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I had the strange feeling that I experimenced so many times, that this woman was Jewish.

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She was not rude, but obviously my insistence was more than a burden to her. I commented to Frederic in French that it was no use; this woman would not talk either. The younger woman that was with her understood French. She had been an emigrant in France. So she added: "Of course she will not say anything about being a Jewess. We don't talk about that! So here we had a ill disguised confession. At this moment a young boy rushed into the house and asked: "Who is the man that came from Jerusalem?

This was the way I was introducing myself, after finding out that sometimes Israel was not identified by them as the name of a country…. She said please come to see her. She must speak to you. I asked who was Dona Lusinha. The younger woman explained she was an old and sick lady, who lived in the other part of the village. She was lying in bed for many years.

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Surprised we followed the boy and some other villagers who joined the group to meet Dona Lusinha. She lived in a two story house and we were taken to the second floor. What a strange scene we found there! A heavy wooden door opened into the bedroom. The walls inside showed some cracks. Hanging on the wall over the head of the old wooden bed, there was an inconspicuous framed picture of the Sacred Heart of Mary and a crucifix. On the shelves of the night table, several medicines and glass cups.

A rosary with a cross was conveniently hanging at the head of the bed, on the left side of the patient. The woman who was lying there, not really so old, but very pale, took my hand into her both hands and said without really waiting for an answer: "You came all the way from Jerusalem , mister?

It was God who sent you! I must talk to you! Meanwhile Frederic could not resist the scene and was shooting with his camera non-stop. A white-haired woman in a modest striped robe, obviously a servant of the house, stood at the corner, her sad eyes fixed on me.

Hispania. Volume 75, Number 2, May 1992

Another woman who came up with us from the street had to tell me a long story about the ill-health of Dona Lusinha. Finally the sick lady asked everybody to go out of the room and close the door.

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  • And you too, Maria. I was confused and wondering what was up there for me. What did she want to say? When we were finally alone, and the door closed, Dona Luisinha whispered to me:.

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    I need an advice and I have been suffering for a long time waiting for somebody to give it to me. As you see I am a very sick women. I am paralyzed and I lie in this bed for already seven years. This woman that you just met, Maria, she is taking care of me, day and night. Without her help I would be dead by now. She is also one of ours! She paused for a while and sighed. Then she went on almost immediately as if in need to empty her heart, to confide:. And I have some property. Not much, but still some value that I will not take with me.

    People keep telling me that I should put it in the name of this woman that has been always so faithfully and is taking care of me. And she is also one of ours!

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    She really deserves it. But when I think about it, I am afraid and I hesitate.

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    • I keep postponing this and people are nudging me all the time. Maria doesn't say anything, but I see in her eyes what she is expecting.