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In a large earthquake occurred near New Zealand. A few P-waves, which should have been deflected by the core, were in fact recorded at seismic stations. Lehmann theorized that these waves had traveled some distance into the core and then bounced off some kind of boundary. Born in Denmark in , Lehmann was a pioneer among women and scientists. Her early education was at a progressive school where boys and girls were treated exactly alike. In the boxes were cardboard cards with information on earthquakes…all over the world. Related: 13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens.

We don't know," he said. Catching 'Oumuamua is not feasible, said Loeb, who chairs Harvard's astronomy department and recently co-authored a paper speculating that 'Oumuamua might be an alien sailcraft. We don't know exactly where the object is now, so any chase probe would have to be equipped with a powerful and heavy and expensive telescope, he said. And gaining enough speed to catch up to 'Oumuamua would require slingshotting around the sun at a dangerously close distance.

He was in the audience, not on the dais. The powerful Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, which is scheduled to start observing the heavens from Chile next year, will probably spot about one interstellar object per month when it's fully up and running, Loeb added. It's also possible, of course, that life took a relatively short leap to Earth long ago.

The terrestrial planets in our solar system swap rocks fairly regularly, as the ever-growing collection of Mars meteorites here on Earth attests. Only then could we enter the city of Palatkwapi. Dennis: There is so much I want to ask. I don't know where to start. Is Palatkwapi located inside the subterranean world of tunnels or is it located on the underside of the mantle, or the inner-world? Hank: No. The sky is a beautiful blue, no clouds and the sun was stationary in the sky. The air was the freshest I'd breathed.

Hank: Sure. The houses were all built in the Greek style with columns and red tile roofs. The rooms are all open and airy with no glass in the open windows. There are gardens with bright blooming flowers and plants everywhere. It is very quiet, other than the soft rush of wind which was constant. I learned this wind is called APONIVI and is pulled in from the North and South polar openings by machines which are powered by the inner sun, then blown back through tunnels to the surface of the earth in hundreds of places.

Inge Lehmann: Discoverer of the Earth's Inner Core | AMNH

This system was designed to compensate for the gravitational pull and centrifugal force of the earth and the heat of the sun in order to maintain the gravity and a constant temperature of 76 degrees. We have since learned that Hank, while in our hollow earth fell in love with a hollow earth girl, whom he said was a very beautiful woman. In fact, Hank said that the women of the hollow earth are so beautiful that any single man could not help but fall in love with them.

He wanted to marry her, but decided he wanted to go back to the surface world to get some personal belongings. So his Hopi friend took him back to the surface and told him that when he returned to the Grand Canyon, to just yell out his name and he would come get him. But when Hank returned with his belongings to the Grand Canyon and yelled out his friend's name, his friend never came. Hank was so disappointed that he didn't marry until his 70's. He retired, moved to the Philippines and passed away in March Another interesting side-line on this story, is from Billie Woodard.

Before I learned of this story of Hank Krastman, Billie told me that one time that he had gone back to visit his step-parent's home in Apache Junction, that he was visiting with one of the Indian Elders when the Elder invited him to go for a walk up on the Superstition Mountains. After walking clear into the evening and even after sun-down, Billie was so tired he was ready to drop, when the Indian Elder said, "Wait here.

A holographic image of the canyon wall was hiding the cavern entrance. It was the Lost Dutchman cavern where many years ago the Lost Dutchman would enter with his donkeys loaded with salt to take to a cavern city of people living within the shell of the earth, which they paid for with gold. Billie followed the Indian Elder further into the cavern and came to a cavern room filled with cubes of gold, each about 4"x4"x4" in size. After examining the gold, they returned to Apache Junction. When I told Billie about Hank's story, Billie said he had never heard it before, and wanted to speak with Hank.

So I put them in contact with each other. Billie later told me that he gave Hank a tip for locating one of these camouflaged entrances: To take a compass and if you manage to get in the proximity of the entrance, the compass needle will start to spin.

We may all be aliens whose home world orbits a distant star.

Hank thanked Billie for the tip. Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted on Wednesday, July 29, at I read your site and its very nice and informative, most of the stuff i already known. I looked for more infos about the shown "german letter of u " and i found some infos in an german submarine archive :. Its courios and i think its real. Like the radio-call which was received by british army "our submarines found an paradise". My Grandfather war in german marine too, he is missed too, no one knows for what reason, like other dozens of german subs.

I'm 36, i never met him. But i dream very often of him, my whole life. He grows older in any dream i have, slowly but older. He talk to me in my dreams since i was an little boy, he told me that he isn't dead, he told me that he lives inside the earth. My live i'm searching for the truth about it, i was in india an talked to an guru bevore dome years, he showed me the entry to hollow earth and he told me that there is an labyrinth in this cave, wich isn't easy to get. He told me that there are barries inside, magical barries, wich cant "get troght" by anyone, only the ones which true heart can get inside.

He said there was an guru that lived in the , and at the age of 60 he was going inside this cave and he came out in the year - not older then before. Its an "wonder" or miracle in india, but i forget his name. He comes back to leave a message for mankind, like thousand messiahs before him, like byrd and others and he get back to inner earth. Ich will go back to india next year, i will go in this gave and i will find the way throught it. Im free at heart, im mixture from christian and buddism and i understand the messages of the old ones, of the gods.

Thanks for your work, and sorry for my bad english, i never learned it in school, i ever understand it like the most languages too. I thought you might want to contact this person Hi, I have in my possession a copy of a letter written on 2 March from a gentleman named Karl Unger to Mr. Woodard concerning the submarine u commanded by Heinrich Brodda. Given certain coordinates their mission was to travel to the center of the earth, which they did. The letter is written in German and translated into English. Sorry I haven't got back to you, have had massive rain, flooding, power out phones down, etc.

Dianne Robbins e mailed me back saying the letter was unreadable on her end. Maybe you can try it on your end as you now have a copy. As to how I have a copy of this letter, well here's the story. In or 87 this gentleman Woodward came into this town of Talkeetna Alaska, but I don't know why. He met a guy I know named Terry Barber who told me what he was planning on doing.

After meeting him he told me the following. His Dad had read all the Hollow Earth books had maps and ocean current directions for different times of the year. He died and his son took up where he had left off. He had it figured out that if you flew to Norway and floated on these currents with large rubber rafts you would be taken into the center of the earth.

He gave his car away here in Talkeetna flew to L. Calif where he was to meet the rest of his team, from there to Norway where all of the gear was waiting. I asked him how he thought he could get away with this without the Feds picking up on it with their satellites, his reply was they were going in under the pretense of a scientific team doing research.

He offered to let me go with them and if I hadn't had two boys to raise I would have. Apparently the letter was to his Dad but I don't remember how all of that came about. Having read many of the Hollow Earth books I always believed it was possible. He also claimed to have the original diary of Admiral Byrd describing his mile journey into the earth. Anyway he let me get a copy of the letter which you now have. As to why now after all these years, hell I don't know I was cruising the net and ran across a link about the Hollow Earth and it brought up old memories of that letter.

Give it to anyone you want I want nothing in return, maybe a little info if you will share it. If you send me your address I will make copies of the German and English version and send them to you. The same for Dianne. Any other questions will be happy to oblige if I can. That is very interesting. Do you know if Woodward was successful in floating in the rafts to Inner Earth? I was able to read most of the letter, but if you can send us good clear copies of both letters that would be fantastic!

I have been working with a group for years to put together an expedition to our hollow earth. Details are on my website. NO, never heard from him again. Will mail letters today. This is a message from Athos to all those who are planning a trip to Hollow Earth. The trip will be scheduled later than you had thought.

This time is necessary. It will help you all learn what you have to learn before coming to the 5th Dimension.

It is important that you keep your hearts wide open, since most energy will flow through your 4th chakra. Being in the 5th Dimension implies a sense of unity to all forms of Creation. It could be a temporary state, long enough to deal with the changes that the trip itself implies. We are discussing the terms in which you will have to descend. We shall make circumstances proper to enter the North Pole Hole. As you know , it could be easier for us to transport you all from your own homes to Inner Earth. You need to start -as soon as possible- to communicate among you the people that are planning to travel This is extremely important since you will need to operate as a true community.

You need to feed a sense of understanding and cooperation among you. It is definitively recommended that you start gathering on a regular basis, and start having contacts among you, at least by e-mail at the beginning. This is a one-purpose task. It is beyond curiosity or eagerness for the unknown. It will mark a hint from where the whole world will learn a different lesson. You know each other from many other previous lives, and are getting together once again, this time with a specific task to do. We shall not release the possible dates of the trip.

It is not necessary. Free will will guide your way down here. Be patient and trust. It is important that you begin to soften yourselves up and be ready for real changes. You have been assigned with this special reason in this lifetime. You had agreed to do so, so there is nothing that will keep you off your way.

Start trusting in GOD, that is the answer. You can be completely sure that this mission will come to a happy end. Time might be manipulated to will. That is lesson number one. You will have to be —every single one of you- almost an expert in manipulating time according to your desires, since that is one of the aspects in which the 5th Dimension manifests. Meanwhile, we shall work on your mind in a non-violent way. You had given us full permission to do so before you were born in this lifetime, and continue to do so in those aspects where you are not self-conscious.

We work almost every night with your full consent in changing those messages in your DNA that are opposed to the spirit of this mission. You constantly agree and support the process. You might not be aware of it, but you reinforce the task for which your lives make sense. You are all blessed. This expedition operates in several levels: Although it is apparently THE expedition in terms of adventure and risk, it implies a great experience not only for you -those who are traveling- but also for the whole human race. It will mark the day in which the veil of ignorance shall fall. It does not make any difference for the purpose of the trip whether you arrive at Jehu or not.

You will actually land at one of our city labs, where you shall undergo a process to lighten the matter.

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We need to adapt your frequency level to the Fifth Dimension speed beforehand. You are, even nowadays, undergoing this process. But we ask you please to operate as a group. This is so important. It is vital because it is easier for you to adapt to a higher frequency when you add up your energies. Those of you who have trouble —individually- to think in terms of something beyond curiosity or fame, will profit from the whole group experience. It shall be simpler to work with the energy of the group as one entity, rather than with the plane of each individual.

The messages come to me as if they were my own thoughts, but they are far more precise and specific. I am always fully conscious when I receive them. I don't change my voice, I don't hear voices, nothing. I had to fight against myself, I couldn't believe it. Not any more. They had worked on me as well, I am all for this Task. I am blessed and thankful.

The fact that I speak, read and write Irdin, is all that proves what I say. It is basically intuition what drives people to believe about it or not. I posted a web page with many messages. It is in Spanish. I understand Mr. Currey speaks Spanish fluently. These messages are about universal themes that concern us all: Creation, Death, Happiness, Doubts, Desires, so forth. I received them from the Ascended Masters and my Spiritual Guides. People from Inner Earth have suggested that I do not post anything of what I Know about them in the web, at least not yet.

You will need to undergo a process to adjust the frequency you exist into the one of the Hollow Earth. We will be helping you in the process while you are asleep. You will most probably notice that you start to live somehow differently; you might feel lighter, less dense. It is also very possible that you start having very vivid dreams. It might be useful that you write them down and work on them on your own.

This adjustment consists of enlightening your pineal gland and start activating your right hemisphere. We normally install —with your full consent- a chip that is inserted not precisely in your physical brain but in the layers of your Mind.

Long Period Comets

It contains heavy information about dealing and behaving in the Fifth Dimension. You might probably feel wiser in general. This is Athos speaking. I will personally escort you to your final destination. Our spacecraft will guide your way from the moment you start entering the North Pole hole. The day will be extraordinary bright -which is unusual- since we provoke a constant stormy weather to difficult the entrance. We project holograms as well to disguise the entrances.

Reiki would be most helpful; it will help you all to connect with your own selves. Once that is done you can easily connect to all forms of Creation. There are many outsiders living down here. They had agreed to do so and they continue their tasks happily. They are reluctant to go back. Many people who report missing in the ocean, Bermuda Triangle —dimensional portals- have not been abducted but personally agreed to live here.

We speak any language we want. We communicate among us in Irdin, although we hardly speak. We mentally contact each other, ubiquity is usual: we co-exist in many in many places at the same time although there is always a nucleus from where the being expands. The day we shall meet you will be able to see us. We will welcome you and protect you all trip long. It has come the time when the whole world must know we co-exist with you in a different dimension.

All those who are willing to stay will be able to do so; some others that are planning to stay will have difficulty in doing so once they arrive. Many others that have not planned it will stay as well. There are some of you that will quit before the trip starts. That is already written in your own will. It is us who are planning the way it is all going to happen. You are instruments of this plan.

You have been carefully chosen before hand. Do not worry if the journey is postponed a year or two more. It is all within the plan and will finally happen. We love you dearly, we are very happy for the times to come, and look forward to having you here. Many of you will be able to communicate freely with us before the trip starts, and most of you will do so once you are back home. Eventually we shall release more information that will help you finding your way through this part of the world. Hollow earth. I have contacted Aage the airline pilot and he said he is interested in communicating with you.

I included his note at the bottom of this note. Michael had indicated to me that his friend Aage is a retired airline pilot and that he had told him that he has seen the north polar opening on his airline flights across the arctic. I sent Aage an email and he responded as follows:. I do have some information in that area that could be interesting. I grew up in Norway, and at the very northern part of the country it is kind of common knowledge that there is comfortable living climate at the North Pole.

I heard you on George Noory the other night. For some reason your manner and what you said appealed to me.

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I just got your book. I thought it would be just some entertaining fiction. I thought it would be maybe 40 pages long. I surely didn't think But I can see from looking through it just a little bit that it is really something good. I have a Ph. I can already see that you put a lot of science into it. The combination of science with religion is very compelling. One question that occurred to me when I heard you talk, was why the oceans wouldn't drain into the hole at the North Pole.

I'm sure you have an answer in the book. Maybe the ice goes down into the hole, effectively forming a wall. But then if global warming melts the ice, I would speculate that the ocean would flow into the hole. I hope that in the future you can publish your work as a regular book. I think you would sell a lot of copies. I would buy one for myself, and others to give as gifts. I think you have a great combination with the subject - along with the old stories, text, calculations, pictures, graphics and photographs. I think you have devoted yourself to a very interesting and also hopeful topic.

And I think it takes courage to propose a theory that Up here in Alaska there is a gentleman named Col. Norman Vaughn who is 98 years old and went with Byrd on his expedition to the South Pole. He is very lucid for a 98 year old man and might have some information you need. He lives in Anchorage and you should be able to get to him through the Iditarod Trail Committee in Wasilla. There is even a mountain named after him Vaughn in Anarctica and he climbed it on his 98th birthday. You can get information on him on the net through search.

Hope this helps you. Dear Rodney, Thank you for sending the long e-mail about Admiral Byrd. You are very kind. It all blows my mind. I don't know whether to believe it or not. Unfortunately, the people immediately involved are very old or dead by now. I have met Norman Vaughn a few times, he is extraordinary. I have a lot to think about. Whether to try to contact some of the people you mentioned. I am super busy at work right now. I'll have to wait a couple weeks before I have time. But I do really appreciate your sending me this information. And I wish you good luck on your expedition.

I don't know how a ship could be big and strong enough to break all the way throught the polar ice cap. But I suppose you know what you are doing. Did you know that at the 50th anniversary of Byrd's first flight over the south pole, in order to commemorate that event, a plane full of people took off to fly over the south pole, and the plane was lost? They lost radio contact with the plane, and never heard from it again and no one knew what happened. That was in the 80's. And at that time I heard that several planes have been lost flying over the south pole.

Some from Australia. It's kind of like a Bermuda triangle only on a much smaller scale since way less people go to the south pole than to the bermuda triangle. They must have gone inside, hunh? I heard about this at a celebration commemorating the 50th anniversay of Bryd's first flight over the south pole that was held by a club, I forget the name, something like Byrd Aeronautics Club which was held at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mi. Henry Ford worked with Byrd to develop lighter motors for airplanes, and maybe also motors that could operate at sub-zero temperatures. Maybe all those people went inside the earth and never came out again.

Who knows. It is interesting that she says she knows of several flights from Australia that have tried to fly through the south polar opening, and never returned. Curiously, if you fly from Australia over the south pole, you would be very likely to fly into the area I have estimated the south polar opening is located. While reading Tesla's "Colorado Springs" notes, I was struck no pun intended by his comments regarding lightning strikes: how he could measure the resonant electrical "ringing" for hours after the strike.

These measurements are what helped him determine the Earth's resonant frequencies. Modern lightning research -- conducted by everyone from national weather agencies, to lightning research specialists, to meteorologists and plasma physicists -- confirms what Tesla noted so long ago at Colorado Springs: the Earth acts exactly as a large, hollow, spherical capacitor would Yes, I have contacted the prophet about the hollow earth location of the lost ten tribes and have a letter in response.

It was several years ago when President Ezra Taft Benson was prophet. His letter said that the church does not have a position on the hollow earth theory, and that if I have any questions about the lost ten tribes, to talk to my local Stake President or Bishop.

I have not been counseled to leave the topic alone, as you surmise. I have only been asked not to teach the theory in church.

Inner Earth

Only church approved materials can be taught inside the church building. Outside the church, I can do what I want as long as it is ethical and moral. Actually, there have been several people that have been to our hollow earth, visited with the people there, and have returned safely, and not destroyed as you say.

I have seen no evidence of anyone going to the hollow earth and being destroyed. The accounts we have indicate that the people there are very friendly and do not try to prevent visitors from returning to the surface world. However, I am sure that the Lord has preserved their land by the unbelief of the exterior world peoples. I was showing all my studies on the hollow earth as being the most probable location the Lord has hidden the lost ten tribes to a high priests group last night, and I don't think any of them believed a word of it.

They weren't antagonistic, but just kindly listened to all I had to say. I don't think they will believe it until I actually go there and bring back our IMAX film of the expedition. There are, however, many interested people in joining our expedition. We get several inquiries every week and once in a while one will book the trip. We are hoping to have enough voyagers to make our expedition a GO by We are going on this expedition in the spirit of Christopher Columbus. Columbus wrote, Those who heard of my enterprise called it foolish, mocked me, and laughed.

But who can doubt but that the Holy Ghost inspired me?

Inge Lehmann: Discoverer of the Earth's Inner Core

We are confident we have located the coordinates of the north polar opening and with use of gyroscopes we will be able to detect when we are beginning to descend into the opening. You are invited to join us, if after prayerful consideration, you would so desire. Rodney M. I appreciate very much your information. My expedition in general will include the following. I already have clients interested. I have an office there for my rafting company.

We will spend a couple of days in Moscow. Staying at hotel "Russia". In search of Sannikov Land. I should have a pricing for the trip next week. Would you be interested in joining the expedition? Do you know of any LDS adventuresome folks who would be interested in joining the expedition? Best if we could find qualified LDS participants who have experience in the region, have knowledge such as yourself on this subject, have navigational skills etc.

By the way, good non-LDS qualified folks are welcome as well, we'll just convert them on the trip. Bring lots of Books of Mormon I handed out 20 in Russia last year, one couple may get babtized in Barnaul, Siberia real soon. This is great information!