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Toggle navigation Menu. Name of resource. Problem URL. Describe the connection issue. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. The Oxford encyclopedia of archaeology in the Near East. Meyers, editor in chief. Physical description 5 v. Online Available online.

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    Search Search. Research Topics. Introduction The single-humped camel, Camelus dromedarius , and the double-humped camel, Camelus bactrianus , have been important for use as a draft animal, saddle animal, food source, and even textile source in the Near East for thousands of years. Credit: TM Kennedy Albright stated that 'our oldest certain evidence for the domestication of the camel cannot antedate the end of the twelfth century B. Camels as Imports from the East Assuming that those who subscribe to a 12th century or later view for the domestication of the camel in the ancient Near East are correct, there is still the possibility that domesticated camels existed in the Near East before the 12th century as imports from the East, instead of being locally domesticated.


    Evidence for Early Camel Domestication in the Ancient Near East However, numerous discoveries have turned up in several areas of the Near East arguing for a much earlier domestication date. Entries on site exploration and examination include simple low-cost conservation techniques to promote sample integrity and long-term preservation.

    Techniques described for excavation and analysis include the latest refinements of radiometric dating, stable isotopic analysis, and the PCR technique of DNA analysis. Other entries cover quantitative methods and data management. O9 VOL. Covers from prehistory through the rise of Islam and the Crusades. A2 E58 VOL. However it also provides articles written by deceased major excavators, e.

    Albright, Kenyon, and Yadin unless the information was out of date. Check the indexes to subject entries and geographical regions. Sasson, editor in chief Reference DS C58 VOL. Describes the archaeology and the history and culture of each subregion, languages, environment; population; social institutions, religious life, governments, peace and war, commerce and agriculture, writing, and literature, and the visual and performing arts.

    Includes 46 maps, photographs and line drawings, time lines comparing ancient Near Eastern civilizations, and a very useful index. Available online but can not be searched precisely. Use the Search box or expand the Subject or Geographic limits on the left. Encyclopedia of the archaeology of ancient Egypt Reference DT The Grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture Reference N G76 VOL.

    Use the index to find relevant entries. Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt. Oxford dictionary of Byzantium. The encyclopedia of religion Mircea Eliade, editor-in-chief BL E5 VOL. Cambridge Ancient History D C34 VOL. Who's who in the Old Testament Historical, geographical and archaeological context of each entry. A54 VOL. Oxford Bible Atlas. C68 VOL. Routledge encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology. E1 P7 Encyclopedia of the world's minorities. Biographical dictionary of social and cultural anthropology. H25 Encyclopedia of the peoples of Asia and Oceania Entries on the history, migration, culture, belief system, social organization, and relationships of the peoples of the Asia-Pacific region east of the Caspian Sea to others.

    Includes discussions of their kinship systems, religious systems, and subsistence systems. Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body Information about human bodies from many disciplines, including anthropology archeology, sociology, and medicine. Cultures, tribes, and customs, ancient practices to the latest fad, comparisons among cultures, changing perceptions of the body, and issues of race, gender, religion, community and belonging, ethnicity, power structures, human rights.