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Anyone can join and participate or listen in! Now that 5. Keep an eye on this schedule — it will change often to reflect the latest information. These scrubs are separate and in addition to the normal scrubbing and triage by individual components. Some of those sessions include:. These are typically focused on a specific group of tickets or an individual feature. Some of these sessions include:. Finally, a reminder that anyone — Yes, you! All open tickets for 5. Those can be found in this query.

This is the agenda for the weekly Twenty Twenty meeting. It will be held on UTC in the core-themes channel. If there is anything you would like to see added to the agenda, please leave a comment in the thread! Final parts of this effort will ship with WordPress 5. This was causing many bugs and lack of interoperability with upstream PHP or any external systems. Inline documentation erroneously referred to these as Unix timestamps.

It is impossible to remove WP timestamps without backwards compatibility break. But we made significant progress to:.

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Code on WordPress platform will be more convenient and reliable with times and dates. If you have questions about the improvements or component in general feel free to drop by core-datetime channel in WordPress Slack. When a page is created and users view it, its name appears in several widgets, however there is no visual or semantic indication that this link relates to the current page.

It is also recommended to use this attribute to add a distinctive visual style to separate the applicable link from other links. WordPress 5. For reference, see Theme authors are encouraged to add a distinctive visual style to those links, using the following CSS declaration:. Archives for the chat can be found in core on Slack. We also had an update from audrasjb from Accessibility team who said they are working on creating accessibility devnotes for 5.

A working version of the theme will be available on Monday for Beta 1 of WordPress 5. The development of the theme is happening on GitHub and contributions are more than welcome on the repository or in core-theme channel on Slack. He remembered that they have 2 dedicated scrubs per week and that the team is currently coordinating with the Design team to determine which changes will be included in 5. All the changes for the version are already landed in trunk.

He also highlighted the great work of desrosj and jrf to make this possible. He finally announced the target is to fully support PHP 7.

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People who own tickets in that report are invited to give them a status and to punt them if they feel that the tickets will not be ready for 5. Also owners who are not anymore available to continue working on their tickets are invited to remove themselves as owner and leave a status so that another contributors can take the relay.

REST API component maintainer kadamwhite announce that the team is about to land a good set of enhancements before the Beta 1 deadline. Tickets for the focus can be found on WordPress Trac here. Progress on their work is tracked here. Scrubs take place on core channel on Slack and anyone interested in welcome to participe or to run scrubs. Due to availability constraints, the WP Notify meeting for the 23rd of September is canceled.

The agenda can be found here.

If Deadlines Are Not Arbitrary, Why Not Release WordPress 5.0 in the Beginning of January?

Releasing shortly. You can see the RC here.

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This is released now! Now released and in trunk — Please help test! This ticket had conversation that started on Twitter with a tweet from Jen Simmons. There is a WICG recommendation that Mozilla is testing and sounds like Chrome is planning as well that makes rendering faster if height and width attributes are provided for images.

The next meeting is on 25 August at UTC. We will be having our first bug scrub for Twenty Twenty on Friday, Sept 20th at UTC , led by ianbelanger in the core-themes channel. All are invited to attend. Come help us scrub some bugs before the 5. Reminder 1 — Monday, Sept 23rd is 5. The following is a summary of the weekly media component meeting that occurred on Thursday, September 19, Weekly media meetings are held every Thursday at UTC. A full transcript can be found here in the core-media room in the Make WordPress Slack.

Attendees: anevins , joemcgill , FahimMurshed , mikeschroder , antpb , afercia. Media Focus update : mikeschroder has been hard at work on a 5. You'll learn how to publish and manage online content, add media, create widgets and plugins, and much more. She began developing themes and plugins for WordPress in , and has taught numerous workshops on using WordPress as a content management system.

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. WordPress is colorful and flexible, and includes a variety of themes, templates, and plug-ins for you to explore and utilize. Beginning WordPress 3 aims to address these for the beginner who wants to start using and developing with WordPress. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy.

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NOOK Book. Beginning WordPress 3 is a complete guide for the beginning developer who wants to start using WordPress. You'll learn how to publish and manage online content, add media, create widgets and plugins, and much more. Pages: Product dimensions: 7. She began developing themes and plugins for WordPress in , and has taught numerous workshops on using WordPress as a content management system. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

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