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A Companion to Greek Architecture. Ed. by M.M. Miles. Malden–Oxford, 2016.

Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. Contents About. Pages: i—xi. By: Kyriakos N. By: Bruce Kinzer. Pages: 16— By: Antis Loizides. Pages: 47— By: John R. Pages: 85— Pages: — By: Sarah Richardson. By: James Kierstead.

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By: Peter Liddel. By: Paul Cartledge. By: Catherine Zuckert. He spent all his spare time in the study of classics, history, metaphysics and political economy and in learning German , French and Italian.

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Driven by his mother's Puritanism and his father's contempt for academic learning, he sought other friends, one of whom was Charles Hay Cameron , who strengthened him in his love of philosophy. Through another friend, George W. Norman, he met his wife, Harriet Lewin — , a writer and later the biographer of the artist Ary Scheffer. After various difficulties the marriage took place on 5 March , and was a happy one.

George Grote

Meanwhile, Grote had finally decided his philosophic and political attitude. He settled in in a house attached to the bank in Threadneedle Street , where his only child died a week after its birth. During Mrs Grote's convalescence at Hampstead , he wrote his first published work, the "Statement of the Question of Parliamentary Reform" , in reply to Sir James Mackintosh 's article in the Edinburgh Review , advocating popular representation , vote by ballot and short parliaments.

In April he published in the Morning Chronicle a letter against George Canning 's attack on Lord John Russell , and edited, or rather re-wrote, some discursive papers of Bentham, which he published under the title Analysis of the Influence of Natural Religion on the Temporal Happiness of Mankind by Philip Beauchamp The book was published in the name of Richard Carlile , then in gaol at Dorchester.

Brill’s Companion to George Grote and the Classical Tradition

Though not a member of John Stuart Mill 's Utilitarian Society — , he took a great interest in a society for reading and discussion, which met from onwards in a room at the bank before business hours, twice a week. Mrs Grote claimed to have first suggested the History of Greece in ; but the book was already in preparation in He was a member of the council which organized the faculties and the curriculum.

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In , owing to a difference with Mill as to an appointment to one of the philosophical chairs Grote objected to John Hoppus , he resigned his position. He rejoined the council in and was appointed Treasurer in , then President in He went abroad in , and spent some months in Paris with the Liberal leaders. Recalled by his father's death 6 July , he became manager of the bank, and took a leading position among the City Radicals.

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As an MP, Grote spent much of his time unsuccessfully advocating for the secret ballot. During these years of active public life, his interest in Greek history and philosophy had increased, and after a trip to Italy in , he severed his connection with the bank and devoted himself to literature. In the first two volumes of the History appeared.

The formation of the Sonderbund 20 July led him to visit Switzerland and study for himself a condition of things in some sense analogous to that of the ancient Greek states. This visit resulted in the publication in The Spectator of seven weekly letters, collected in book form at the end of see a letter to de Tocqueville in Mrs Grote's reprint of the Seven Letters , In , Grote began to prepare his works on Plato and Aristotle.

Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates 3 vols. That work made him known by some as "the greatest nineteenth-century Plato scholar". He had finished the Organon and was about to deal with the metaphysical and physical treatises when he died at his home in Mayfair , London, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. The house, No. He is said, in some estimations, to have been a man of strong character and self-control, unfailing courtesy and unswerving devotion to what he considered the best interests of the nation.

Advent of Modern Political Thought

Other historians, such as Guy MacLean Rogers , consider he can reasonably be accused of anti-clerical bias. Grote's time on the Council at University College London was characterised by his contentious approach to two liberal nonconformists : John Hoppus and James Martineau , both of whom found ways to work around his opposition. Grote's life has attracted a wide variety of biographical comment due to his strong views. Grote Street , a principal business strip in the city of Adelaide, South Australia was named for him. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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George Grote. No description available. George Grote An early portrait of George Grote. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.