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Highest recommendation. View 1 comment. Ruthless again, Ash has his own ways of getting there. Impressively told. Feb 03, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: thrillers , crime , edelweiss-review , e-book. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The Inside Man is back. A mutilated body is found with a doll stitched inside, which was the signature of the killer that hadn't been heard from for eight years.

Ash Henderson is in prison for a crime he was set up for. When the Inside Man shows up again, he is released in order to help with the case, under strict rules of course. If he can bring down the notorious serial killer there is a chance he can gain his freedom. So, now he is working with Alice, the psychologist he worked with previously. All the previous victims that were survivors of T. This dredges up all the old fears, and memories of the crimes committed eight years ago.

This case is as dark as they come. Ash needs a chance at revenge as well as a chance for redemption. The dynamic between Ash and Alice is unusual and I can't always tell what their relationship could be defined as, but they are close and do care about each other a great deal. Ash is still reeling from the demise of his family, from being framed for murder, and now being assigned to the most intense manhunt there ever was.

If you have never read Stuart MacBride's novels you should be aware that he pulls no punches. Nothing is sugarcoated, nothing is watered down for public consumption. You will have to be able to read dark crime thrillers, digest graphic crime scene details and violence, uncomfortable subject matter, and yes, the author did manage to sneak a tiny amount of the black humor he is sort of famous for, but it's nothing like the Logan McRae series.

Which brings me to the next point.. If you have read that series and then pick this one up, do not make comparisons. Both series are very dark, but polar opposites in every other respect. This is a very well written, absorbing crime thriller as well as a psychological thriller. I can't speak highly enough of Stuart MacBride's style. I don't know if the author will continue to update us on Ash, but I certainly hope so.

Overall this one is an A. View 2 comments.

Songs for the dying: Hospice choirs provide peace, comfort

Despite not being up to date, I adore the series. It has earned a place in my favourite police procedural series. Due to this, I was eager to see what else MacBride has to offer. Thus, I picked up the two Ash Henderson books that are currently on the market. I enjoyed the first one, but it was no Logan McRae novel.

Nevertheless, I was excited to see where things would go. After all, that ending left me curious as to what would come next.


Personally, I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed the first. Both books were a lot of fun, yet I was pulled into this one much quicker. As fun as they are, they take a bit of getting used to.

The characters in the Logan McRae series pull you in from the first moment, yet the characters in the Ash Henderson novels are not so easy to love. You come to enjoy them the more you read of them, and having already finished the first book I knew what to expect with this one. Plus, as I said, that ending. The first book left you with a big question of what would come next. As always, though, MacBride delivers. He gives us a story that ticks all the boxes: wonderful criminal aspect, fun characters, and a story that moves everything forward in a great way.

I promise not to say too much about how the story moves forward, just know it was great progress for all the characters. As always, the criminal aspect was a lot of fun. It has everything you need in a gritty crime novel. There are multiple layers to the story, with everything being interconnected in a great way. Every piece of information that is given to you plays an important part. You think you know what is happening, who is to blame, yet something new will be thrown your way to leave you unsure as to whether or not you have worked everything out.

It gives us all we can ask for. I still missed the dark humour, though. I enjoy the laughter of the Logan McRae books a lot more than is probably expected of people. Admittedly, there were more smiles in this book than the first, but it still missed out on all the laughter of the Logan McRae books. I know that for the real laughter I go for his Logan McRae books, whereas for the questionable main character I go for his Ash Henderson books. As a whole, I enjoyed this one more than the first.

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The Logan McRae books still hold the favourite MacBride series spot, but this series is more than worth a read if you love the darker main characters. Oct 12, Rebecca McNutt rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , murder , fiction , horror , crime , thriller. This is your average run-of-the-mill detective novel, nothing special but nothing bad, either. I could've done without the graphically disturbing descriptions of murder and the placement of the dolls, but eh, who am I to judge? Aug 26, Sherrie rated it it was ok. After ploughing through a second mediocre Stuart McBride book, i really fail to see his appeal.

Definitely won't bother with any more. Oct 16, Roy rated it liked it. Macbride now has a slightly predictable formula and tone. This didnt amaze me but i was decent enough. I found it better than the 1st Ash novel. Jul 20, Larraine rated it liked it. I've been a fan of Stuart Macbride's for a long time although somehow I missed the firs book in this series.

This is a follow up to a previous novel featuring Ash Henderson who was investigating a serial murder, lost his own daughter to that murderer and was framed for a crime he didn't commit by Mrs. Kerrigan, a local gangster, has her thugs beat him up so often that he can't get out of prison because he is considered a risk.

However, suddenly he is sprung by an up and coming police officer who I've been a fan of Stuart Macbride's for a long time although somehow I missed the firs book in this series. However, suddenly he is sprung by an up and coming police officer who is putting together a special squad. They still haven't found Inside Man who killed several women in a particularly horrific manner.

He gets out, but plans revenge. I have to say that I found this to be particularly bloody and long winded. I found myself skipping large parts at the end which seemed unnecessary. Is Mr. Macbride being paid by the word? I hope he returns to his familiar characters soon, and that he tames his blood thirsty instincts. There's a saying that "less is more. Jan 23, Nick Davies rated it really liked it Shelves: The story picks up on the dark and violent ex-cop Ash Henderson, serving time in prison after the events of the preceding book 'Birthdays For The Dead', but he is soon released from prison and reunited with the wonderfully scatty Dr Alice to assist in solving a series of serial murders.

It's a nasty and dark book - a lot of violence and unpleasant characters doing unpleasant things. At times I felt it went a little too far hence the 4 star rating and it certainly didn't grab me as much as its predecessor, but it was a meaty, bloody, fulfilling crime thriller with all the humour and drama I've come to expect of one of my favourite authors.

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Jun 22, Robert Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: won-first-reads. The clues were rather obvious, but I still went along for the ride and enjoyed it. I do wish I had read the previous book, Birthdays for the Dead as there was a lot of backstory, but you can pick it up pretty quickly. All in all, a grisly fun read. Mar 27, Eadie rated it it was amazing Shelves: series-completed , read Book Description A heart-stopping crime thriller and the fourth consecutive No.

And then the killer just … disappeared. His fami Book Description A heart-stopping crime thriller and the fourth consecutive No. My Review I think when you read Stuart MacBride's Ash Henderson books, you have to read fast over the violence and gore and just enjoy the humor, interesting characters and the layered plots. I can't believe that I actually like these books enough to give them 5 stars but I really do enjoy them that much.

They are definitely not for the faint of heart as they are dark, violent and sometimes unbelievable as to what is actually happening. It's almost like reading a comic book as you have to overlook a lot but I would read another one in a moment.

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In this book, Ash is back for revenge on the woman who set him up in the first book. He is also on the search for The Inside Man and he will not rest until the murderer is caught. The book is action-packed, fast-paced and kept me guessing until the very end. I especially enjoy the characters of Ash, Alice and Shifty in this one and hope they will be back in future installments. I would highly recommend reading this series in order and if you don't like violence and brutality mixed with your thrillers then "STAY AWAY' from this series.

Jan 07, Albert rated it really liked it. Stuart MacBride writes big bad-ass crime novels so rich in detail and characters that if wandered in a pub some rainy night filled with these dark souls, you would walk yourself right back out. Kevin doesn't look at him, keeps his eyes on the grass. It's thicker here, the broken-glass stems dotted with rusty spears of docken and dead thistles. Something out there smells musty, fusty, smoldering. Might still be alive.

Fiver says she doesn't even exist. Total Jessie. Two more hours of inane drivel and bollocks Is something sticking out from underneath that whin bush? The long dark seedpods clatter like a rattlesnake as Kevin pokes at the branches. Just a plastic bag, the blue and red logo glittering with frost. See if I saved some hurt bird from a burning building? I'm expecting cash, or a blowjob at the very least. When did you last see someone going down on Spider-man? Never, that's when. Who thinks of these things? Jacobson dug his hands into his armpits, rocked on his heels.

Eight years and no one's heard a peep. Where's he been? The joints burned.

Only I've got things to do. Get him tagged and his stuff packed up. We've got a car waiting outside. He's back Ritually beaten by convicts hired by the sadistic Oldcastle mob boss who framed Ash and destroyed his family and his career. It was eight years ago that the serial killer known as the Inside Man murdered four women and left three others in critical condition.

All of them cut open and plastic dolls placed into their abdomen. The Inspector on the case at the time, the one credited with almost capturing the Inside Man, was Ash Henderson. But now, eight years after those killings, Ash is in prison and the Inside Man is back. Detective Superintendent Jacobson is putting together a team to hunt down the Inside Man and to do so, he needs Ash. Released from prison with an ankle bracelet monitor, Ash is back on the case, only this time he isn't a policeman. Not in any real official capacity so with that come the freedom to hunt the way he really wants to.

But Ash has other hunting in mind, as well. The sadistic mob boss who destroyed his life. Ash is going to kill her, but first he needs to finish the hunt for the Inside Man as well. Only Kerrigan knows Ash is out and is waiting for him. Take a plus in the Karma column. Be a better man. Well I'm more of an Old Testament kind of guy. I'm utterly convinced she was hearing it. Musician and former Bay Area resident Judith Kate Friedman is the founder of Songwriting Works, a nonprofit based in Port Townsend, Washington, that uses songwriting to connect with elders in assisted living facilities.

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  • Friedman says many of the patients with advanced dementia she's worked with can still remember and respond to music, even if their memories are severely impaired. When she was writing songs with elders at the Jewish Home in San Francisco over ten years ago, Friedman remembers an elderly woman who had co-written several songs. The woman had a stroke and when Friedman visited her, and was in a coma. Friedman said, "What could it hurt? And every so often, it looked like her lips were mouthing the words.

    Oliver Sacks, the famed neurologist, theorized that music is hardwired into our brains in a way that defies easy explanation. Even when their brains are ravaged by Alzheimer's, dementia, and severe memory loss, many of Sacks' patients could still sing songs from childhood. A similar theory posited by Daniel J. Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain On Music, is that music taps into a part of the brain that doesn't require interpretation to communicate as words do, and that allows a direct connection to feelings. In his book Musicophilia, Sacks argued that "we humans are a musical species no less than a linguistic one.

    And it has a music to it. She adds: "The earliest instruments of humanity are the drum and the voice. And maybe towards the end of life, it goes back to that simplicity. Given the rapid progression of his cancer, Davis most likely has one or two months left to live. As his life winds down, so will the music. View the discussion thread. Death is an uncomfortable subject for many people. The way we die is one of the most important conversations Americans are not having. Retrieved 8 August Library and Archives Canada. GfK Entertainment Charts.

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