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Berkeley, this MIT Press publication is intended to be an intuitive but precise treatment of some interesting and fundamental topics in computational learning theory.

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The level is appropriate for graduate students and researchers in machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and theoretical computer science. The link above is to the MIT Press page that provides a brief description of the book and ordering information. If you have the book and have any questions or comments, please click here to send me mail. The Computational Complexity of Machine Learning. As it is now out of print, I am making it available for downloading below.

For papers with both a conference and journal version, the paper is usually placed by its first conference date. Also, as per the honorable tradition of the theoretical computer science community, on almost all of the papers below that are primarily mathematical in content, authors are listed alphabetically. In addition to the list below, you can also look at my page on Google Scholar, and this DBLP query seems to do a pretty good job of finding those publications that appeared in mainstream CS venues though not others , and can be useful for generating bibtex citations.

With A. Roth and S. NeurIPS With C. Jung, S. Neel, A.

Roth, L. Stapleton, and S.


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Observations - Renmark, South Australia

With L. HCOMP With K. Amin, R. Cummings, L. Dworkin, and A. AAAI Heidari and S. To appear in Games and Economic Behavior. White paper filed with the Federal Communications Commission, June Dworkin and Y. Amin and H. Draief and H. Dworkin and L. ITCS With T. O'Hara, M.

Security, durability, and great design—you can have it all

Lopez de Prado, D. Easley, editors. Risk Books, Nayak, W. Bernal, J. Lee, and V. Nucleic Acids Research, , With J. Abernethy, K. Amin, and M. Communications of the ACM, October Amin, P. Key and A. UAI Judd and Y. STOC Kohli, Y. Bachrach, D. Stillwell, R. Herbrich, T. ACM Web Science, With Q. Duong, M. Wellman, and S. AAMAS Judd and E. Amin and U. Report to the President and Congress, December Kulesza and Y. Journal of Trading, Fall PNAS, August Brautbar, U. Chakraborty, S. Judd, J.

Nayak, R. Spielman, V. Genome Science, November Ganchev, Y. Nevmyvaka, J. Ganchev and J. Chakraborty and S. Tan and J. In Algorithmic Game Theory, N. Nisan, T. Roughgarden, E. Tardos and V. Vazirani, editors, Cambridge University Press, September, With E. Even-Dar and J. Ganchev, A. Kulesza, J. Tan, R. Gabbard, Q. Even-Dar and S. Regret to the Average. Even-Dar, Y. Mansour, and J.

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Journal version in Machine Learning Journal , volume 71, Suri and N. Science , August , pp. Even-Dar, S.

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