of range:. Is there any chance you have a solution to this issue as well? The methods used in that example are deprecated.

It does not mean these will not work but you should use the newer way of handling the ofBuffer object. When you have a vector out of range the app will crash and if you are in debug your IDE should show you the line where this happened. This will format the code into a much more readable format.

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I am quite a newbie in this forum thank you for pointing out how to post here! The example is supposed to read a text and retreive data from it. I will have a look at the example but I am a little bit afraid since its the first time that I do something with files in OF and I dont have previous coding experience. The publication additionally discusses most probably difficulties it's possible you'll face whereas upgrading, and exhibits you the way to get the main out of the interesting new beneficial properties.

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