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Orbital Decompression Transconjunctival Inferior Wall. Orbital Decompression Lateral Wall. Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture. Miniplate Fixation for Orbital Rim Fracture. Orbital Exenteration.

Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery

Canalicular Reconstruction. N Medial and Lateral Canthal Reconstruction. Medial Wall. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Gladstone , G.

Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery

The desire to teach and the fulfillment attained from teaching have again prompted us to produce a work that we hope is both useful and enlightening to our readers. The field of oculoplastic surgery has grown and evolved to include all aspects of eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Our literature must now reflect the advancements and - rection of our field. Knowledge of anatomy, the basis of all surgery and the root of surgical principles and techniques, supports our ab- ity to deliver the highest quality care to our patients.

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We have therefore combined text and diagrams and supplemented them with DVD digital video technology to enable those who wish to perform this surgery the best possible instruction and preparation. We hope that our attempts to accomplish this will be rewarded by the use of this material by colleagues and the acknowledgment of our unique and logical progression in the field of eyelid and facial pl- tic surgery.

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The previous volume in this series covered reconstructive eyelid surgery. This volume presents many aspects of facial cosmetic surgery, including blepharoplasty, endoscopic forehead surgery, rhytidectomy, and other related procedures. Future volumes will pr- ent facets of lacrimal and orbital surgery.

Frank A. Access to medical information is important, and the full text and images within the book can be viewed online, provided you use the access code located on the inside front cover of the book.

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Overall, the illustrations are helpful and well done by medical illustrator Thomas G. The text is quite condensed. Comments regarding indications, postoperative care, and potential complications are limited, and occasionally only a single sentence is provided. The amount of text is in keeping with the atlas format, but for cognizant surgery, many of the subtleties of diagnosis and management would require further elaboration. Unfortunately, there is no algorithm provided for decision making, which could be valuable in certain conditions. The images are printed upside-down on the page, which may be the standard view for some surgeons most commonly, ophthalmic surgeons but may be disorienting for those with other surgical subspecialties.

While the online images are quite clear, the versions printed in the hard copy seem to be somewhat on the dark side. There are no surgical photographic images, which can be helpful even in limited number, and there are no videos provided.

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Since the book is, as admitted by the author, directed toward the surgeon with little if any experience in these procedures, certain subtleties in technique and variations according to specific patient needs are not included. The entry-level surgeon should be well aware that all patients are not the same, and surgical success depends on how the operations can be modified or techniques varied to meet the different needs of specific patients. Some concepts of the use of surgical techniques, particularly in the section on cosmetic procedures, seem somewhat outdated.

For example, in the section on lower lid blepharoplasty, to accomplish horizontal tightening of the lower lid, a mid-lid full-thickness eyelid resection is performed instead of lateral canthal anchoring. This will cause a shortened eyelid fissure in many patients and, on occasion, some rounding of the eyelid fissure. The author subsequently presents another procedure for lower lid tightening by means of a lateral canthoplasty.

A third description of lower blepharoplasty with no lower lid tightening is included. This could be somewhat confusing to the inexperienced surgeon who may fall into the trap of opening himself or herself up to the most common complications of lower lid blepharoplasty, such as lower lid retraction, distortion of eye fissure shape, and poor eyelid closure mechanisms.

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There should be more information about when to select each procedure in the demanding arena of cosmetic blepharoplasty. The strength of the book is derived from the fact that it introduces the entry-level surgeon to oculoplastic procedures in a clear and logical manner. The book is well organized and, although quite abbreviated, complete in its assembly of procedures. The author identifies his intended audience in the preface of the book, and it will be useful to that group, who are entry-level surgeons.

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